Walsall v Leicester City -A smack in the face for one fan -Exclusive Interview and photos
By wints
Saturday 07 Feb 2009 08:15:00
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So Mrs Wints, we’ve read about your other halves comments on your ‘smack in the mouth’ but can you tell us exactly what happened at Walsall?

As we arrived in the ground the city players were out on the pitch warming up and practicing their set pieces I was watching them and then I just glanced around at the other stands for a few seconds, when WHACK something hit me in  the face and then everything went black.

What happened next?

I could vaguely hear someone asking if I was ok and asking me to open my eyes.  When I did he told me he was a physio from Leicester.  He helped me up off the floor and took me over to the seats to be checked out.  He kept asking if I could see ok (which I couldn’t through the blurred vision and tears) and then asked who my favourite player was – I couldn’t think straight so said all of them!  Paul Dickov then came over to see what had happened and then disappeared briefly.  He then reappeared and said that he would get Big Steve to come and see me, and suggested that I should go the main entrance at the end of the game and he would have a shirt for me.  So I assumed from that, that the shot had come from Howard.

Where was Wints when all of this was going on?

He’d taken a few photos outside, and when we went in he suggested that I wait by the goal whilst he went to take some photos of the players and fans for Bentleys Roof.  When he came back he saw a crowd had gathered around, and Paul Dickov was leaning in.  He managed to take a photo of Dickov whilst thinking ‘where’s the wife?’  Then he realised it was me that Dickov had been concerned about.  He still didn’t realise at that point what had happened – but hey you know, he got the photos for Bentleys!

So what happened at the end of the game?

We went round to the main entrance and waited for the players.  Wints spoke to The Receptionist at Walsall and then Chris Powell, who came out and posed for a photo, and then Paul Dickov came out with the shirt he had worn on the night and had a quick chat, asked how I was and also posed for a quick photo. (BTW he couldn’t shake hands as he had dislocated his thumb during the match and had it all strapped up).

And how are you now?

I still have a headache three days later and some bruising to my cheek but that can be hidden by makeup.  I am also feeling a little embarrassed by the whole event.

If you could sum the event up in 3 words – what would they be?

That F*****g hurt!  I’d also like to say ‘Thanks’ to everyone for the concerns you showed, and the sarcastic comments from some of you.  You know who you are!!

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