The Shame of Leicester City - 34 Serving banning Orders
By Brother John
Sunday 30 Nov 2008 23:35:00
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So you think the mindless morons who once plagued English football and made us the pariah of the world have left us in peace do you? Well latest Home Office statistics make a mockery of that idea I’m afraid.

I’m no journalist and I don’t care if my article comes across as lacking a journalist’s polish. But what I’m going to give you here are some hard facts. If on the way these facts can awaken you from your sleep or make you question your tepid acceptance of those naughty characters who get a bit too drunk, lose control and wantonly engage in a bit of fisticuffs- as all good lads do- then all for the good.

So here are some facts. As we all know, football supporters around the world have an unsavoury reputation, and deservedly so. And whilst we’re in the mood for being honest, English supporters have probably the worst reputation of all. And who can deny that it is not fully deserved?

But all that is in the past, I hear you cry. The game has set its house in order. Common sense has prevailed and the working man no longer feels the urge to project his manhood in violent and barbaric tribal outbursts at football matches. Well that might be so. But some of the statistics, I feel, don’t back it up.

Not statistics, I hear you say. Okay, I’ll ask you a different question first.

If you were to think of teams with a depressingly well known hooligan culture outside of The Premier League, who would you immediately think of? Leeds? Cardiff? Millwall? Those damned idiots who once brought shame upon the name of Leicester City?

No not Leicester surely. Here come those hard facts again.

More than 20 Leicester City fans were banned from the Walkers Stadium last season. All for causing trouble. So, that’s 20 of the ones they managed to catch. I wonder how many got away? One thing I’m sure of is that those 20 who were caught represent just the tip of the iceberg.

What about banning orders? Hard facts released by the Home Office show that LCFC now has 34 supporters serving banning orders. I would like to say that these 34 have been banned for life, but alas I can’t, so again I am left asking myself, how can we who love our club and our game move forward with these kind of idiots continuously dragging us back towards the Dark Ages?

And remember those Usual Suspects I mentioned earlier? Do you feel just a bit guilty in immediately thinking of those clubs? Well here come the hard statistics that bear your immediate reactions out.

Leicester City has the fourth highest number of fans banned in League One. Leeds United is top with 152, Millwall second with 117 and, surprisingly, Tranmere Rovers with 49.

Between August 2007 and October 2008, 21 fans were banned from The Walkers. A period when Leicester City spent the majority of the time in the Championship. So lets look at the Championship. Which clubs were the top 3 in serving banning orders?
Cardiff City (63)
Wolverhampton Wanderers (49)
Leicester City (21)

In response to these startling statistics, that in my opinion prove that the hooligans are still amongst us, a Leicester City spokesman said recently: "we are in continual dialogue with Leicestershire police to eradicate any forms of disorder and anti-social behaviour at the Walkers Stadium. We do not condone any form of violence."

So the club are quite rightly on to the case. But what about our “Jolly Boys” and their antics away from our home club? Well the hard facts just get worse. The Home Office figures show that there were 16 arrests at games at the Walkers last season, but 48 at away matches. I’ll say it again. 48 arrests at away games. So how many more idiots got off Scot-free? It doesn’t bear thinking. And all of them despoiling the name of my club and the city of my ancestors.

Well perhaps the arrests were just for people being drunk- hardly a commendable state to get in should you wish to actually watch a match I say. But no, even if you can accept that drunkenness is not an abhorrent form of behaviour, the hard facts show that 23 of those arrests were for public disorder offences and 13 were for violent disorder. So then, the majority of arrests at away games were of a serious nature.

But it gets worse, for our number of arrests was the second highest number of arrests for a Championship club!!! Think about that for a moment next time you see some fool being escorted out of the ground. He’s not just making an idiot of himself, he is doing something similar to your club, your game, and indirectly, to you as a ‘fellow supporter’.

I am a football supporter. I am not ashamed of this fact, and I hope that I never will be. But there have been times when the actions of others who attend games have at best deeply embarrassed me. If you, like me, still feel that these forms of behaviour have no place in our game, then speak out and speak out often. Only then can we nurture a culture that will marginalize these idiots and free ourselves and our society of these morons.

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