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Ron24 Posted on 23/06/2009 06:14
Ignorance is bliss

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Obviously you havent followed cricket well.And are probably relying on selective stats and youtube style clips to reach your faulty conclusion.
Till beginning 2003, Tendulkar was way ahead of all contemporaries.Incessant injuries from 2003-07 even allowed lesser batsmen such as Ponting and Lara to pile up easy runs and come even in the same frame as Tendulkar.
As regards Viv,he may have been more explosive on occasion...that's all.
As far as pure batting excellence is concerned Tendulkar is on a different level altoghether...
Both Lara and Ponting, and luminaries such as Benaud(who has seen them all and knows more about cricket than you ever will) have Tendulkar as the best they have ever seen.
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