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Lord_Pikey Posted on 02/05/2008 10:46
from the files - classic

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medway news

from the files

25 years ago


if you are in your 40s or 50s and come from chatham / gillingham, you will know who the owner of the dog was. this story has legendary, mythical status. PML.


families fled a stampede as five elephants went on the rampage at a circus in gillingham.

pandemonium broke out when Bo, a two year old bull terrier, took a detour from his walk, burst into the big top ring and bit jumbo Dum-Dum on the leg and trunk.

as the elephant trumpeted in fright, the rest of the herd stampeded round the ring at sir robert fossett's circus on the great lines.

circus director bailey fossett said " it was a bit frightening and we tried to calm people down. the elephants rallied round when Dum-Dum was attacked by the dog "

thankfully though, no one, human or animal, was injured in the incident
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Lord_Pikey Posted on 02/05/2008 10:56
from the files - classic

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from the files

100 years ago

after a few too many drinks, a gillingham woman had to be given a helping hand to the nearest police station.

mary elizabeth morgan, of 13 church street, gillingham, was charged with being drunk in richmond road, gillingham, after being found asleep on the pavement.

unable to wake her, pc quested had to get a handcart to transport her to the station.

at chatham police court, miss morgan, 37, said she supposed she was guilty, but couldn't remember much about it.

she was fined 10s with 6s costs, to be paid in a fortnight or she faced a week in prison.
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Pledge Posted on 02/05/2008 11:04
Richmond Road my manor

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Proper alkie. Nothing's changed to this day.

That's why the Medway Supermarket on the corner of Clifton Road does such a roaring trade in cheap cider, alcopops, cans of lager for under a quid if you buy enough, spirits and weed.

The one good thing about this area is that the numerous pavement pizzas are 99% liquid so one downpour washes them away, unlike the ones near takeaways that take days of rain to washaway.
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