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rob_onehellofabeating Posted on 16/04/2011 10:34
Wilshere with the Under-21s?

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Take part in our poll to let us know whether you think Wilshere should travel with the Under-21s this summer or rest up for the seniors.

Personally, I feel he should go to Denmark with Pearce. All major tournament experience is good experience and I'd rather he got that than played against Bulgaria and Wales. We simply HAVE to think long term.

Link: No rest for the Wilshere?
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REDLANG123 Posted on 18/04/2011 16:56
Wilshere with the Under-21s?

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I see the whole question of taking Wilshere to the U21's tournament in the summer as a strange one.

The biggest argument is the 'big tournament experience' one.

A decent player already has this experience through Champions League games. They get holed up in a hotel, have a bit of team bonding and then try and provide the right result for their team.

This should surely be enough experience of this sort of thing?

The worry I have is that we will burn out our best young footballers with overuse injuries.

This is something that blights our national game from the very bottom in 'fun' soccer schools up through the academies and into the international teams. The sad reality is that the better the players are, the more games they play and this leads to tiredness, injury and poor decision making none of which are beneficial for club or country.

As far as I'm concerned Wilshere should rest up in the summer and reflect on a good season for him personally.
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rob_onehellofabeating Posted on 22/04/2011 10:34
Wilshere with the Under-21s?

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A fair argument. He is clearly part of the senior team now, so the experience would be the main thing he'd be getting, but you have a point that an under-21s competition is less in prestige that what he's used to anyway, I suppose. I just have an issue with devaluing international football in favour of the domestic competitions, which I see as about money more than anything. It's a tricky one.
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