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rob_onehellofabeating Posted on 30/08/2010 11:29
Making it up as he goes along?

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I wish I could believe that Capello has a plan for England's future. But this is a squad that doesn't demonstrate that. Is he building a team for two years' time, or is he genuinely worried that he won't qualify and so is drafting in some old faces to dig him out of a media rut? I fear the latter.

Link: Capello's first Euro 2012 squad
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REDLANG123 Posted on 01/09/2010 09:42
Making it up as he goes along?

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He is making it up as he goes along. As most managers do.

There seems to be a lot of talk over who should be in the squad here and there and 'building a squad for the future'.

Surely we just put out a team to win every game.

We bring in players that we feel are suited for each particular game with the aim of winning.

Obviously there are merits in building a squad and having them together for a long time but there are also pitfalls as demonstrated by England at this year's World Cup.

One injury or drop in form or player daliance with another's wife and the whole thing falls down.

It's also tempting to build a team around one player but again for the above reason, this often fails as well.

I honestly believe that you chose the players that you think can win on the day and if after 2 years of qualifying you can't whittle it down to a squad of 23 then you have the wrong manager in place.
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robonehellofabeating Posted on 02/09/2010 19:16
Making it up as he goes along?

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This is a very fair comment. Naturally, for important qualifiers, the result is the essential thing and it would be foolish to field players who aren't the best, just because they one day might be. However, I would like to believe that Capello has a plan and a vision, and I'd like to believe that he knows what he's doing. This is what I thought ahead of the World Cup, but then he broke all his own rules and now I've lost faith. If a company you worked for hired a new guy to run things, you'd want to know that he had a long-term plan that informed every short-term decision. Someone who seems to take 'every match as it comes' and cannot see at all beyond that is not what an international side needs, as the national team is intrinsic to a country's whole system.
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REDLANG123 Posted on 03/09/2010 10:38
Making it up as he goes along?

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I agree with what you're saying to a certain extent.

However football is not a normal business and it is one that in some ways has so many reasons why long term planning is impossible.

He should have a plan and I think long term he probably still has.

Lets not forget at the World Cup we had all mannner of problems in the run up.

The John Terry/Wayne Bridge affair seriously damaged the team. Beckham and Ferdinand also both dropped out through injury.

These were major hits for any team to take and although I agree with many other people who say that other teams had these problems, I'll think you'll find that these other teams didn't reach the final.

What I'm saying is, that you can have a long time plan in football but the problem is that it's always changing and sometimes you have to ride out the rough times to gain in the future.

Two examples of this are: Fergie at United (enough has been said about his early years to understand that the now mighty monolith that is Man United was almost strangled at birth).

The other example is Germany losing to us 5-1 at home. It forced them to re-address their system and rush through their Under 21's (as Capello is now doing).
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LeeThrions Posted on 04/09/2010 22:42
Making it up as he goes along?

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To be fair, Capello is probably getting the balance right. It would be churlish to change the whole side, but he needs to bring some of the youngsters in, as he is now doing.
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