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issachunt Posted on 18/11/2008 07:48
the other board

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scott thorn in the butt and his assistant darlo plete, what a pair of hypocrites, they dont want to name those responsible that gave penney a hard time on Saturday because the yellow two are frightened of the backlash. they are both quick however to promote the likes of hutchy, andy park to name a few having a hard time.
they are both a pair of unscrupulious cum bag tossers with more faces than the town clock.

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Dan-WeAreDarlo Posted on 18/11/2008 14:54
the other board

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I don't see why thy won'tlet the likes of Quakerz and the rest name names. The people who are giving Penney a hard time are seriously threatening the best thing to happen to our club in some time and they need to be stopped before Penney jumps on a bus to take up the still vacant Huddersfield job.
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