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It Happened 22 Years Ago.

It happened 22 years ago. Wembley 1987Was it all a dream? Sometimes I watch the DVD of the 1987 FA Cup final not just to relive a glorious and wonderful day, but simply to confirm to myself that it really happened. It seems so long ago and surreal. £6 to stand on the terraces of Wembley and witness not only the greatest day in the history of Coventry City ....

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Lisbie 'aving You.

Lisbie 'aving you.  Don't you think it's ironic how powerful 'player-power' is? Not only content with earning thousands of pounds, even in a 'credit crunch', they seem to group together if they dislike their manager's style of training or system of play. Fans across the country have become more vocal in their opposition to how much players earn or how they are ....

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Thank The Lord (and Jimmy Hill) For All Things Skyblue !!

THANK THE LORD (AND JIMMY HILL) FOR ALL THINGS SKYBLUE !!   After reading the article from my mIRC room mate USSkyblue, I had to drop a line on all things skyblue whilst living away....ooo away from home..   Born in Binley a long long time ago and having a brother who was just as silly as me (a Skyblue fan) I found out early that once skyblue there is no ....

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Away O Way O Away From Here.

Away O way O away from here.     A nine year old usskyblue first visited Highfield Road v Bristol City in 1976. I think we won 2-0, I can't remember. Although I do recall sitting in what we used to call 'the dugout' (one row of seating pitch side, directly in front of the main stand) My main memory of that day was watching Tommy Hutchinson destroy ....

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Almost There.

Almost There.   I can smell it…. Not the Morning Thunder that last night chilli has caused me to frequently drop in my office - The new season is approaching and like every pre-season I’m filled with the usual cocktail of optimism, hope, promise and yes wind. Coleman and Ranson seem to be approaching the task at hand in a different direction to past ....

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Operation Porno By Wayne Kerr

Operation Porno by Wayne Kerr  sheridan_whiteside’s “when you were a lad.....” thread on the message board about football magazines you read as a youngster certainly brought back a few memories, particularly when it went off on a porno magazine tangent.Back in December 1983, when I was 13, my friend ‘Tony’ invited me round to his house ....

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The World According To...

The world according to... Sorry to bring you bad news, but the Sky Blues no longer exist and nor do Coventry Rugby. A big plus is that there is an Ice Hockey Team and Speedway in or near the City. Where do I get this information? Well from that sporting almanac Sky TV obviously. See if you’re not in the “Major League” then you're not a player and ....

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Swinging Coventry

Swinging Coventry   Whilst mulling over the idea of a European Championship prediction league, I was really struggling to generate sufficient interest to be bothered. Well not entirely true, given the choice between the bland tosh served up by the various broadcasters and watching a game of football, football would win, so I’ll have an interest in it ....

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You Don't Wanna Do That!

You don't wanna do that!     At what point do you tell the ejit next to you to shut the fook up.We all know that as kids not everyone was good at football, so it amazes me when some 20 odd years later an over weight bespectacled oik has become tactical genius. What happened, what did I miss? I profess to standing, or rather playing “stand up, sit down” with the stewards, and to being embarrassed at some of the ridiculous one eyed comments ....

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Why Are We Special?

Why are we Special?   Over the years I gained a varied and ecliptic taste in music, from my early origins of being at a Stranglers concert and hearing Monkey Man played pre gig and just knowing it was a very special sound. Going to Tiffany’s on a Thursday night during a school week when my dad had gone to seek his fortune in Essex.So guess what 28 years later I reside in deepest Essex enjoying not a bad life, but what tugs at my heart is the fate of ....

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Brown Alert

Brown alert.   Forget going to Amber or even Red Alert.   With the teams around us (except Leicester of course) picking up vital points over the last few days, everyone at the club is now changing the light bulb and going from Green straight to full on Brown alert.   Charles Dickens once described Stoke as: "A picturesque heap of houses, kilns, smoke, wharfs, canals and river lying as was most appropriate, in a basin."   Obviously they ....

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Getting The Points At Walford

Getting the points at Walford Decisions, Decisions and erm….decisions is the order of the day as Coventry City Travel to Walford for what could turn out to be the nail In the coffin or a kick up the arse for our survival hopes. With all the teams around us playing far easier oppositions, it’s left for our own skill on the pitch to shine through and lead us to the land of Championship Football next season. The usual Guarantee of a Leicester defeat can ....

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Match Report From Sdunne

Match report from sdunne. The city game was on page 4 of 34, on the last rotation we were 1-0 to the good, However by the time the full rotation of pages had completed the game was finished, we drew 1-1 and I told the mrs to get her coat as we could now go to Tesco and do some shopping to cheer us all up. From what i read, it was a game with two teams and two goals. Some bloke called Hines scored, never heard of him, maybe he came through the youth system or ....

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Heard It All Before Stephen!

HEARD IT ALL BEFORE STEPHEN!   If there’s one thing you can be sure of when a Coventry City manager gets the chop it’s Stephen ....

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