Another one bites the Dust
By Scott
Tuesday 15 Mar 2011 17:06:00
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Watford was always getting picked on by the bigger clubs and would constantly be bullied whether he was home or away. But then Aidy came along like the protagonist in an 80s Hollywood flick and after a few homes truths and a montage, he convinced poor downtrodden Watford that enough was enough. 

Watford then sought his revenge on all those that had come to his house in the past, he even found the courage to go out and beat them in their own homes. This caught the attention of the bigger boys and soon Watford was invited to take a place at the premier lunch table to dine with the school’s elite.

Now a few years on, instead of inspiring the uncool to kick some arse home and away, he’s at home sat on his arse watching home and away. Home home home.

But where did it all go wrong for poor old Aidy? Well his first problem is that he doesn’t live in a rags to riches film set in an American high school. He’s stuck in a gritty British drama about a little tosser with a dream to become a big tosser, he fulfils his dream to become a big tosser before losing everything and returning to being a little tosser again.

His second problem was that he took on the Kobayashi Maru of Coventry City. An unbeatable test designed to see how managers will react during a no win scenario. The experience here will make or break their careers, will they handle the pressure and go on to great things or will they crumble and fade into nothing.

They are placed in charge of a failing football club before the end of the season and have the task of saving them from relegation before leading a glorious promotion charge. As an unwinnable test, the manager will never achieve promotion and the simulation will only last approximately one year before they get the sack.

So given that we have established that it wasn’t Aidy’s fault, we can only judge him by his actions as the leader and what events led to receiving his P45.

During his time here, dealings in the transfer market have been sparse and key players aren’t being handed new contracts. But can we blame this on Boothroyd or should we instead be looking at the owners reluctance to spend any more money? Remember they wouldn’t fork out for a hotel for the team when they went to Doncaster a few weeks ago…

He hired a convicted sex offender which served to alienate a large section of the fan base. Many of whom vowed not to return until he was gone. My own opinion of this is quite the opposite, he’s paid his debt to society by losing his freedom for 18 months, I care less about an individuals past than I care for the future of CCFC. I hear Gaddafi can kick a ball?

Perhaps the biggest factor of Aidy’s downfall was his approach to the game. His apparent reliance on the hoofball system was astonishing to behold. The players would lump it up time after time and it would never lead anywhere. Again, can this be his fault, or because the players are too pumped up on diet pills and appearance fees to care?

In this case I’m going to say it was Aidy’s fault. I’ve seen the players booting the ball for half an hour before putting together sublime moves to split defences and create clear chances before returning to hoofball yet again. They’ve got something, but aren’t being given the room to show it.

His dealing with the media was to be fair to him, as honest as it could have been, given that there was a lot that went on behind the scenes that we didn’t, or weren’t supposed to have known about.

So was Aidy right to be shown the door? For his sake I would say yes, at the moment his pride will be hurt but in the long run he’ll earn success somewhere else and he isn’t going to have the relegation of Coventry City Football Club on his conscience. 

No, that honour goes to SISU, the high-school headmaster, the designers of this unpassable test, or put simply the faceless hedge fund that is trying to break all connections with this bad investment.

What’s that coming over the hill? Administration. Administration.

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