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BParker Posted on 19/10/2009 16:44
The Bristol City Miscellany

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Hello all! My name is Ben and I work for a company called The History Press. As the risk of sounding like a dirty, rotten advertisement, I just wanted to say that we have a new book out called 'The Bristol City Miscellany' which, hopefully, might be of some interest to y'all. Itís full of facts, stats and anecdotes for all things Bristol. I don't want to sound like a corporate ninny (I'm actually far from it) but the dreaded 'Christmas' is coming up. That's all I'll say on that. I do just have to say though that we've got a reader offer on it whereby if you phone and order a copy (quoting reference code: THPFMF) from Marston on 01235 465577, you get the book for £8.99 with free p&p rather than £9.99. Otherwise check it out with other retailers.

Advertising spiel over!
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