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BadaBing Posted on 20/07/2019 19:49
Those Neville coach's....
Are they any good.

Tracey cannot guide her lasses to the final, despite all the hype and home advantage!😭

Twin Phil spends several weeks away with our best ever squad of female footballers and can only manage a semi! 😶

And as for Gary at the Mestalla.. [:o)]

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Tony_Green_71 Posted on 20/07/2019 19:55

Those Neville coach's....
Didn't realise you followed ladies sport so closely [;)]
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eebahgum Posted on 20/07/2019 23:09

Those Neville coach's....
2 words commonwealth gold !![rle]
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Wigangary Posted on 21/07/2019 08:58

Those Neville coach's....
Tracey and Phil Neville have both been trying to move home for some time .... desperate to get out of their semis.
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