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adamswonkyteeth Posted on 17/07/2017 17:17
Best/Weirdest Pre-Season in years?
I am struggling to remember a pre-season where:

1. We have a squad of more than 20 players
2. We have signed 7 mostly decent players
3. We haven't lost any top players (I know Aldred will divide opinion but have never rated him that highly).
4. We have made six figure bids for players
5. The pitch actually looks half decent
6. We appear to be having a 'professional' pre-season
7. We have beaten off other teams for players signatures
8. We have nabbed a local opponents best player
9. We have a full complement of coaching and scouting personell
10. We have a group of players who seem to want to be here

Setting aside ALL of the other stuff, and clearly that still ranks as way more important than on the field matters, but I just find it really confusing why we can suddenly get our act together in the summer when for so many years we have been a laughing stock. Maybe the reason the board is so quiet post-court dramas is that there ain't much to pick up on (until of course the season starts and we lose the first 10 games [:D])
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CofTangerine Posted on 17/07/2017 17:28

Best/Weirdest Pre-Season in years?
You don't think in some small way they maybe trying to impress a judge and make it look like they are competent trustees of the club.

No, why would anyone think like that? [8D]
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Incredible_edibles Posted on 17/07/2017 17:36

Best/Weirdest Pre-Season in years?
It's a good point AWT (and CofT) and the cynic in me wonders if they are just trying to make it look as if 'life goes on' in case they can stumble on post-court judgment.

If they do get off to a good start then a side in the top half of league one is one that few people will raise any sort of eyebrow at.
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Wizaard Posted on 17/07/2017 18:23

Best/Weirdest Pre-Season in years?
Given the club's income and expenditure over the last decade, the minimum expectation should be Championship status.
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blackpool_rocks Posted on 17/07/2017 18:43

Best/Weirdest Pre-Season in years?
We are basically doing what most clubs do as a matter of routine.

Whether they are decent players remains to be seen.

Saying all that, I do think Bowyer is a decent manager.
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ColinMethven Posted on 17/07/2017 18:46

Best/Weirdest Pre-Season in years?
Good, but not as good as Stockport's - they've sold over 5000 season tickets.

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s88bfc Posted on 17/07/2017 18:55

Best/Weirdest Pre-Season in years?
What Rocks says,
They are only doing what they should be doing, it's only because they have shown total disregard for the club in the previous pre seasons that everyone is shocked when they act like proper owners.
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Poolman Posted on 18/07/2017 20:11

Best/Weirdest Pre-Season in years?
The new season will hopefully be the icing on the cake following the court decision. Either way am hoping by Aug 5 we have some clarity and direction so that we can make an informed decision about the way forward.
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flashgordon Posted on 18/07/2017 20:32

Best/Weirdest Pre-Season in years?
Said it before and I'll say it again.
Aside of the issues with the Oyston's, there is a competent Manager in Bowyer and a competent Chief Executive in Cowdy. It's no coincidence that last year and this year for the first time in years, signings have been made in good time.

I'm sure they will be getting admiring glances from other clubs given that they are at least managing to get the playing side in order, despite having to work for the Oyston's and the financial restrictions.

I don't get the clamour from certain quarters for getting rid of all the staff if the club is sold. Most of them deserve a medal for working for BFC under the Oyston's, and makes you think what could be done under different owners.
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