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Ghost_of_Max Posted on 16/07/2017 10:05
Sam at Southport
I hear Sam was at Southport and from the off I'd like to wish the lad well with his recovery. Still does bemuse me at times though the Oystons relationship with this club which they were so quick to enjoy the fruits of rather than build in to something that could have transformed the whole town and yet at the same time they go to a friendly in Southport. They have this strange relationship of appearing to give a damn and yet the evidence from the court would suggest otherwise.
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hereforthefootball Posted on 17/07/2017 11:51

Sam at Southport
Southport isn't a long drive and the lad is probably looking for anything at the moment which keeps his mind off things.

As the o/p says - the O's could have had a nice family business which would have kept them in Fedoras and Bisons for many years to come but the chance has now been and gone.
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martonmosser Posted on 17/07/2017 12:10

Sam at Southport
I agree, probably a day out to take his mind off things
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