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SirHarryThomson Posted on 20/04/2017 20:45
O/T Solar Panels
Any one on here give advice on solar panels? Have had a couple of quotes and done some research on internet but a lot of conflicting advice particularly on energy saving and the feed in triff. Also appears some dodgy ones made in China. Would like to know if its worthwhile installing. Cheers in advance
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Lytham_FY8 Posted on 20/04/2017 20:47

O/T Solar Panels
The other half had a look but I vetoed it, I think it's a better idea if you're buying outright, don't go with these companies who end up owning half your roof and making your house unsellable.

They also look w@nk in my opinion.

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Plumbs Posted on 20/04/2017 20:48

O/T Solar Panels
Yes but if you've got the money buy them yourself and get someone to fit for you.

Big mark up from some companies but they'll save you a fortune and quickly.
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beagle Posted on 20/04/2017 22:52
Edited On: 20/04/2017 23:03
O/T Solar Panels
The Feed-in-Tariff is only about 4 pence /kWh. You could generate up to 4000 kWh per year if you have the max. number of panels. So less than 160 per year and you might save about 1000kWh per year, which is about another 150.
Edit to add about the Export tarrif. It is estimated that half of what you generate will be exported to the grid. They also pay for that, which is about 5 pence /kWh = 100.
So worth about 400 per year in savings.
Of course depends upon where you live and the roof size and direction it faces.
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Bloodtangerine Posted on 20/04/2017 23:15

O/T Solar Panels
I drink Real ale now so I will be looking into them....before when I was on the strong Lagers I would had ridiculed people having these panels as Hippy, beatnik, country hating, Trotsky degenerates.

Funny how things change eh?

Peace on Brothers 🖖
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costero_poderoso Posted on 21/04/2017 16:30

O/T Solar Panels
buy them outright, but you wont get you money back in Blackpool for at least 15 years, however solar panels and other energy reducing factors are starting to add equity to homes.

ignore the feed-in tariffs as within the next couple of years they are going to disappear completely.
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