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BRR2 Posted on 11/01/2017 20:42
oi Abel
Vance Joseph - what are your views?

I'm a bit surprised they went for a DC when that side of the ball is a massive strength ; but he is well thought of, isn't he?
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Abel Posted on 12/01/2017 01:03

oi Abel
I'm obviously a big fan of John Elway and what he has done to transform the franchise. I agreed with him when he fired Fox, but was disappointed when he brought Kubiak in... yet he got that right. He's got many other big decisions right too, but has had some luck and made some errors along the way... and I do worry this appointment is an error.

First off I'm glad Kubiak stood down. This season has been messy and I think he's largely at fault there.

Having read a lot about various potential candidates and in particular the three we interviewed, Shanahan was my choice. Apparently he was happy to keep Phillips as DC (a big plus in my eyes) and he's obviously a perfect fit for us offensively. However, I think a few things counted against him: 1) He's not necessarily considered to be a leader, 2) Sometimes it takes over a year for his offence to click (and our championship window is closing), 3) His father.

Toub was an intriguing candidate and I hope at least he has given us some ideas on how to improve our special teams.

I think Joseph has got the job for three reasons: 1) He has Bronco connections (and impressed massively when he interviewed last time around), 2) He's well thought of in footballing circles and 3) He's a leader (this is the big one as our locker room is divided).

For me though you look at the first and only time he's had a senior role at a franchise (Miami this season) and he hardly pulled up any trees. In fact their defence at the weekend was crap and he completely lost his rag on the sideline (Gase had to calm him down).

Leadership aside, I think Shanahan has a much better track record.

It looks like Joseph will bring in McCoy as his OC and promote the DBs coach to DC. Elway wants to be in on the interviews though, which concerns me. Is Vance his 'yes man'? We need some pretty fundamental coaching and personnel changes and I don't like it when GMs interfere too much.

A good run at free agency and the draft (where Elway is weak) would give more confidence, but at the moment I'm not especially happy... that said, I'm very lucky to have started following the Broncos when I did so musn't grumble too much!
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BRR2 Posted on 12/01/2017 11:11

oi Abel
Wow, thanks, I wasn't expecting such a full and interesting answer.

Whilst you are obviously on a roll, what do you think of McDermott to the Bills? I don't know much about him, but I think this is another franchise that has some decent talent to work with, and they clearly did not get the best out of them this season.

I'd expect them to be the main challenger for the AFC East next year, all things considered, as the Jets need a fundamental overhaul and the Dolphins (in my view) still have a problem internally if they prefer Tannehill over Moore. I don't really see why.
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Hertsseasider Posted on 12/01/2017 12:09

oi Abel
Miami will keep Tannehill as starter QB for next season and Moore will remain as backup.

The big problem this season has been giving Tannehill protection. Half the offensive line have been out injured meaning he has had little protection and hence the scrambling and sacks. Let's see how next season unfolds for him.

As for Moore, whilst his ratings in the last 4 games was very good, he is seen as high risk with his long throws and ability to maintain the ball - the Steelers game a prime example. He is on a reported $2m a year and happy in South Florida so unlikely to move on.

I do think the Phins, if fully fit, can push NE a lot closer next season.
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BRR2 Posted on 12/01/2017 12:26

oi Abel

I take your point about Miami's offensive line - it really isn't the greatest. On "risk taking", you know more about Moore than I do, but In think Tannehill is too conservative, and they do not get the best out of what are pretty decent WRs as a result.

I find it hard to assess Miami's prospects. I thought they were fortunate to get into the play-offs at all and did so largely because the three best sides in the AFC South largely cancelled each other out. It will be interesting to see where they go in the draft.
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Grayth Posted on 12/01/2017 17:21

oi Abel
My 49ers are taking a little longer over their annual coaching search. Seem to be closing in on Josh McDaniels who I understand was a disaster in Denver. The hope is he's learned from his time there as he's well-respected as an offensive coordinator.

Do you know/can you remember what went so wrong with McDaniels and the Broncos? Apart from trading up to grab Tebow in the draft (if I remember rightly)?
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Abel Posted on 13/01/2017 12:36

oi Abel
McDermott is good defensively and I would expect him to get the most out of the Bills on that side of the ball (unlike Ryan). Ultimately though, the offence is what will make him or break him.

The Dolphins will stick with Tannehill and be solid again.

Josh McDaniels was terrible at the Broncos and has done nothing in the game bar when he's been at the Pats. I think he would flop at the 49ers.
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Hertsseasider Posted on 13/01/2017 12:41

oi Abel
Got to feel for San Diego fans. Losing their team to LA, one aspect of US sport I really hate.
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