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Deaf_BFC Posted on 29/05/2016 10:52
Sam's Apology to Andy Grice
On 22 February 2014 I, Samuel Oyston, published the following words on my twitter account: “@andy_grice... How come you left the casino? Or is it a touchy subject? ‪#‎stickyfingers‬”.
Mr Grice asked me to retract the allegation but I refused and invited him to “leave it to the legals”.
When Mr Grice proposed that an apology would end the matter I published another tweet referencing Mr Grice’s username (“the_stockport_one”) on a Blackpool FC fans forum (fans online) and said that I would never apologise.
Mr Grice has been employed for many years in casinos both in Blackpool and other locations and his honesty and integrity are of the utmost importance.
I accept that my tweet would have been understood as alleging that Mr Grice was guilty of theft.
That allegation was completely false and unfounded and I retract it. I also apologise unreservedly to Mr Grice for the damage and distress my actions have caused. I have agreed to pay Mr Grice damages and his legal costs in the total sum of £20,000.
Samuel Oyston 12th May 2015"
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