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Spreading The Goals

  It is still remarkable that Terry McPhillips managed to steer Blackpool to 10th place last season, although it is worth noting that by the final game we were 11 points off 6th place (a mammoth 23 points off 5th place) and just 12 points ahead of the bottom 4. It was an average league, at best, and McPhillips had enough in his side to cobble together the 15 wins we needed to stay up. However, when you scratch under the surface of the stats last year there was one area where we were badly ....

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Glass Half Full Or Glass Half Empty?

  So the title of this article is glass half full or glass half empty? To be honest, this time last year when we only had the dregs at the bottom of the glass, any sort of a top up would have been welcome. However, after the initial excitement of Simon Sadler\'s arrival, it\'s very easy to lapse back in to the role of a football fan. Supporters are never happier than when they have something to complain about and whether that\'s not enough goals, not enough players or even not enough pies ....

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In Praise Of Tim Fielding

On a day when one Brexit era ended and another one began, a similar watershed moment  was being reached at Bloomfield Road, as Ben Mansford’s appointment was confirmed, and the club announced that Ian Currie and Tim Fielding were to leave their positions at the club. The interim Board, which has served the club so well, through some frantic and surreal times, is finally a thing of the past.   It would be wrong to let Tim’s departure go without comment. From the early ....

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Reality Check

  Anyone remember that embarrassing defeat to Gillingham at home on the final day of last season? Well six of the players who played that day feaured for the Seasiders in their 2-1 defeat to Rotherham at the weekend reflecting the fact that whilst we have a new owner and manager, the personell on the pitch hasn\'t changed that much. If Turton had been fit on the last day and Thompson had played against the Millers that would have taken numbers up to 8 and if you don\'t include the keeper, ....

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Jonathan Parker Rip

It was a great shock, and very sad, to hear that Jonathan Parker (JP) passed away at Accrington on Saturday. He was one of at least three generations of die-hard Seasiders in his family that I am aware of, and will be sadly missed. Having spoken to him as recently as Coventry away, it is hard to believe that he has really gone.   I first met JP in around 1975 or 76, on the Supporters Club Coach. He was one of the Back Seat Crew (with Ossie and Shep) and I was granted what I later ....

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A Jekyll And Hyde Side

  10 games in and the misery of the #NAPM era seems in the distant past. The ecstacy and the agony of being a football fan has returned, along with the extremes of supporting the Seasiders. From the delight at the winning goal at Doncaster to the misery of conceding late on at Coventry and the joy of the opening day win against Bristol Rovers to the frustration at the defeat to MK Dons - we\'ve alread been through the gamut of emotions. Whatever the expectations were at the start of the ....

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So Far, So Good

  There still seems something strange about supporting a normal club. In many ways, the whole time I have supported Blackpool. I have never really known what supporting a normal club has been like. The previous owners made sure a crisis was never far round the corner and, although Not a Penny More only started towards the end of their reign, there was always simmering resentment towards the previous custodians of the club. These last few weeks, watching the events at Bolton and Bury, ....

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End The Season Now!

  \"End the season now\" shouted one giddy kipper at full time on Saturday! Well, why wouldn\'t you? Blackpool in an automatic promotion spot, over 10,000 Seasiders back at Bloomfield Road, the side playing exciting and entertaininhg football and not a dissenting voice in the ranks - well apart from those having a right good old moan on AVFTT. In many ways, that is a sign of how far we have come since April. it\'s almost reassuring to have those having a little grumble about shirts, ....

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So It Begins ...

  Few people who will forget 14th August 2010. Despite the initial disappointment of getting Wigan for our first fixture in the Premier League, 3000 Blackpool fans decorated in anything and everything tangerine watched, in disbelief, as the Seasiders recorded a 4-0 win, and for a short period, saw us top of the Premier league (I bet there are many screengrabs of that still around). The excitement of that day is so memorable as fans began the best trip. The opening day of seasons since ....

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Season Ready?

  Whenever Blackpool get mentioned these days it\'s refreshing not to see the words \'crisis club\' before our name. When you look at the real mess that teams like Bolton and Bury are in, whose fans are still unsure if they\'ll have a Football League club to support come next Saturday, it\'s always worth taking a step back and looking how far the Seasiders have come in the last 4 months. From the \'big return\' against Southend, to Simon Sadler\'s purchase of the club, the work that has ....

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Grayson On His Team, Signings And The Future

  Blackpool have never done things in an orthodox way and when you lose your manager on a Friday and appoint a new man on the Saturday, there is little time for the traditional picture of him with a scarf above his head or the standard press conference. For Simon Grayson, having been sat in the manager\'s office before, he was probably pleased about being able to sneek in through the back door. However Sky Sports sought him out at Barrow on Saturday and BBC Radio Lancashire managed to nab ....

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Grayson Returns

  There have been three managers this Millenium who have shaped Blackpool Football Club. Steve McMahon, Ian Holloway and Simon Grayson. Each won a landmark promotion for different reasons. Whilst Ollie\'s will forever be the most significant and memorable, Grayson\'s will come a close second with the Perfect 10 and the 29 year wait. Whilst many fans would still relish the return of Ian Holloway, they\'ll have to contend with the man whose League One promotion record stands alone. With ....

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Mcphillips Departure No Surprise

  In some ways the announcement on Friday that Terry McPhillips is standing down as Blackpool manager shouldn\'t have come as a great surprise. Weeks of journalists saying he\'d been offered a new deal, no sign of the much anticipated assistant manager and the trickle of new signings drying up. Then there were the statements from Simon Sadler which applauded Terry McPhillips role as Head Scout under Gary Bowyer but stopped short of complimenting him as a manager. Whilst he applauded ....

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An Owner With Ambition

Anyone who is 40 years old or under and a Blackpool fan will not be used to the term \'An owner with ambition\' (and arguably those over 40 would also struggle with the expression bearing in mind previous incumbents at Bloomfield Road). Blackpool FC has always been an underdog club, one that has been kicked around like an old tin can, one that draws as much sympathy as it does support and a club that has been neglected and unloved by it\'s custodians. Now, it\'s like the club has been rehomed ....

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Blackpool Kick Off At Home To Bristol Rovers

  Probably not since the 2012/13 season (the era of Ollie/Appleton/Ince) has there been a clamour to check the new fixtures. That was probably the last time Blackpool fans went in to a season with any optimism or enthusiasm, kicking off with three straight victories including the 6-0 demolition of Ipswich Town. However by the time we reached November and Holloway\'s departure, the curtain started to come down on the \'good times\' at Bloomfield Road and the rest is history. Now, as the ....

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It\'s A New Dawn, It\'s A New Day ....

  .. It\'s a new life, For BFC .. and it\'s feeling good! Some have been waiting months, some years and for others a lifetime but it\'s finally happened. The name of Blackpool Football Club is no longer tarnished with the name of a family we vow on AVFTT never to refer to in an article again. Instead we welcome the dawn of Simon Sadler, who has achieved every fans dream of owning their hometown club and, at the same time given us what we all wanted, a new name above the door at Bloomfield ....

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The 2019 Summer Signings Thread (updated 26.07.19)

  Now the dust has settled on another season, it\'s time to look ahead to 2019/20 and under new ownership how Blackpool FC are shaping up for that new season. Throughout the summer on AVFTT, we\'ll keep you updated on all the arrivals at the seaside, profile the players and bring news of any contract renewals or extensions. 26.07.19 James Husband signs 12 month loan deal   With speculation surrounding Marc Bola, Simon Grayson moved to bring in left back James Husband from Norwich ....

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Retained, Returned And Released

  Whilst Blackpool fans await news of who will turn up at Bloomfield Road with a heavy wallet and a masterplan for the rebirth of our club, life goes on behind the scenes in preparation for a new season. Maybe one of the truest testaments to the neglect and reckless way that the Oyston family ran Blackpool FC was the summer when we had just half a dozen players on the books. When they returned to training that pre-season, they\'d have struggled with a 5-a-side featuring Phil Horner and ....

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The Avftt Season Review

  \'All good things come to those that wait\'. When Gary Bowyer left the helm at Bloomfield Road after just one game in August 2018, Owen Oyston was showing no signs of being pushed off his throne and defeat to Portsmouth left the Seasiders in the bottom four, it looked as if we would be in for another season of frustration and turmoil. Like a limpet sticking to the pier, Oyston seemed to have a tight grip of the fortunes of Blackpool FC even with mounting debts and dwindling crowds. ....

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Not Buying A Season Ticket .. Don\'t Bother Complaining!

  AVFTT Reader Mark Lucas writes: I can imagine in countries where tyrants rule with a rod of iron, and life is pretty unbearable, that when they get removed there is always the fear that they will return. From Hitler to Hussein there\'s been some nasty individuals in history, and once dealt with, have got their comeuppance. Second comings rarely happen (well apart from over Easter) and the fear of bad guys returning is almost as great as when they had power. It is with some incredulity ....

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Opportunity Knocks By Brr2

  If you are of a certain age you will remember a particularly anodyne quiz game of this name hosted by the very creepy Hughie Green. But the phrase seems to sum up where Blackpool FC currently are very well. It was hard to see this coming, especially at the speed it eventually did. And the very suddenness of it is bound to cause some teething problems initially. But at the moment there is a bucketload of goodwill around the club, a small army of people who are prepared to roll up their ....

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Something Good Comes Out Of Bad

  It\'s ironic that when we asked the question whether \'Glad all over\' should be used as goal celebration music last week on AVFTT, considering the debate it stirred, we bet few noticed it\'s absence on Saturday. Instead there\'s a new anthem in town To many of those attending their first game back in four years, they\'d think\' Herman\'s Hermits\' are an unusual crustacean found on South Shore, however that is the pop group responsible in 1964 for the song \'I\'m in to something ....

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Not So Glad All Over

  If you were to ask any Blackpool fan about the song \'Glad all over\', they would associate it with goal celebrations, joyous pleasure, happy clapping and even weddings and funerals. The Dave Clark Five 1964 song has been the Seasiders celebration music for many years - although when and why it was first introduced is a hazy subject. Maybe it was inspired by a visit to Crystal Palace, where the song is used, or the fact \'it does what it says in the title\' lead to it becoming ....

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How Many For The Big Return?

  One of the most exciting things about the appointment of Paul Cooper and the removal of the Oyston family is the return to football normality. The anticipation of the fixtures, the excitement of Transfer Deadline Day, the prospect of promotion - all those things that for the last five years has been anything but the norm. Another big thing will be a return to predicting exactly what Blackpool\'s fanbase is and how many will actually be in Bloomfield Road on a regular basis. That starts ....

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

  It\'s somewhat ironic after nearly 5 years of going to DIY stores, supermarkets, garden centres and even other football grounds, that when it comes to the big return to Bloomfield Road that there is so much hesitancy. It was never going to be the utopian return we\'d all dreamed of with marching bands, a sea of tangerine and a sell out crowd but most thought that once the Oyston family had been removed that we would return as one. However, whenever you mention the words Oyston and ....

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