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Opportunity Knocks By Brr2

  If you are of a certain age you will remember a particularly anodyne quiz game of this name hosted by the very creepy Hughie Green. But the phrase seems to sum up where Blackpool FC currently are very well. It was hard to see this coming, especially at the speed it eventually did. And the very suddenness of it is bound to cause some teething problems initially. But at the moment there is a bucketload of goodwill around the club, a small army of people who are prepared to roll up their ....

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Something Good Comes Out Of Bad

  It\'s ironic that when we asked the question whether \'Glad all over\' should be used as goal celebration music last week on AVFTT, considering the debate it stirred, we bet few noticed it\'s absence on Saturday. Instead there\'s a new anthem in town To many of those attending their first game back in four years, they\'d think\' Herman\'s Hermits\' are an unusual crustacean found on South Shore, however that is the pop group responsible in 1964 for the song \'I\'m in to something ....

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Not So Glad All Over

  If you were to ask any Blackpool fan about the song \'Glad all over\', they would associate it with goal celebrations, joyous pleasure, happy clapping and even weddings and funerals. The Dave Clark Five 1964 song has been the Seasiders celebration music for many years - although when and why it was first introduced is a hazy subject. Maybe it was inspired by a visit to Crystal Palace, where the song is used, or the fact \'it does what it says in the title\' lead to it becoming ....

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How Many For The Big Return?

  One of the most exciting things about the appointment of Paul Cooper and the removal of the Oyston family is the return to football normality. The anticipation of the fixtures, the excitement of Transfer Deadline Day, the prospect of promotion - all those things that for the last five years has been anything but the norm. Another big thing will be a return to predicting exactly what Blackpool\'s fanbase is and how many will actually be in Bloomfield Road on a regular basis. That starts ....

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

  It\'s somewhat ironic after nearly 5 years of going to DIY stores, supermarkets, garden centres and even other football grounds, that when it comes to the big return to Bloomfield Road that there is so much hesitancy. It was never going to be the utopian return we\'d all dreamed of with marching bands, a sea of tangerine and a sell out crowd but most thought that once the Oyston family had been removed that we would return as one. However, whenever you mention the words Oyston and ....

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And So It Begins ......

  It\'s hard to comprehend what has happened since Judgement Day. Elections on both sides of the pond, Brexit, terrorist atrocities, Royal weddings and births, World Cup, Olympics, deaths of club legends, a relegation, a promotion, three managers and over a hundred players through the doors at Bloomfield Road. When those fans (and a mobility scooter) forced the abandonment of the Huddersfield game in 2015, they surely can\'t have expected when they walked out of the ground, it would ....

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Wanted: New Owner

  Wanted: New Football Club Owner. Must have morals, money, patience and ambition. Will need to be community orientated, have pride in the town and the football club, not inclined to sue fans or make off with any financial windfall that comes from owning the club. Will hopefully work with a current shareholder to bring the fans and glory days back to an ailing club. Needs to restore a neglected ground, build a training centre fit for purpose and give the Groundsman money to restore a much ....

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Calling The Undertaker

  According to a newspaper report, Blackpool were recently employing an undertaker to work on the \'training ground\' but he quit because it was too grim. The good news is that he is needed again at Bloomfield Road to remove a stinking, rotting carcass off the roof of the stadium. The stench around Bloomfield Road is so bad that even an FA Cup game against Arsenal couldn\'t tempt fans back for an FA Cup game against Arsenal. Whilst the unpalatable and odious owner of the club took his ....

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2018: Not Much To Say

  Whilst 2018 has been filled with Brexit, the World Cup and bizarre weather, events off the field at Bloomfield Road haven\'t taken the turn that most fans would have wanted. Whilst on the pitch, the departures of Gary Bowyer and the core of his 2017 Play Off winning side made the headlines, it was another departure that fans really wanted to hear about. Whilst Karl Oyston\'s downfall was satisfying and long over-due, it sadly didn\'t bring about the downfall of his Father. In a year ....

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Back To Our Current Predicament

The Dog posed an interesting question on this board recently when he asked ‘who are the real fans? The 150 outside BR last night or the 150 at Gillingham?’ Despite various replies and various opinions, to me, GJJW summed up the quandary of asking that question in his reply. GJJW said ‘I wouldn\'t dream of stating who a real BFC fan is. I simply don\'t know every individual’s specific circumstances etc. Everyone is different, and I can live with that. I just want my ....

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Actually, It Is Time To Renew The Fight

  This article was written in response to the Editor’s “Time up?” Piece of earlier this week. Not that there was anything wrong with it - he articulated a view that a number of people hold. But it wasn’t how I felt at all, and I thought it might be worth setting out an alternative view. I certainly could never blame anyone for being frustrated by the way our legal system works. It is slow. But it is also thorough, and it tries to be fair to all parties in it. ....

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Time Up?

  Time is a strange beast. The Play Off win against Cardiff and the Premier League season seems like 5 minutes ago, whilst it seems an age since I last stepped foot inside Bloomfield Road. The first was 2010 and yet the latter was only 2015. Maybe it\'s because the memories of 8 years ago bring back so many incredible memories and yet the last 3 years experience has been nothing but pain, angst and frustration. As BST marked 12 months since the judgement that we thought would see fans ....

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Is The End In Sight?

  \'Are you still not going to Blackpool ...?\' is one question I still get frequently asked. Usually followed by \'have the Oyston family still not gone?\'. As life moves on, other stories emerge, Brexit dominates the headlines and Blackpool\'s score is still read out every Saturday, the Seasiders saga has been long forgotten by some. In fact when I answer \'no\' to both those previous questions, the reaction is usually greeted with raised eyebrows. Other than on the Fylde ....

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Another Win For The Blackpool Fans

  The League Cup has been a constant source of embarrassment to Blackpool over the years. First round exits to lower league sides, uninspiring performances and seemingly little interest in what is English football\'s second cup competition. The Seasiders had only progressed to the fourth round once in the last 45 years and, with the club still in the doldrums off the pitch as Owen Oyston refuses to budge, it didn\'t appear this season would be any different. However, Terry McPhillips is ....

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The Best Man For The Job?

  \'The Impossible job\' has claimed many victims over the years. Some have been pushed, others have jumped whilst a few have just given up. When Gary Bowyer threw the towel in for \'family reasons\' (having no budget, training facilities, odious bosses, patience worn thin), it should really have sent the club further in to the downward spiral of decline. The squad he\'d assembled over summer seemed woefully short of quality and experience, he was clearly frustrated by the Curtis Tilt ....

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How Do You Know When An Oyston ...

  ... is going to further alienate fans? They open their mouths! You would have thought after all this time that the family would have learnt that, in their case, saying nothing is the best policy. Instead, Natalie Christopher in her first interview (with BBC Radio Lancashire) follows the family tradition of making a complete hash of appeasing fans (if there are any left waiting for another pile of claptrap). Once again, Owen came out of the interview painted as a self serving, ....

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Game Of Owens

  There are many TV programmes that Blackpool FC could equate itself to - Bargain Hunt, The Price is Right, Salvage Hunters and even on some occasions Loose Women - but, arguably, the most relevant at the moment is Game of Thrones. The depiction of two powerful families - Kings and Queens, Knights and renegades, liars and honest men - playing a deadly game of control. Along the way we\'ve lost a few good men, plenty of fans and now we\'re in the throes of a fascinating conclusion. Players ....

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Bowyers Legacy

  It\'s rare that a manager ever writes his own P45 but Gary Bowyer\'s decision to leave Blackpool two weeks ago was seen as one of integrity, principles and common sense. Two seasons hard work putting a side together under the most testing of circumstances was blown apart by the Oyston families tight fisted and naive approach to wages and contracts.  Bowyer just had to sit and watch as the likes of Daniel, Mellor, Roberson, Vassell and a raft of vital loan players walked out of the ....

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Delusions, Demos, Departures And Defeat

Delusions is a mental health problem that causes people to perceive or interpret things differently from those around them. In Oyston\'s world, we\'ve had a tremendous summer of signings, success is based on pretty patterns in the pitch, fans should be grateful that \'our best manager since Ollie\' left in good spirits, the academy has a class 3 status to train on a weed infested \'pitch\' and Owen is the saviour of Blackpool FC by paying the players with his own money! Where do you even start ....

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Bowyer Bites The Dust

Wanted: Football manager to look after a team with no fans, no budget, no training facilities, no hope and seemingly no future. If there has been one positive at Bloomfield Road over the last two years, which attendees and boycotters have largely agreed on, it has been the presence of Gary Bowyer. \'The impossible job\' has been made to look almost normal by a man who has more than proved his credentials as a manager and who would be warmly welcomed at any club in the future. However, even ....

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It Is Time We All Stepped Up

If you are a message board junkie (like I am), you would be forgiven for thinking that ins the last few weeks regular posters have not been covering themselves in glory. The protracted nature of the legal wrangle over our club is taking its toil, as poster after poster expresses dissatisfaction - and some point the finger of blame as much at the Latvians as at Owen Oyston. Whilst this is understandable - to a limited extent - my view is that it is also profoundly wrong. There is only ....

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The Curtain Rises But The Stains Are Still There

  Does anyone remember the opening day of the football season in 2009? The Seasiders had an opening day fixture at Loftus Road where they drew 1-1 with QPR (a point which would help them secure a Play Off place and promotion that season), however the result that got everyone talking was Norwich\'s 7-1 defeat at home to Colchester United. So annoyed was one Canaries fan that he ran on to the pitch when his side was 4-0 down and threw his season tickets at the Norwich manager Bryan Gunn and ....

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The Blackpool Fc Omnishambles

  So how was your summer? With warm days set to continue, a hosepipe ban to look forward to and the school holidays only just begun, it seems a little early to be asking that question. However, in the football calendar, the holiday season is behind us and a new season is about to begin. Fresh from a memorable World Cup where England surpassed expectations, a new generation got behind the Three Lions and the nation fell in love with the great game again, football clubs across the country ....

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Latvia Updates

  It\'s been quite a week in the Blackpool football world. Thursday we heard news that Owen Oyston had met Valeri Belokon but beyond that, few details have emerged. So have we taken another few steps to completing the goal of the removal of the Oyston family? We are gratfeul to Normund Malnacs, Valeri Belokon\'s right hand man, who brings us up to date with this week\'s events. 1. Valeri and Owen\'s meeting this week has been well documented and clearly we wouldn\'t want to jeopardise ....

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The 2018 Summer Signings Thread (updated 17.07.18)

We are still some way off giving all our attention to player arrivals at Bloomfield Road, especially with the departure of Owen Oyston tantalisingly close, however when change comes these are the players we will be watching next season and so important to keep an eye on proceedings. Throughout summer on AVFTT, we\'ll keep you updated on all the arrivals at the seaside, profile the players and keep you updated on the latest signings. 17.07.18 Marc Bola signs from Arsenal Bowyer had been ....

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