Calling The Undertaker
By Editor
Saturday 05 Jan 2019 18:15:00
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According to a newspaper report, Blackpool were recently employing an undertaker to work on the 'training ground' but he quit because it was too grim. The good news is that he is needed again at Bloomfield Road to remove a stinking, rotting carcass off the roof of the stadium. The stench around Bloomfield Road is so bad that even an FA Cup game against Arsenal couldn't tempt fans back for an FA Cup game against Arsenal. Whilst the unpalatable and odious owner of the club took his seat in the Director's box - with no one prepared to sit around him for fear of being labelled an Oyston sympathiser - he viewed out on to a sea of tangerine. Thanks to the thousands of fans who continue their boycott, it was a sea of empty tangerine seats which greeted Oyston - a sea of tangerine which should now turn in to a tsunami, as the stadium returns to a ghost town under his ownership.

Jack Gaughan's piece in the Mail should serve as a reminder to those who continue to fund the incumbants stay at Blackpool that nothing will ever change under this modern day villainous Scrooge. Even now, with thousands of pounds coming in to the club thanks to the hard work of the manager and players, he allegedly continues to disrespect them with disgusting hotel stays, the lack of basic equipment for the ground staff and an inadequate training ground where players have picked up injuries. It is hard to believe that the players continue to put in a shift and defy the odds, but it is testament to them what they have achieved this season. Playing in half empty stadiums with more away fans than their own, they have pride in the tangerine shirt that Owen can only dream of. We've seen before under Clarke/McDonald how the Seasiders are only a bad appointment away from the whole deck of cards falling down - as it really should. It surely can't be long before the inevitable happens but the question is whether this poor excuse for a human being can be removed before long lasting damage can be done. 

Saturday's defeat to Arsenal will hopefully be the final time that Seasiders fans will have to miss a big occasion. The dismal run of results over Christmas has put paid to a serious play off push and effectively safety is the only remaining target for McPhillips side (which could involve needing 12 points more than bottom four side if administration or receivership is the only way to get rid of Oyston). The January transfer window will arguably give Oyston one final chance to pluck the bones from the long since murdered Golden Goose with the sale of any remaining assets but then surely he must realise that time is up. The Blackpool supporters still going must realise it's like feeding the habit of a drug addict - it'll only get worse and now has an inevitable ending. Those who think they are supporting the club are in fact doing it irreparable damage. Until every tangerine seat is empty, Oyston will have some ridiculous idea he can still save an unsalvagable situation. Anyone who continues to make this club 'normal' from those still attending, to the parents who allow their kids to be ball boys and girls, to the man on the PA system to those who play a voluntary part in the existence of the club should remember without them, another fabric of the club is chipped away. The sea of tangerine at Wembley against Cardiff should be a reminder that the 12th man can make a difference and now is the time for us all to be on the same side.

If the thought of Owen Oyston desecrating the place, where so many have worshipped over the years, by stripping off to reveal his disgusting, decaying carcass on the stadium roof isn't enough to revolt you, the recent catalogue of his many indiscretions must surely draw a line in the sand. "Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone. Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone. Silence the pianos and with muffled drum, Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come". It's time for the undertaker to return and bury this sorry saga and the worst owner in Blackpool's illustrious history.

Just finally, respect to the Blackpool players who did themselves proud but were beaten by a clinical Arsenal side who were helped by some poor officiating and the benefit of a bigger supporter presence.

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