Bowyer bites the dust
By Editor
Monday 06 Aug 2018 18:53:00
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Wanted: Football manager to look after a team with no fans, no budget, no training facilities, no hope and seemingly no future. If there has been one positive at Bloomfield Road over the last two years, which attendees and boycotters have largely agreed on, it has been the presence of Gary Bowyer. 'The impossible job' has been made to look almost normal by a man who has more than proved his credentials as a manager and who would be warmly welcomed at any club in the future. However, even Bowyer's patience was only going to stretch so far, and with frustrations over signings and departures this summer, it seems that today we found his tipping point. Whilst boycotts, court room battles and the warped way that Blackpool works bizarrely hasn't really affected our league status, there is no question that Gary Bowyer's departure could send this club back to where the Oystons arguably would be happy to see it languish.

Bowyer's record really is exemplary. A promotion with practically no budget and no support, a more than satisfactory second season in League one, revenue earners from Play Offs and the sale of Potts, Samuel and potentially Tilt and more than that a decency which is seldom seen in football these days. The way he has conducted himself, sent his sides out and kept out of affairs which he clearly wanted no part of has been a credit to the man. Some say that he has been part of the problem but there are few jobs in football and behind the scenes squabbles are for owners and fans with managers rarely wanting to get involved. He knew what he was taking on, he knew the pitfalls and the obstacles, but fair play to him as he has used the Oyston family as much as they've used him and he has come out by far the winner. Whilst speculation is rife as to the reason he's made this decision now, undoubtedly a lack of support, the loss of players, a stalemate over Tilt and potentially family reasons have all contributed to his decision. The expression 'quit whilst you're ahead' seems pertinent.

In many ways, Bowyer's departure may finally bring all sides of Blackpool's fanbase together. There has always been from some the argument that the team was doing well, deserved their support and whilst Bowyer was in charge we were rarely a side that used to get supporters heckles up. Imagine if we'd had Hendry or Worthington in charge the last few years - it's hard to imagine anyone would have gone through the turnstiles. If fans who have bought season tickets have any sense, they'll return them and ask for a refund. This decision from Bowyer might remind them that we are not 'a normal club', that this odious family don't deserve any support (especially financially) and the tighter the #NAPM grip, the more chance that this will one day be resolved. Of course the club will continue to operate and who knows they might bring in someone decent but remember succesful managers only ever leave and rarely thrive at Blackpool.

Of course, this will further shine a light on the lack of any news from Latvia and with Valeri Belokon still holding all the cards it really is time we heard from Riga. You only have to look at the message board to read the further anger, resentment and bitterness that Bowyer's departure has caused and we are fast approaching a point of 'no return' for many of our fans. The club is heaemorrhaging money, supporters, staff and goodwill and the man with the bandage that could stop it dying altogether needs to make a move and fast.

On behalf of all AVFTT supporters can we thank Gary Bowyer for his work at the club and wish him and his family all the very best for the future.

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