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Friday 06 Jul 2018 19:10:00
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It's been quite a week in the Blackpool football world. Thursday we heard news that Owen Oyston had met Valeri Belokon but beyond that, few details have emerged. So have we taken another few steps to completing the goal of the removal of the Oyston family? We are gratfeul to Normund Malnacs, Valeri Belokon's right hand man, who brings us up to date with this week's events.

1. Valeri and Owen's meeting this week has been well documented and clearly we wouldn't want to jeopardise any dealings, however there seems to be some confusion over what the meeting was intended for.

Valeri and Owen decided not to release any statement at this stage, so I really cannot comment on what was decided. But I can confirm that the meeting took place in a good atmosphere, so there is a genuine feeling that some kind of progress is close.

2. How concerned are you/Valeri about the fact that the transfer deadline day is on August 9th and so, if you have any involvement after that date, you'd be unable to help Gary bringing in new players. Is there any urgency with current dealings to ensure that the club is in the best shape for the start of next season?

Valeri and me are concerned about building the team for the upcoming season. Two days ago Natalie confirmed that the club has 15 or 16 players for the new season. I understand that some of them are not fit for the first team but on the other hand some foundation has been laid for the season. I understand fans concerns but there is still time to build a new team for the new season.

3. Many fans refuse to go back whilst Owen Oyston is still at the club. After 3 years some are struggling to remain positive - do you worry this coiuld be detrimental to the club long term?

I definitely should not give advice to fans as I have spent less time supporting the club than most. It seems to me that changes at the club management are inevitable and the supporters need to be patient just a little bit longer.

We thank Normunds for his time answering these questions. We didn't want to overload him with too many questions but hope we've dealt with some of the immediate questions that could be answered. We'll continue to keeping that line to Normunds open along with the likes of BST and some of our own supporters who are regularly in contact with Latvia.

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