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SirGooner02 Posted on 16/08/2016 09:22
points from sunday

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1. We were still in pre season mode, the fans , the players , we had 30 minutes wwhere we were semi sharp in our play and then looked more and more tired as the game went on.I dont think Wenre has ever adapted pre season properly to our trips around the world. He had his set austrian preperation and has hated having to adapt , but he should have done better by now.

Point 2. Why did we start arron and sanchez, they both looked incredibly weary and off the ball from dot one, carzola I know has only come back but he has a whole summer off as has chamberlin and they should have started.

Point 3. A lot of people are hammering Chambers. I feel thats unfair as the lads been treated poorly in the last year. He was a superstar at Southampton at full back, but is obviously a centre half pace wise long term. So if XXXXXXne was not going to play him last year, then he should have let him go on loan.His development has been stunted, he needs games and either Wenger keeps playing him and he learns or he lets him go on loan. He needs games.

4. Holding looks promising, he will need games, so either he plays 20 or 30 games here as back, or in my view he should be sent on loan to a premier league club or a club abroad in a top league, where he can play most games and learn his position.

5. The obvious is we are three postions short, we need a centre half with mustafi or evans being decent options considering both have played champions league football at a high level. The striker is a must, Lacazette or even Icardi would do.

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