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GC_Knows Posted on 20/06/2013 11:16
Ticket price demo - by EJ
Edited On: 20/06/2013 11:27
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Went to the ticket price demo yesterday, organised by Spirit of Shankly, a Liverpool supporters group. There were decent numbers there. Mainly Liverpool, but some from arsenal, Everton, City, Leicester, a couple from united even though the media have said there were more, and of course a few kids from the scum who looked like an ugly one direction boy band. Also a couple of the main people in FSF were there.

Was nice to see everyone getting on, and a united approach. Other than the scum that wanted to sing 'yids yids yids', until one of ours pulled them up. After that there were some decent songs including 'supporters, united, we will never be defeated', 'you dont care about football, you dont care about fans. All you care about..., is money and brands', 'enough is enough, enough is enough, you greedy XXXXXXs,Saturday, 3pm, Im football til im skint, Choke on your caviar' enough is enough' and 'we hate sky sports' (although i dont think it was the best idea singing that as they aint going to give you much tv coverage, and thats what you want).

Some great banners there too. Of course the BSM 'Kick Greed out of Football' banner. There was a lot of others, some great ones by liverpool including 'Football Without Fans Is Nothing' and one of a parent and a kid going into a pub, with a sign saying 'stadium' pointing another direction and the kid pointing too. Shows that this is what will happen if ticket prices keep going up (Liverpool apparently have a 9% increase on season tickets next year!). Kids will miss out on going to football as parents cant afford to take them.

Lets hope more things like this happen, and it grows. Last year when city played liverpool, they had a banner going across the home and away end with the words 'Łnough is Łnough' (Also there yesterday), half in blue and half in liverpool. That was a great idea, and i think youll be seeing more joint demos like that next year. The BSM will definitely be looking into joint demos in the near future.

One of the BSM representatives had a meeting with Scudamore, along with 4 others, a liverpool fan, united fan, scum fan, and FSF Chief Executive Kevin Miles. Main thing to come from it is, Scudamore is up there for the title of King of Spin with Gazidis.




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