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GC_Knows Posted on 17/07/2012 21:33
how i would reverse the 10 points....

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1..The money is in the share price and property only.

do a share issue, pay off the loan. that will decrees the share price, but increase cashflow

2..You have owners that skim off the top and do not invest in the players

buy back the 50% of arsenal media, invest in players

3..The Wealth is due to having the highest ticket prices in the world

decrease ticket prices, which will be offset by point 1

4..You have a manager who is happy to toe the party line

move wenger to CEO, get in new manager

5..You sell the club captain every summer

dont sell, pay them going rate, paid for by point 1

6..You pay average players too much in wages then can't sell them on

stop giving XXXXXX players long contracts with high wages, sell/;oan all the deadwood, shoot diaby

7..You have sponsorship deals which are lower than market value

make sure ivan/friar have nothing to do with upcoming deals

8..You have the largest shareholder tucked away in another country just counting his pennies

point 1 should see RnW buy out the yank

9..You haven't won a trophy in years

all points above should help this.

10..You have a purple stripey away kit.

get yellow and blue kit back in and keep it

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