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C_B_A Posted on 09/05/2012 16:45
That new kit article...

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I think a couple of the JVC kits had blue piping, and a Dreamcast one had quite thick blue edging to the collar.
The Y&B away kit came in '69 after that FA ban. Nice and simple - but then we weren't really trying to sell them.
I think a team's colours matter. But as long as the predominant colours remain I don't get too vexed about the minor tinkering - I've seen too much of it!
Changing a blue team to red (a team nicknamed the Bluebirds) is just not on, especially when it's down the the whim of the owner.
Makes you wonder what actually makes a team. The location and/or stadium name changes, the colours change, the badge changes...There must come a time when it's no longer the same club at all!

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