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Cesc_Pistol Posted on 23/04/2012 11:43
Sick XXXXXX liverpool fans

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We cared for your wellbeing like a son of our own
I lit all the candles at the shrine in my home

We made you a banner we shared out our love
We prayed to Bill Shankly in the skies up above

We tweeted our thoughts we facebooked our care
All of us Kopites for you weíll be there

Slowly our magic it started to work
The Kopís gift of life for you was a perk

And when you were better you shared your success
To tell all the people of the Kopís magic no less

The Kop and Fabrice a bond of true love
You went to The Sun no worse could we think of

Oh Patrice Muamba for you we all cried
But now youíre a XXXXXX and we wish you had dÖ.

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