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Are Richer Fans Spoiling The Working Mans Game ?

    Last week I was watching Michael Grade’s BBC 4 documentary on the history of music hall. Near the end of the programme Grade touched on how in the late 1800’s music hall and had moved on from its working class roots and had gained a new and more affluent audience. The new audience brought wealth with them but they didn’t have the same interaction with the performers. The original working class crowds could be harsh if they didn’t like you - but if they ....

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10 Reasons Why We Beat Wba + Motm Poll

    Reasons are from the facebook page, thank you to those whose comments have been used   1..Mark WewantourArsenalback Burgess - Cause we had a "She Wore!" Banner in the Ground 2..William Bone - West Brom were shit and offered no threat up front 3..Websteredandwhite Parker - We won today because Woy Hodgson got his tactics wong and his team didn't play wery well. 4..Adam Stearman - we won coz we are no longer a 1 man team with 3 different scoreers today 5..Joe Prestedge ....

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Photos Of The She Wore A Yellow Ribbon Banner In The Ground

    Many thanks for the pictures taken by twitter users @Fawaad @ChrisBryanAFC @gold_gooner31 @BlackScarfAFC @lucap14 @CharlieAllen66 @Arsenalfc49 @n13exilegooner @KeenosAFC @GregBirch1982   Bit of shame the banner ended up in the NorthEast corner of the ground and not the clockend but well done to the club for running the competition to design banners and for making the banner.Also thank you to everyone who voted for the banner. Anyways great win today, heres the ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Wba And Likely Staring Xi

  Thank you to everyone on the facebook page whose comments i have used 1..Websteredandwhite Parker - Because Almunia won't have the chance to throw the ball into the net.. 2..Chris Woolston - Because Kos,Verm, and Merte and all looking likely to withstand at least a goal 3..Danny Bailey - Because Diaby and Squillaci are out injured 4..Stephen Grimes - Because November is never kind to us so hopefully a change this year 5..Gary Spickett - Because i cant put up with anymore of their ....

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Piebury Corner, Raising The Steaks In Pre-match Food

  After getting some rave reviews about the food at Piebury Corner, on Gilles’pie Road I caught up with Paul and Nicky who are the people behind it... Paul I know your originally from Glasgow, how long have you both lived in Islington ? Nicky's a Londoner, I came down on the National Express night bus with my carpenter/joiner tool bag in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other in 1986.  With the exception of a year in Sydney in the mid nineties in Acidhouse casualty mode, ....

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10 Reasons Why We Drew Vs Marseille And Man Of The Match Poll

Comments took from the she wore facebook page.. 1..Danny P Prestedgecos - we play a single striker to much and rely on rvp all the time now    2..Chris Potten - Marseille are a good side, Diarra bossed the midfield and they closed us down like Barca did last year.  3..Lyle Shepherd - Because we lack a lot upfront without RVP. we created enough chances. Fatigue may have been an issue because at times they didn't really look up for it.  4..Nirmal Gunner Hayer - ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Marseille And Likely Starting Xi

  1..We have 3 CB's who are half decent, first time in ages we are spoilt for choice, Per fitting in well, Kos playing out his skin, and Thomas FromIreland back to almost full fitness 2..Santos proved he can defend as well as attack, well he did 2nd half against Ch3l5ea.. 3..Ramsey, I have openly knocked him this season, but finally he is looking like the class player I know he can turn into 4..Song and Arteta looking like they have some kind of understanding at last 5..Win tonight ....

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10 R3ason5 Why We Beat Ch3l5ea...and Motm Poll

    Cheers to everyone on the fac3boo5 page for these rea3on5...   1..Podge Keating - Because the Ref is mentally ill leaving Szczesny on the pitch.....and it could have gone either way till Terry decided to take a dive for fucking up.......one thing for sure can't wait to have Wilshere back.... 2..Jagen Vythelingum - Because first it was Winterburn then Sylvinho and now Andre Santos... and Theo left their shitty lb Ashley in his tracks.. 3..Jason Asante - Because we are ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Chelsea And Likely Starting Xi

    Reasons are taken from the facebook page (see link below) cheers to everyone whose comments we have used   1..Gavin Levis - Because they have no Drogba 2..Josh Saunders - Coz the Verminator is back 3..Marco Agnilleri - cos petr chechs a retard he wears a retards hat, he licks the blue bus windows and gets shagged by his left back 4..Matt Swain - John Terry might not be mentally right for the match 5..Peter Barnes - Because it's a lunchtime kickoff and Fat Frank will ....

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10 Reasons Why Arsenal Will Beat Bolton And Likely Starting Xi

  1) We have won 6 from 7. We are the inform Premier League team 2) The Ox will finally get a run out over the useless Walcott 3) Frimpong will provide enthusiasm and energy in the middle of the park 4) Our best youngsters go on loan to Bolton and become there best players. Current loan count: 0 5) Nico Yennaris will become the next in a line of classy ball playing CM'ers 6) Miquel is a rock at the back 7) Many of the kids coming through are now proper Arsenal and will bleed for the ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Stoke Rfc And Likely Starting Xi

    1..Szczesny, fast becoming my favorite player on the pitch and fast becoming my favorite player off it. Last night he turned up at the ground to support the Islington Boxing clubs charity dinner and boxing night, not only was he happy to pose for picture after picture and sign countless programs of the night (see mine in pic above) he also jumped into the ring to play ring girl and he grabbed the mic and sung 'stand up if you hate tottenh*m'..TOP LAD...To find out more about ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Win At Marseille And Likely Starting Xi

    1..Marseille have had a worse start than us,yes i know that doesn't sound possible but they have only won one game out of ten 2..Chesney, another world class save at the weekend, he is fast proving he's got the potential to be a top top keeper 3..Jenkinson, in due to Sagna's injury against Sunderland, should keep his place, yes he had his moments in the first half, but more than made up for it in the second and can only improve knowing he could get a run in the side 4..Ze Big ....

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The Football Book With A Rotten Edge !

  They used to call it the people's game - but not anymore. In this insightful, witty and ultimately damning look at modern football culture, lifelong fan Matthew Bazell asks why no one's singing anymore.  In a uniquely personal journey, Bazell examines the way in which football, both on and off the field, has changed since the formation of the Premier League, and looks at the passive consumerism thrust upon fans. Does the modern follower pay too high a price for the spectacle of ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Sunderland, Likely Starting Xi, Wenger In/out Poll

  THank you to those on the facebook page whose comments I have used.... 1..Sarah Dixon "beacuse they haven't won a league match at Arsenal since a 2-1 win in Nov 83" 2..Chesney is player of the month, again 3..Marc Brosowski "because the mighty Squillachi and Djorou are back" 3..Beacuse Diaby is still injured 4..Ben 'Dandy Man' Edwards "Because although bendtner isnt playing, Sunderland still thought he was a good loan option. This shows how shit they are" 5..Beacuse of the Ox, he ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Tottenh*m And Likely Starting Xi

      Thanks to the people from the facebook page whose comments we have used...well only Mr Walker's, seems people are funnier during the week when their working and not as funny when out drinking in the sunshine...   1..Joe Walker "Heard they're having lasagne tonight" 2..Because the good news is we have got rid of Almunia, the bad news its only for a month on loan to the whammers 3..Because despite Chesney and the defenders letting in 14 goals in 6 Prem games we ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat The Greeks And Likely Starting Xi....

Thanks again to those on the facebook group whose comments i have used... 1..Because we only have 9 on the injured list - Koscielny, Gervinho, Theo, Jack, Vermaelen, Diaby, Benayoun, Djourou and Squillaci 2..Beacuse Diaby is one of those injured 3..Because it's likely Song will play at Centerback and that might stop him thinking he is Messi 4..Martin Smith "Because we have a better financial package than Greece, who are about to default on their loans" and Paul Dodds "We can offer to clear ....

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10 Reasons Why We Might Beat Bolton...

Reasons below are provided by the lads and ladies from the facebook page... 1..Mark Wragg - Because our season starts here,again! 2..Paul Rowe - Because we will build a wall of cash in front of the goal(cause nobody can blow our finances wide open) 3..Stephen Grimes - Because they have been working on defending this week. 4..Stephen The-Noise Gallagher - Because Djourou says we'll learn from the Blackburn game... I believe him 5..Stephen Grimes - Beacuse Diaby is still injured 6..GC - ....

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10 Reasons Why We Might Beat Shrewsbury...

Cheers everyone on the facebook page for the reasons below... 1..Stephen The-Noise Gallagher - Because, the season starts tonight 2..Fionn Webb - Because David Blunkett has taken over as coach 3..Mark Everid - Because Almunia cant even get into the squad 4..Terry Moriarty - Because Frank McLintock and Peter Simpson and Rice ,and McNab are in defence even at there ages 5..Matt 'Gooner' Rice-Smith - Because none of the back 4 who got mugged off my Blackburn are in the squad 6..Stephen ....

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Football Is Losing Sight On Reality

Below is a write up from the BSM lads at http://www.wherehasourarsenalgone.webeden.co.uk/# Can also follow them on twitter @BlackScarfAFC   In the weekend just gone, Sunderland Manager Steve Bruce made some valid points about the greed seemingly taking over top flight football. As a manager who feels Darren Bent and Asamoah Gyan moved away from his club purely due to the lure of riches elsewhere, you can understand his frustration. Talking to the Sunday Mirror, Bruce said "Do you think ....

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Poll - In Wenger We Trust Or Rust ?

Please click the link below to vote...(no log in needed) http://www.fansonline.net/arsenal/poll.php?id=11 The reason why i have put this on the newsfeeds is due to being constantly told that those who I drink and see at games views don't count, then those on this sites messages board don't count, then those on the facebook pages views dont count, so vote away, maybe one day I can use the poll to show what real Arsenal fans views are and use the word 'majority' without some gimp on twitter ....

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What Is Wrong With Arsenal? The People Speak!

As many of you would’ve seen, I sent an SOS across the social networks at lunch today with a simple question to everyone:What is the problem at Arsenal at the moment?(in 140 characters or less)The following are the responses:Winning teams are full of players with ruthless winning mentality. LFC 80s. MUFC 90s-> AFC 90s-00s. We need no-bullshit winners -  @BRTCWe won't win anything until we can afford to offer wages on a par with Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea - Christopher, BristolA ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Blackburn

  1..Chesney only gets beat by world class strikes and Man Utd Players... 2..Gibbs lasted 90mins two games a running, a new record for him 3..Ze Big German is proving he was a better buy than Samba or Cahil 4..Benayoun and Arteta both looked handy against the Germans in the week 5..The Tank,Song and Gervinho are free from bans 6..RVP has scored 8 in 10 games against Blackburn and is currently on a run of scoring in 11 of the last 12 away games in the prem 7..Blackburn fans are ....

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Dinner And Boxing Night To Be Held At The Emirates

The Islington Boxing Club will be hosting a Dinner Boxing Show at the Emirates Stadium on Friday 21st October 2011 when an Islington Boxing Select will face an elite of Irish boxing clubs in an evening of top class amateur boxing. Dining/Seating tickets (includes 3 course meal) are £80 per person with tables of 10 available & non-dining/standing balcony tickets are also available in advanced pri...ced at £10 each (£15 on the door, on the night). Doors open at 7pm & ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Dortmund...

  1..Chesney looking very much the part lately 2..We almost have 2 fit left backs 3..The Big German is back on homeland and will want to make it a good homecoming 4..The Tank and Song are both able to play 5..Arteta showed against Swansea he will fit in very quickly with our style of play 6..Theo,Gervinho and RVP is front 3 is a handful for anyone 7..The Germans lost at home on Saturday to a recently promoted side 8..We have a 100% success rate when Wenger is in the stands 9..We ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Swansea...

    1..Ben Connolly "Because our season starts tomorrow." 2..Wojciech Szczesny is the EA SPORTS Player of the Month for August. 3..Because Gibbs is fit, fit for how long tho. 4..Per Mertesacker will make his debut, most other defenders are half fit, injured or suspended 5..Because Diaby is injured and Song suspended, BRING ON THE TANK 6..Donny Lachiffonniere "Because Rambo is a Bluebird" 7..Because Arteta will make his debut 8..Because RVP and Park-Young both scored loads in ....

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