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Afc 1 Mufc 2 - Match Report And Ratings Out Of 10

Travel to and from game? Quite a few part closures, didn't affect me but hopefully did the cockney redsDrinks and food? Check out Piebury Corner, great on a Super SundaySeat - Block 26, Row 29Atmosphere during game? Amazing for the Emirates I thought, atmosphere has definately improved this season...Opposition fans? Very Poor, sang very briefly when they scored.Players Out of 10:Szczesny 8Thomas Vermaelen 8Djourou 6BFG 9Koscielny 8Rosicky 8Song 7Ramsey 7Oxlade Chamberlain 10Walcott 6Robin Van ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Swansea + Likely Starting 11

    Thank you to everyone on the facebook and twitter pages (see below for links) whose comments we have used 1..Bob O'Meara - Because I'm taking my son whos 10 to his first away game and he asked me earlier " dad , do I need a passport to go to wales , it's a different country you know! "...(SHEWORE - Hope your son enjoys mate) 2..Luke McKenna - Because chamakh is away to ANC 3..Because RVP is back from his family holiday in Dubai, hope hes got a nice tan... 4..Because ....

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The Arsenal Need To Spend The Money Wright.

    The song of the 1990's was a simple one. Every Arsenal fan could learn it within 5 seconds of hearing it. It was sang from the North Bank. Sang from the Clock End. Even sang in the posh seats of the West Upper. The song in question? IAN WRIGHT WRIGHT WRIGHT Times were good, times were not so good, but we back the team and sang about the hero's on the pitch. Mainly about the star. The man with the swagger. Wrighty. The song of the 2010's is very different. The mood is very ....

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Arsenal 1 Leeds 0 - Player + Night Ratings

  ok so we are now doing match reports, we will be using diffident people, but the same style, should be everything you really need to know, Thank you Matt who did the first one, he can be found on twitter @MattWigley Travel to and from game - I work in Purfleet Essex and live in Dartford just over the water, so I'm home by 5, changed and straight out, on a train to London Bridge by half 5 and up to Arsenal by half 6. Not bad at all. Managed to bump into my dad and bro at LDN bridge ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Leeds + Likely Starting 11

    Thanks to the peoples comments that we have used from the sites Facebook and twitter pages, see links below   1..Because Henry is back, 11 goals in 11 games vs Leeds 2..Nick Rk - Because we haven't lost at home in the FA Cup for 14 years 3..John Sheerin - Because wenger will play Coquelin a right footer at LB and Miquel a left footer at RB and the two fastest CB's ever, Per MerTITANIC and Seb NO LEGS Squillachi. 4..@steviegun72 - Because they dont have Bremner,Giles or ....

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Wenger Splashes The Cash On Free Transfer

What was your first thought when you read that title?"Wenger going for the cheap option again""Spend some fucking money"Then following that title, you read down the article;'Arsene Wenger has gambled on INJURY PRONE AFRICAN STRIKER FROM RELEGATED CLUB'Now what is your response?"Wenger Out!" most likely.You will be sitting in the pub, debating with friends. Sitting in-front of your keyboard. Twittering #WengerOut #SpendSomeFuckingMoneyYet seemingly, this is what everyone wanted in the summer. ....

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Advantage United In The Festive Fixtures List

1 day break. That is all The Arsenal have between a home game against Queens Park Rangers and an away game against Fulham. Anyone who has been an athlete to any decent level will know that it is very hard to play 2 games within such a short period of time. The justification behind it is ‘everyone is in the same boat.’ But this is not true.Scanning through the 3 games played over the festive period, it is clear that everyone is not in the same boat. It is clear that the fixture list ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Fulham + Likely Starting Xi

  Thank you to everyone whose comments i have used from the facebook page and twitter (see links below) 1..@JohnnyBoyVegas -  because we have 3 statues and they only have 1, sorry it's 3-all Haynes , Jackson and Senderos! 2..Terry Moriarty - Because neither Zamora or Johnson are playing (so it was reported) 3..Due to our defenders dropping like Diaby's we will play the little used 2-5-3 formation 4..Because Kos and the BFG just get better and better 5..Because Diaby is still ....

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2011 Shewore Awards, The Best, The Worst And The Biggest C....

  Firstly Happy new year to everyone, hope you had a good Christmas and a healthy happy and wealthy 2012 (apart from any tottenh*m fans who have stumbled onto this article and Piers Morgan, but more about him later) Over the festive period I/We have asked our facebook page and twitter users (see links below)a number of questions for the 2011 Awards, many thanks to everyone who voted, there was over 1000 votes (cant be arsed to count them up). Anyways, here is the winners and losers of ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Wolves + Likely Starting 11

    1..Stephen The-Noise Gallagher - Beacuse we don't want triple pay and a day's holiday..(yeah cheers tube drivers, was looking forwards to the first Boxing day game at the bowl *GC*) 2..Wolves have a shocking record against us they haven't even scored against us in the last 271mins of football and we haven't lost to Wolves since 1979 3..Djourou should be back from injury, so Wenger might name the 48th difference defense so far this season 4..Stephen Grimes - Because Diaby ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat The Villa And Likely Starting Xi...

    Thank you to everyone's whose comments I have used from the Facebook and twitter pages (see links below) 1..@Speeshal - Because RVP is chasing the most goals in a calendar year record. #NuffSaid 2..Daniel Powell - Because Kenny Samson is playing left back 3..Cormac Mc Donnell - Because emily heskey is injured 4..Stephen Grimes - Because Diaby still injured 5..Asa Wilkinson - Because if Liverpool can beat them with a racist we can beat them without one 6..Neil Gogoi - ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Mancity + Likely Starting 11

  Some of the reasons are either replies from twitter or from the facebook page (see below for links) 1.. @vikas_v - Because Scescesny knows how to knock out a Mancini! 2..Ciaren Van Persie Ryan - Because Theo vs Zabaleta = Game over 3..Shan Jethwa - Because nothing beats the real arsenal team, opposed to one full of arsenal rejects eg toure's, nasri, clichy, viera, sylvinho, adebayor and we can't forget good old stuart taylor, that's just naming players in the past two years ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Everton + Likely Starting 11

    1..Because Flappy (knee) and the karate kid (shoulder) are injured 2.. Because Almunia is back to keep the bench warm, Chesney must really worry about his first team place... 3..Because we don't need fullbacks, we can just use 4 centrebacks. Santos(ankle),Jenkinson(back),Gibbs(hernia) and Sagna (ankle) all out 4..Because Diaby(hamstring)is injured, again 5.. Because Arteta gets to face his former club 6..Everton have won 3 and lost 3 out of 6 Prem away games 7..We have won ....

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Pictures Of The Statues...

Thank you to my mate on twitter who is sent these pictures over... add him @David_0Leary (same name not the same person)   Tweet or follow us on Twitter @shewore                                                      ....

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10 Reasons Why We Can Lose To The Greeks + Likely Starting 11

    Right before the reasons I want to make it totally clear that these reasons like most of the '10 reason' articles on here are normally a mix of fact and pisstaking I hate seeing us lose, even the coin toss, I'm still sulking about Leroy fuking Rosenior scoring a late goal to knock us out the FACUP in 1988 Vs West Ham...As a wise man said "winning every game is our aim. Winning is a good habit one we dont want to break and with winning we keep our momentum". But anyways, it's ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Wigan + Likely Starting 11

    1..We cant be as bad as the last 2 seasons up there 2..Wigan have scored 12 prem goals, RVP has scored 13  3..Doesn't seem to matter who we play at right back this season, expect Pat Rice to get a run out soon 4..The Midfield 3 of Arteta,Ramsey and Song must get a better grip of the game then they did against Fulham 5..Pay NO attention to the stats other blogs are posting today about our keepers, Chesney is miles better than anyone we have had since the mad ....

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Too Much Apathy Shown Towards High Ticket Pricing

    Earlier this season I was listening to BBC’s 606 with Eamonn Holmes and Dion Dublin. This is usually a bad idea because phone-in shows have the ability to wind me up, and this occasion was no different. One thing in particular left me shaking my head: an elderly sounding Aston Villa fan called in to highlight the fact that she is now really struggling to meet the admission prices. This was met with a little bit of sympathy, but mostly apathy from Holmes who came out with ....

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Lots Of Reasons To Be Proud Last Night...

  Ok so what I do is ask people who follow us on the facebook page (see link below) and twitter (@shewore) what they think on games, both before and after, then I pick the best and/or witty replies and turn them into articles, like this. Yes I can write my own articles, but I do prefer seeing what others think instead of forcing all my views on games on people, I'm right now and then, but also wrong often, but that's what it is about to me having a good chat about what went right and ....

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10 Reason$ Why Man City Wont Batter U$ + Likely Starting 11

    Thank you to those on the facebook page and those on twitter whose comments I have used... 1..Gary Spickett "Because we've got flapianski between the sticks" 2..Simon Trucker Robinson "Because there are so many ex Arsenal players at Shitty, they'll forget who's who and keep giving us the ball" 3..Chris Blake "Because diaby is injured again!!" 4..Michael Televantou "Frimpong is gonna knock Nasri the fuck out" 5..Marc Brosowski "Because the Ox will be ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Fulham + Likely Starting 11

    Thank you to those on the facebook page whose comments i have used... 1..Fulham have won 1 out of 6 away games, we have won 5 out of 6 home games 2..Martin Jol...didnt win one single game against us when he was in charge of the little lot up the road, who have just recently won the "third in November" cup, well done to them, big achievement  3..Dan Trescher "Because we have a big fucking German" 4..Terry Prestedge "Because for the first time Song stopped thinking he was ....

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Interview With The New Owners Of The Gunners Pub

  I caught up with Andy, the new owner of The Gunners pub and asked a few questions... Hello Andy, you and Una have owned the pub for 6 weeks now, how you settling in ? We are learning a lot about the pub trade in a short time. It's been a daunting decision and when it's quiet you sometimes wonder, but on the whole we are getting to grips with the stresses and strains and pleasures of running a pub. Everyones going to want to know, do you support The Arsenal ? What kind of question is ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Dortmund+likely Starting 11

  1..Chesney, I can not think of too many goals scored against him so far this season that have been down to him, Dortmund only scored against him with a vonder goal at their ground 2..We've got a BIG Fucking German, yeah he screwed up at Norwich for their goal, but this is he his kind of game, he will be up for it 3..Thomas from Ireland is looking like he has never been away 4..Santos has been told that left backs are defenders and is getting the hint, my bet is they invited George ....

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Ten, Well One Reason Why We Beat Norwich And Motm

    1-10..Mr RVP is just scoring for fun now, I'm not going as far as to say we are now a one man team, but we are very close to being one. Mr RVP is finally showing what player we all hoped he would be.  Making him captain was the best thing Wenger has done since he signed Sol Campbell, a true inspiration on the pitch and by all accounts great to have around off the pitch, the younger players clearly look upto him and know that they can go to him, but most importantly they ....

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10 Things We Would Do Without Rvp..

  1..Settle for mid-table, I mean lets face facts if the club had any ambition we would have more than 1 (if injury prone) world class forward at the club 2..Play Theo upfront just to put the stupid rumour to bed that he can pay down there 3..Play Cham.. oh ok tried and failed at that one, FAILED 4..Play Park, sell 10million shirts to the far east, give Ivan another big bonus for increasing sales 5..Play Diaby, if hes ever fit and he decides to stop wearing tottemh*m shirts 6..Play ....

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New Owners Of The Gunners Pub

    Every Arsenal fan at some point has had a beer or 6 in The Gunners Pub on Blackstock Road, I remember the first time i went into the pub as a teenager (many moons ago) I entered the back bar to be met with a chorus of singing and beer flying, then shortly before kick off the whole pub moving on mass down to the ground, that site and smell of Highbury will always be my favorite view of the old girl. Times have changed a lot of people now drink down Holloway Road instead of ....

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