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Ramsey - Good Or Bad ? But He Does Not Deserve The Twitter Abuse

For a while now, Aaron Ramsey has split the opinions of all Arsenal fans, and it has to said, much like a certain Arsene Wenger has, too. Firstly, I would just like to say this isn’t a preach at all, I believe criticism is fair, but some moronic Arsenal fans are even sending him death threats via Twitter. Any normal person knows sending death threats to someone via twitter is ridiculous, especially to an Arsenal player – so I won’t go there! But when it comes to abuse, ....

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From Souless Bowl To Fortress ?

26th of February 2012. 40 minutes gone in the first half. The fans have turned. The Wenger Out Brigade clearing their throats to boo the team off at half time. Groans following Theo Walcott's every poor touch, pass, cross, dribble.It had been the story of our season. Fans, hurt by 7 seasons of failure. Fans frustrated with the highest ticket prices in Europe, supporting a team which sells its best players, only to replace them with cheap imitations. Fans who at the back end of last season, ....

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Rocky Remembered Football Match At Ascot 5th April 7.30pm

  The under 15’s first and second Ascot United teams will play a match on the evening of Thursday 5th April to mark the anniversary of David ‘Rocky’ Rocastle. Ryan Rocastle, David’s son has been asked to referee the match and we are pretty sure he will be able to (his mum said he would). The two teams will mix players with two captains picking their players one by one and one team will play in special Piebury Corner Arsenal tops. Good old fashioned ‘Jumpers ....

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Is Speaking To A Referee Is Worse Than Racism ???

What has Wenger done for UEFA to dislike him? What has he done to deserve to be treated so badly by them? What has he done to get another touchline ban? The answers: Platini dislikes Wenger because Wenger is the most respected Frenchman in football. Platini knows if they both held a lecture, at the same time, in auditoriums next door to each other, Wenger's would be full, Platini's would be empty. Platini is just jealous of Wenger. This is Wenger’s third UEFA touchline ban within the ....

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Have Wenger And Pardew Got It Right And Dalglish Got It Wrong

  Over the years, Arsenal & Arsene Wenger have come under a lot of criticism from the media, from fans of other clubs, and even from Arsenal fans themselves over their transfer policy. The transfer policy of buying cheap, foreign players from all over the globe, rather then buying and promoting English (or British) talent. We have previously played with 11 different nationalities on the pitch. we have previously had an entire squad of foreign players. Other fans even labelled us as a ....

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Rip Rocky + 10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Qpr + Likely Starting Xi

    Before I start the 10 reasons I would like to mention one of ours who is no longer with us, someone who my generation of fans see as one of us, someone who wore The Arsenal shirt with pride passion and never gave anything but his best,a man loved by his family and our family, The Arsenal Family. David Rocky Rocastle,sadly passed away 11 years ago today, gone but NEVER forgotten.   1..We have won our last 7 straight games 2..We could play our first choice back 5 again ....

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What To Do In A Cardiac Arrest.

  So, you and your mates are playing football, it’s a cup game, the game’s going well, you’re holding that lot from the Tottenham Tavern 1-1 in a cup match. All of a sudden you happen to see one of your team mates go down in the centre circle. There’s no one near him, he just………collapsed. So you all leg it over and have a look, blimey, he’s stopped breathing. Have a feel at his neck, 2 fingers on the side of the windpipe, can you feel a ....

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Details Of A Fever Pitch Film Night In Aid Of The Homeless Fa

  Date - THURSDAY 5TH APRIL, 2012 Location - The Hanbury Arms, London N1 7DU  Time - 6.30pm for 7.00pm start Tickets from - http://www.wegottickets.com/event/161218 7.00pm - FEVER PITCH (1997) dir: David Evans9.00pm - Q&A with Perry Groves10.00pm - RAFFLE (£1 per ticket) of Arsenal related memorabilia and prizes including:1. 1970-71 replica goalkeeping jersey signed by Bob Wilson.2. Limited edition 2006 print of Emirates signed by Manager (AW) and Captain (Thierry ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Villa And Likely Starting...

  1..MIND THE GAP, finally normal order has been restored, every win from now on is a day closer to St. Tottinghams day 2..We have won our last 6 Straight Prem games 3..We can play our first choice back 5 again, a unit that's playing so well recently that Georgie Graham's getting aroused 4..Diaby Watch - He scored for the reserves in the week, unlikely to be doing much today, he might wonder about in his tottenh*m shirt, he might go Nandos, but most likely for a change on a Saturday he ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Everton + Likely Starting 11

    1..We have won our last 5 straight Prem games, 4 of which coming from behind to win 2..Everton have failed to beat us in the last 9 games we have played them 3..Yet again we can play our first choice (?) back 5  4..Diaby scored in yet another comeback game for the reserves this week, then got injured 5..Evertons home record - Won 6, drawn 3, lost 5, scoring 15 goals, The Arsenal's away record - Won 6, drawn 2, lost 6 scoring 26 goals 6..RVP has now scored 26 Prem goals ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Newcastle + Likely Starting Xi...

  1..Alan Pardew, I don't like him. horrible bloke, Wenger really does not like him, all goes back to his over the top and unsportsmanlike act when he was at the Whammers back in  November 2006, which ended with Wenger getting fined £10,000 2..If Redknapp is "feeling suicidal" now, hows he going to feel when his 12 point gap is down to just 1 (ONE) single point 3..I still stand by what I felt as I left the Sports Direct Arena back in August, Newcastle put on the most boring ....

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A Change Is Needed For The Best For The Arsenal

    Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to take the recent shift in positivity away, and I'm fully expecting to get hammered by the Arsenal fans out there who hate to hear a bad word said about our club, no matter the circumstances but the thing is this, for us to come back next season and be where we all want us to be we need to have change in our club. I believe this runs from top to bottom, involving the board, the coaching staff, the assistant manager, the players and the way ....

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10 Reasons Why Tonight We Can Do The Mission Impossible + Fantasy Starting Xi

    I always write a '10 reasons why we will beat..' Article before each game, I had 1 reason for Milan,RVP, so I asked on our Facebook and twitter pages and got these...   1..RVP 2..Asa Wilkinson - Diaby injured again?? Its got to be a bonus 3..Websteredandwhite Parker - the last two home games we've scored a total of 12 goals 4..Baptiste Viallon - Boateng is injured, Ibra has a big nose and he can smoke under the shower because of it.We are playing on grass, not in ....

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Time To Stop The Rot, Rvp, He Scores When He Wants, Pay Him What He Wants Too

    As the title says its time the board at The Arsenal stop mugging every paying 'customer' off, stop the selling of our best players and  its time to prevent our best players being happy to be sold due to the wage cap we we have. Not since the last season at Highbury have we had a world class forward who wins games on his own, scores the simple goals, the amazing goals and the match winning goals. Robin Van Persie is every bit, if not better than Henry,(who never really ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Liverpool + Likely Starting Xi

    1..If the team are not still on a big high from the comeback and thrashing of the scum last Sunday then they really have no heart 2..Looks like Agger and Gerrard could be out for Liverpool, who will also be on a high, if tired after winning the Carling Cup last Sunday 3..Jamie Carragher, could play,he should still be banned for throwing a coin into the face of a female Arsenal fan, horrible excuse of a man 4..Liverpool are unbeaten in the Prem at home, but out of 12 games ....

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The Arsenal Vs Tottenham - 10 Facts+ Likely Starting Xi

    1..Titles us 13, them 2 2..FACUPS us 10, them 8 3..The last time they won the title (1961), JFK become president of America, The Beatles had there first performance at the cavern club and black and white £5 notes stopped being legal tender in the UK 4..1893, the year London had its first professorial football team, us 5..tottenham was a local government district in north east Middlesex until 1965, we moved to North London in 1913 6..Our ground holds 60,000, ....

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From George Graham To Arsene Wenger, Don't Be Scared Of Change

Rant time.... I grew up not knowing what it was like to win the title,but got stories from my Granddad about that night at the lane in 1971. My first memory of The Arsenal was Trevor Brookings goal in the '80 FACUP final, then came along George Graham, right at the time I started going games, thanks mainly to a 6am paperround (how many kids that go the bowl do that I wonder) Anyways, Graham took the club by its neck, with some smart buys and a great crop of up and coming kids he got us ....

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Should Wenger Of Gone In 2006 ?

  In the sobering cold after the game against Milan, Arsenal put on propaganda DVD to try and occupy our time. Like our club at the moment, the DVD was broken. The result was we got to watch an interview with Lee Dixon twice. Rather then be the pro-Arsenal message that I am sure the club in tended it to be, it actually made me, for the first time, seriously questions the future of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal football club. It has also made me question Wenger's recent past, and has bought me ....

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Not 10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Sunderland_likely Starting Xi

    Right due to mid weeks disaster in Milan there is going to be a change to the normal 10 reasons why pre-match report.  Yes i would love to be sitting here tapping away on my keyboard full of optimism and looking forward to the competition i love, the FA CUP but for once words fail me, I honestly can not think of 10 reasons why we can win. So this might turn into a bit of a rant... Sunderland pushed us too close last week in the league and it took a last minute goal by ....

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Milan Away - Mcdonalds,beer,duomo Square,police, And More Mcdonalds

3.45am. I thought that only existed on Saturday's, stumbling on from Face's to watch a bit of Babestation. I was wrong. And sitting there, at 3.45am on a Wednesday morning. All in the name of The Arsenal. A quick coffee and tweet; "Rise and shine my fellow Away Boyz." A couple of responses reminded me that I was not alone. A quick drive to Gatwick, through security and it was already time to board. "We're on our way" started to play in repeat in my head. A 90 minute flight (I did not realise ....

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10 Reasons Why We Can Beat Ac Milan+ Likely Starting Xi

    1..AC have failed to win in the last 7 games against English sides 2..We have won twice in the last three visits to the San Siro 3..They have had injury problems with Cassano, Aquilani, Boateng and Pato, which puts to shame the problems we have with Diaby  4..We have met Italian sides 8 times in the CL knockout stages and have gone through each time 5..Gibbs could finally be back at leftback, leaving Vermaelen free to play at CentreBack with Koscielny and with Sagna at ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Sunderland + Likely Starting Xi

    1..Because Bendtner cant play for them, which gives him time to brush up on his car problems, if hes not smashing up other peoples he's driving his own a little bit too fast, moron 2..Because of Wayne Bridge, those shouting for him to come on loan to us might see today why it would of been a bad bad decision, Theo's pace will tear him apart 3..Because Gibbs is fit this week, if we had one injury prone player i'd love to see get fit and stay fit its Gibbs, not only will it free ....

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In Your Face Advertising 1 Football Fans 0

  ARTICLE BY MATTHEW BAZELL, AUTHOR OF THEATRE OF SILENCE THE LOST SOUL OF FOOTBALL Thankfully I’m not a gambling addict. If I were, then I don’t see that there’s any possible way I could watch football anymore; the betting industry along with other global brands seem totally addicted to imposing themselves on the beautiful game at every opportunity. In fact, if there’s one thing that makes football less beautiful, it’s the sight of Party Poker and Wonga ....

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Afc 3 Avfc 2 - Match And Player Ratings

 So when GC originally begged me to do a match report for the game, I originally said no. A 7 aside match kicking off at 8pm in Fairlop meant time was not something I had. And certainly not enough time to write a match report worthy of SheWore.Com. However, after the game was over, I felt it was my duty to stay up on a school night to ensure I put pen to paper, so to speak. My travel to the game was normal for a Sunday. A few too many Corona’s with 2 limes on Saturday night put ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Villa And Likely Starting 11

    1..Because if Wenger has any sense left he will play Chesney and not Almunia or any of the other clowns we have as reserve keepers  2..Because Sagna could be back today 3..Because Arteta could be back as well, Ramsey is lost without him 4..Because of The Ox, the only bright spark we seem to have these days 5..Because despite Morroco being dumped out of the African Nations Cup - Chamakh thankfully has not returned yet. 6.. Because they have Heskey and Keane (bet on him ....

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