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Why Is All Cheating Not Equal?

This morning, I spoke about how we should not be celebrating Santi Cazorla\'s antics in the West Bromwich Albion game. That a cheat is a cheat, no matter who he was cheating for. whilst writing the article, a thought kept coming into my head. This thought was re-ignited with a few of the responses to the my article.Yes, diving is bad, but why is it given my press then other ways of cheating?In the English media, we continually make a fuss of diving. Blaming it on foreigners. Saying it is ....

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Cazorla The Cheat

Football fans by nature are hypocritical creatures. The will to win of fans and banter between is what creates this culture of hypocrisy. \"3 points are what counts\" means we turn a blind eye to cheating, whether it is a player committing a professional foul when an opponent clean through, whether it is time wasting in injury time. whether it is a player diving. Whether it is a foul on the halfway line to stop a break. All of these things are OK in the eye of the football fan, as long as it is ....

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Why There’s No Need For A Wenger Out Protest…

. . . . . . . . ..   There are stories doing the rounds that before this Saturday’s game we may see the first ever ‘Wenger Out’ protest. I have done the rounds of the main supporters groups and it looks like this is something none of them have arranged and the BSM, keen to distance themselves from any such protest have issued a statement stating they have nothing to do with this, you can read that ....

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We Will Lose Walcott And Sagna...

  . . . . . . . . . . . . Sad to say but due to the owners of our club only interested in profit and the footballing side of things is taking a back seat these, its likely that we will see Sagna and Walcott leave the club to the highest bidder evne if that means being sold to one of our rivals for 4th place   Tom Fox recently said “Arsenal Football Club is not only about winning. We have a large and engaged fan-base around the world who wants to feel as if they ....

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Open Letter To Thierry Henry, If You Love Us Don’t Come Back

. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . Dear Mr Henry,   Firstly you are a legend in every sense of the word, the way you played and the goals you scored for us will live on for generations. I even have a 2 foot Canvass print of you sliding on your knees in front of the little lot up the road, I can not put it into words just how much excitement and joy you gave me, my family, my friends and all fans of The Arsenal all over the world. But please don’t come back to play for ....

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Reasons Why We Will Beat Olympiacos...

. . . . . . . . . The following are the replies I got when I asked this on the facebook page this morning... These kids taken may actually put in a performance unlike our overpaid, underperforming, \'jaded\' first team *EJ* Ed Morton - Because the kids might want it more. Because Arsenal v Greece is virtually a local Derby, and the form book is forgotten in those. Kurt May - Pro plus and lucozade ... gets me through Sunday mornings... Afc Wils - Because we\'ve got nothing to lose. ....

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Possible Wenger Replacements?

It is very easy to sit and shout \"Wenger Out.\" What is not so easy is to come up with a list of realistic managers who are available, would fit the Arsenal model and would be interested in joining us.I recently asked the twitter world \"Were Wenger to go tomorrow (or end of the season) who would make your 3 man shortlist to replace him?\" - Out of all the answers (plus a few more I stuck in who I rate) below is an analysis. My dirty dozen list of potential Arsene Wenger replacements. And most ....

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2000 Gooners On The Bsm Walk On Saturday…

  \' \'. . . . . . . . \'. . . . And I’m proud of every single one of them that changed there normal match day routine to show support for the BSM’s aims to make going games a better and cheaper experience for all of us.   I got there early on Saturday met a few mates and then walked upto the meeting place for the march, got in quick pint and just watched the numbers slowly gathering. What first stuck me was the ages of the people there, this wasn’t ....

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Wenger The Failed Gambler

                A couple of years ago, after 5 years without a trophy, I wrote a blog for this site calling for Wenger to end \'The Experiment.\' That he had to take a step back and admit \'The Experiment\' had failed. \'The Experiment\' of course was trying to build a title winning team using as little funds as possible, relying on a group of 20-something 20-somethings growing together as a team, as a unit to become champions. It was always ....

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The Bsm ‘walk’ This Saturday And Why I Am On It…

                                  A hell of a lot has been written about this BSM march in the last few weeks, some of it true some of it complete rubbish. My advice to everyone is to go and read the website http://www.wherehasourarsenalgone.co.uk/ and find out for yourself. Some might be shocked to read that nowhere on the website it mentions wanting to get rid of Wenger.   In life ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Fulham..likely Starting 11

              1..In 108 years of games against Fulham we have never lost a home game against them 2..We still have the best defence in the Prem, letting in just 8 goals 3..Fulham have conceded 12 goals in 5 away games so far this season, we have conceded only 3 at home in 4 games. 4..Diaby is out, sadly so is Jack after his ridiculous red card against Man Utd. Lot\'s to blame on that one, the player himself, Wenger for not taking him off beforehand ....

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The Point Of No Return Is Becoming More Common For Ex-players

                Last season during the 125th anniversary a whole host of Arsenal legends made a return to the club and were paraded on the pitch at halftime against Everton.  I was heartened to see George Graham and David O’ Leary among them and looking happy and relaxed to be part of the event. This was because both have had moments where the fans have turned against them, almost to the point of no return. In Graham’s case the ....

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Arsenal Supporters Group The Bsm To Hold A Protest Walk

                  Below is a copy of the latest BSM news article which can be found on the BSM NEWS PAGE Last week we wrote to our members advising them of a walk we will be holding before our match with Swansea. We\'ve since mentioned it on our social media profiles, and here is the full information. We are calling for a gathering of BSM members and supporters on 1 December, before the Swansea match, to join us on a walk to ....

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10 Ultra-optimistic Reasons Why We Will Beat The Mancs / Fantasy First 11

                    1..Arsene Knows ! 2..In all competitions this year we have scored 18 goals in 7 away games 3..If Tottenh*m can win there then it will a breeze for us 4..Diaby and Gervinho are injured 5..Man Utd have Jones and Vidic both on the injured list 6..Giourd has got used to English football and will be too much for Rio 7..If anyone can keep RVP quiet it\'s Vermaelen 8..I really don\'t know why people get worried ....

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Rvp - Give Him Hell ?

              So we have another big game tomorrow. No-one needs reminding of last year but we should pray our current crop are able to at least put up a decent fight. Onto my main point which is that of RVP. I have mixed feelings about his transfer, some of which I have covered before, but the facts as I see are as follows, 1. AW/IG allowed our best player to get to the stage where he was entering the last year of his contract and therefore holding all ....

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A Special 10 Agm Reasons Why We Will Beat Qrp / Likely Starting 11

                    1..Firstly to copy Hillwoods words \"thank you for your support and taking an interest in our affairs\". The sooner this dinosaur is sacked and out of our club the better 2.. 3..Reason 2 is sponsored by Stan Kronke, thank you for the kind words. 4..Ivan Gazidis says Stan thinks we will win, he speaks/lies/spins for him on all matters 5..Due to the horrendous traffic and never working London Underground the team ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Schalke + Likely Starting 11

                      1..The Team doesn\'t have to fly to this game... 2..We have the best 3rd choice (couldn\'t even sell him to Hull) keeper in the world... 3..Santos has the speed and the drive to stop any counter attack 4..To be fair our back line has improved this season, but let\'s hope tonight there\'s no silly mistakes 5..Diaby is still injured 6..Jack, Frimpong and Sagna all played for our under 21\'s on Monday, ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Norwich / Likely Starting 11

                    1..Chris Hughton ex-yidiot and odds on to take Norwich down this season 2..Norwich at home this season, played 3, drawn 2 lost 1, scored 3 let in 6 3..The Arsenal on the road this season, played 4 won 2 drawn 2, scored 6 let in 2 4..The BFG scored for Ze Germans in the week 5..Gibbs out (thigh) Santos in, expect lots of speeding down the left 6..Dibay is still injured 7..Santi Cazorla, my tip for this weeks ....

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Modern Football Is All Wonga!

                Outrage had been expressed this week regarding the loan shark firm Wonga’s sponsorship of Newcastle United. An MP even went so far as to say that he’ll never set foot in St James Park whilst Wonga were displayed on the club’s shirts. Yes this choice of sponsor is amoral, but at the same time people are very selective when it comes to protecting the game from wrongdoing. One look at the wages that Newcastle United ....

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Book Review - The Arsenal Miscellany By Adam Gold

                      As a 40 odd year old arsenal supporter i have read numerous fact and stats based books regarding Arsenal football club And even though this book contains many stats and facts about the mighty gunners there not just your run off the mill stats as in other books. You will find some interesting facts such as T.V celebrity arsenal fans, Arsenal football club being mentioned in blockbuster movies, what ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat West Ham / Likely Starting 11

                    1..We are undefeated in our last 6 away games  2..We haven\'t lost to West Ham in the last 8 league games we have faced them, winning 6 3..West Ham are above us in the league but so far they have played 6 teams who will all struggle to finish in the top 10, Inc bottom place QPR 4..Vito will again start with Chesney and Flappy still out injured 5..Unless our Big F\'ing German gets over a dose of man flu it ....

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10 Reasons We Will Beat Olympiacos / Likely Starting 11

                    1..Wenger is in the stands, the 2nd of his 3 game ban 2..Olympiacos have never won a Champions League game in England 3..Olympiacos have won all 5 of their domestic games so far this season despite selling last years top scorer Mirallas to Everton 4..Vito Mannone will again start between the sticks, Chesney out for another few weeks 5..Mertesacker must be back in the starting lineup, Koscielny will rightly take ....

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Losing 1-2 To Chelsea....what A Disappointing Day.

                              After playing so well in the start of this season we decide not to turn up in a completely important home match where we needed to prove our worth. We did well at the Champions last week and could have come away with a win. We created chances and looked solid, it\'s a shame we couldn\'t finish some of those chances but the overall performance was something to be proud ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Chelsea/ Likely Starting 11

                                  1..No Drogba, its with a heavy heart I admit that the sometimes diving playacting forward was a right pain in the Arsenal, but he was, often being the only difference between us winning and losing, here ends and nice words about that lot from Fulham. 2..Chesney still has an ankle problem so Vito will continue in-between the sticks, not that  there\'s much ....

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Mp’s Hypocrisy At Racism In Football

              It’s almost a first this football author to write a piece that defends the modern game as I usually rail against its obscene greed and sanitisation. But when MP’s single out football as having racism problem, as they did this week, I feel the need to defend the sport. The issue of tackling racism is one of the very few things where, in England at least, the modern game has made great strides for the common ....

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