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Our Week, Highs And Lows...

A very deflating end to the week for Gooners, still every cloud and has silver lining. With it being the annual Septic Bowl this week I've slipped in an NFL analogy.Highs:1. Arsenal 2 - 1 Everton - Hard earned win that seemed to say a lot about our fighting ability.2. Arshavin's deft finish will hopefully give him the confidence needed to go on a bit of a run to the end of the season.3. Koscielny and Djourou scoring with their heads - fingers crossed we threaten more from set pieces now.4. Theo ....

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10 Highs And Lows Of Last Week

Highs:1. Arsenal 3 - 0 Ipswich2. Bendtner and Cesc's goals - Credit where credit's due, Bendtner's drag back and finish were class.3. Koscielny - Put in a good shift against Ipswich and even bagged himself a goal.4. Our first final in four years and our first Wembley final since we sealed the double in 1998.5. Arsenal 2 - 1 Huddersfield.6. Leyton Orient in the next round should mean plain sailing, but then that's what we thought about Huddersfield.7. Tottenham's humiliation at the hands of ....

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New Arsenal Podcast Featuring Dermot O'leary, Boyd Hilton And Dan Baldwin

  The podcast producers behind the highly successful 'It's Up for Grabs Now' with Alan Davies quietly launched a new Arsenal podcast over the weekend called 'Footballistically Arsenal' (inspired of course by an Arsene Wenger phrase). 'Quietly' is a relative term of course when one of the presenters is used to a live TV audience of 18m on a Saturday night! The new podcast hosted by Heat Magazine's Boyd Hilton with X Factor host Dermot O'Leary and Celebrity Juice producer Dan Baldwin ....

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Emirates Stadium To Host A Fund-raising Night For Islington Boxing Club

  The Islington Boxing Club are proud to present a Dinner & Dance Evening Fundraiser at the Emirates Stadium on Friday 1st April 2011, in the Royal Oak Suite.A charity event with all profits going to the Islington Boxing Club to help raise funds towards recent legal costs.Dinner at 7:30pm for 8pm and finishing at 1am.The Evening will include a DJ, memorabilia auctions and celebrity guest speakers who are all ex World Boxing Champions. Tim Witherspoon, Colin McMillan, Ritchie Woodhall ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Be Going To Wemberrleyy...

    1..We've got Cesc Fabregas, lets hope Wenger plays him tonight 2..waynedeboercouk  "cos i suspect rvp, cesc, nasri, wilshere, theo will all start but most importantly song will dominate the middle of the park" 3..Jonathan Merrick "Because the players want to prove a point like they did at Elland Rd and show that they can be winners" 4..Abdullrhman Reda Barkook "Cause Van persie scored a hat trick for the first time and will be in the mood to score another one" 5..Phil ....

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Last Weeks Highs And Lows...

Highs:1. Leeds 1 - 3 Arsenal - You know things are good when van Persie scores with his head.2. Huddersfield at home in the FA cup - Not to be disrespectful but round five here we come.3. Arsenal 3 - 0 Wigan - van Persie's first hat trick for the club to keep his fantastic run of form going. Bring on Barca!4. Four clean sheets in a row. The last time we kept five in a row during the same season was between December 05 and January 06. For the numerically dyslexic, that's five years.5. "I got ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Leeds, On Herbert Chapman's Birthday...

  1..We've got Cesc Fabregas, lets hope Mr Wenger plays him and other first choice players tonight 2..Its Herbert Chapman's birthday, his and our first trophy for The Arsenal was the FACUP 3..Grant Michael Irving "Because they had there fa cup glory knockin out man united and they're not doing it to us" 4..Szczesny will carry on goal, the more I see of him the better he gets 5..Ignasi Miquel, our Spanish reserve team captain might get his first game for us 6..We will have 12 men, ....

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This Weeks Highs And Lows...

We'd just like to say that highs and lows has been delayed because after the Leeds and Ipswich games, we literally couldn't find a positive. It will now permanently be moving to Sundays or Mondays, depending on how much beer is drunk on the Saturday ...Highs:1. West Ham 0 - 3 Arsenal - A marked improvement on our two previous games.2. Three premiership clean sheets in a row for the first time since February 2009. Nearly two years for those of you who can't count or have lost track of time like ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Ipswich...

  1..We've got cesc...ermm ok he wont play in this leg, but we do have EBOUE ! 2..Jake Gowan "before keane got sacked he nicked the studs out their boots and sold em for scrap" 3..Alun Gawin Rhydderch "paul jewell did a great job of taking derby backwards" 4..Pedro Gooner "Because Tractors Aren't Allowed On The Field Of Play" 5..Adrian Stone "Because Chelsea are Shit and they beat them 7-0 so Ipswich must be dreadful! No disrespect but Chelsea are aweful lately!" 6..Aaron Ramsey is ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Leeds..

    1..We\'ve got Cesc Fabregas, well we haven\'t this week, expect Wenger to rest him along with,Jack Wilshere, Robin van Persie, Samir Nasri and Laurent Koscielny 2..Josh Evans - Wenger has never lost to lower league opposition in the cup 3..Clough  - you can throw away all your medals they were won by cheating and he was right  4..Muhammad FaRez Fabregaz - cause we have got Szczesny 5..Calum Bergkamp Kimble - Eboue 6..Andrew Cherlin - Big Nick will actually realise ....

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The 10 Highs And Lows Of The Week...

1. Birmingham 0 - 3 Arsenal - Never in doubt.2. Djourou and Koscelny - They looked very comfortable at the back in both games this week and seem to be our best partnership at the back until Vermaelen comes back. 3. Roger Johnson but weren\'t we grateful he wasn\'t when he scored an own goal. 4. Our First back to back clean sheets since October.5. Samir Nasri - Must be a contender for footballer of the year making it all the more laughable that he was left out of the French World Cup ....

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2010 She Wore Poll Winners

  Many thanks to the 1000 plus people who voted in the poll\'s. If any of the winners wish to collect their prize (3 pints and a bag of ready salted) in a boozer on Holloway Road of your choice then please contact us, apart from Cole, who is more than welcome to come meet up at at Islington Boxing club for a few rounds.   Player of the year is - Nasri, runner up, Song Young player of the year - Wilshere Most improved player  - Nasri, runner up Wilshere Former player you ....

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The Highs And Lows Of Xmas Week

Highs:1. Arsenal 3 Chelsea 1 - We should've won by more and the result arguably says as much about Chelsea as it does about us. But a win's a win.2. Ashley Cole - Roasted... on the pitch for a change.3. Theo - Showed that he can be devastating in a very short space of time.4. Djourou - By far and away our most composed and competent centre back at the moment.5. Fabregas - His commitment had been questioned by some following the Man Utd result, but he played with drive and desire during the ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Stoke...

  1..We've got Cesc Fabregas, well we might have, we might not, depends how he has recovered from doing nothing for 20 mins in manchester this week 2..NA NA NA NA NA NA NAAAA Nasri, I do hope Wenger plays him down the middle, he is wasted on the flanks at times 3..Tony Gorman "They won't get one past Chesney" 4..Hoping Dj finally gets a start instead of of Koscielny 5..Daniel Brignull "We've chucked out the towels for cleaning the ball" 6..Marcus Reilly "we go in to the game in fine ....

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Highs And Lows This Week...

Highs - Wojciech Szczesny - Started with some nervous distribution on his first Premiership start. But starting with some basic saves which he executed well, making himself big to deny United when they really should have scored, his confidence grew as the game went on. All highlighted by Szesny's assertion after the match that his mind games caused Rooney to miss United's dubious penalty. Who's to say he's wrong?!The Defence-ish - Squillaci and Koscielny looked in control for most of the ....

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10 Highs And Lows This Week For The Arsenal

  Highs    1. Arsenal 2 – 1 Fulham - Far from convincing but a win's a win.    2. We are top of the league, say we are top of the league.    3. Na na na na na na na na, Samir Nasri.    4. Diomansy Kamara born offside – Thank god for the missing Inzaghi brother’s failure to really make us pay for our defensive woes.    5. Lukas Fabianski, a different man – A run of games ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Partizan

    1..Still not got Cesc Fabregas, but with Nasri in the form of his life he's not missed 2..Josh Evans "Because we always qualify for the Champions League knockout stages. Only to be embarrassed when we come up against someone decent" 3..Mark 'dreamer' Jacobs ‎"Cos it's all part of this season's quadruple" 4..Robgower "because everyone rejects the offer of unnecessary additional grated cheese....oh Par-Tizan" 5..MilesCrallan "We will beat Partizan! In the words of Alan ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Fulham

    1..We've got Cesc ermm ok we haven't another game he will miss due to both hamstrings now dodgy.. 2..Fsbianski will prove he is younger, fitter and a better keeper better than Schwarzer (well one out of three isn't bad) 3..Squillaci should be fit, and I'd rather he was joined by Djourou rather than the hapless Koscielny, whilst Vermaelen is out 4..Sami nananan Nasri should be fit after a knee injury 5..Song and young Jack should make up the midfield with Nasri 6..Dave ....

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10 Highs And Lows Of The Week For The Arsenal

Highs1. Aston Villa 2 Arsenal 4 - Bounced back after two defeats... with a few wobbles during the game. 2. Ipswich away in the carling cup, great draw for a few reasons 3. Arshavin Vs. Villa - Arguably the Russian's best performance of the season following ahem question marks over his fitness, supported by photographic evidence. Hopefully we'll see the same player we first signed, turning defences inside out. 4. Leeds at home in the Cup - It should at least provide a good atmosphere. 5. ....

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Arsenal's Black And Gold Merchandise-where Did They Get That Idea ?

  This article is from the website http://www.wherehasourarsenalgone.webeden.co.uk/# Updates can also be found on twitter @BlackScarfAFC   It's funny you know - when we first revealed our colour scheme and our crest, we came in for a lot of criticism. We had people on the Arsenal.com message board having a dig, people on other message boards making snide comments, and we had people sending us messages through this site with all manner of abuse. The general theme was "Black ....

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10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Wigan, If The Snow Doesn't Affect It

    1..We've got EBOUE, superman, broke his leg clean off last week and has already grown a new one back 2..Daniel Brignul "Because after years of calling it the micky mouse cup we have become desperate that any trophy will do now" 3..Marc Brosowski "Cause wenger will be playing it on Tokyo time so November is gone for another year" 4..James Griffiths "cos bentners gonner av the grace of a ballet dancer, the touch of an angel,the skill of pele,the accuracy of phil taylor and ....

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10 Reasons Why We Might/could/should/may Beat Villa...

    1..We've got Cesc Fabregas, well we haven't he is carrying on his stop start season, anyone surprised ? 2..Alumina is fit again...fingers crossed he spends the game sitting on the bench 3..RVP and the little fat Russian are back after being 'rested' midweek 4..Super Bob Pires, after spending months training at ours is likely to be in the Villa squad, so he can tell Villa about our master-plans at defending set pieces  5..We are The Arsenal, we cant lose 3 in a week can ....

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10 Highs And 10 Lows Of The Week

Highs 1. Ramsey's return - Definitely the highlight of the week. Good luck at Forrest 2. Nasri and Chamakh are still scoring.3. In spite of an horrific week, we're only two points off the top of theleague and we can still top our Champions League table.4. Gibbs coming through 90 minutes of first team football without an injury- Hopefully some sustained competition for the ever unreliable Clichy.5. Cesc's hamstring injury - we seem to perform better as a team withouthim this season.6. ....

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Wenger, Ivan , The Board Of Directors, You Have Lost The Plot Now

    OK, its been a while since I have written anything other than my normal "10 reasons why.." this is due to the time I have had to do any decent writing and the fact personally I'd rather read quick bullet points and try and see the lighter more pisstaking side of The Arsenal than read paragraphs of rubbish like other blogs/websites. But this morning ! am just going to let my fingers do some damage to my already battered from last nights keyboard. Those that have the misfortune ....

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10 Reasons Why We Lost Tonight...

1..Wenger 2..Wenger 3..Wenger 4..Wenger 5..The Ref 6..Wenger 7..Wenger 8..Wenger 9..Wenger 10..Wenger   Words fail me...sadly all the doom and gloom about us not buying in the summer (again) has come true                                           ....

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