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Ciprian Marica - Arsenal Being Used?

Earlier in July, Arsenal were linked heavily with Brazilian winger Bernard. From day one, the deal sounded fishy. Arsene Wenger came straight out and denied interest. And many journalists with an ear to the club confirmed there was no interest in the playmaker. It seems the source of the leak of our \'interest\' came from the Bernard camp themselves. Clearly in an attempt to get their client in the news, and develop a move elsewhere, they saw Arsenal as the easiest target. After All, with our ....

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Why I Love The Arsenal

. . . . . . . I Love The Arsenal, there\'s something about it, i cant describe it i cant explain to the friends i have who don’t feel the same way. Its not like a relationship, its something that you will never find again in your whole life something that is there till death do you part.   It all started for me on a cold Wednesday night in October (I think) my first ever game, at home to Chester City in the Rumbelows cup we won the game 5-1 with Merse scoring a lovely chip at ....

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What Are Arsenal\'s Options After Suarez?

With reports coming out of Liverpool that they will not let Luis Suarez leave, it seems the Arsenal are left with 2 options. The first is to make Suarez kick up such a fuss and start legal proceedings against Liverpool. The second will be to drop our interest in Luis Suarez and seek a Plan B. However, the unusual way we have conducted our transfer proceedings this summer mean that our Plan B has already joined a new club. As has our Plan C. Usually in transfer proceedings, a club will ....

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Shewore Investigates: Bias In English Football

Tonight in the London Evening Standard, BT Sport announced their upcoming team of presenters and experts with a double front page advertisement. Taking over the Premier League coverage from ESPN, who performed poorly last year, I was very interested to see who they had selected as their expert pundits. When I mention ESPN performing poorly, this was more due to game selection rather than their ability to provide sporting entertainment through the TV. An over obsession with Manchester United, ....

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Leyton Orient V Arsenal - An Unexceptional Performance

Being one of the 860 who made the journey to Leyton this evening makes me feel either privileged or dirty (the area is in need of a good scrub). An Arsenal XI is always an interesting game. You usually get a mixture of talented youth team players, recent young signings and the odd first teamer getting a run out. Unfortunately, this game was no more than a glorified under 21 friendly. A line up who\'s greatest first team experience, and captain, was Nico Yennaris meant that it was always going ....

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Arsene Wenger - A Rich Kid In A Sweet Shop

Firstly it was Stevan Jovetic. The deal was apparently done. We had the money to buy him. He wanted to come. It was only a case of dotting the i\'s and crossing the t\'s. A player who we spent nearly a year scouting. Judging his ability. Was about to become ours for £23 million. Then Wenger heard that Gonzalo Higuain became available. A name higher on his \'list\' of wanted strikers. A few million more, but a better player. without thinking, Wenger dropped Jovetic without thinking to ....

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The Enigma That Is Ivan Gazidis

As I write this, I look out of the window and see a lovely summers day, A quick walk around the office brings me to a vantage point upon which on a clear day you can see the Emirates Stadium, a place you’d hope given the comments of the Clubs Chief Executive Officer would be a hive of activity, a revolving door of players who are deemed surplus to requirements and players who are the much anticipated “Marquee” signings, experienced players that know how to win games. Then ....

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A Bsm View Of Our Meeting With The Premier League Over Ticket Prices

    . . . . . . . On Wednesday this week, Liverpool’s Spirit of Shankly fan union scheduled a march on the Premier League’s headquarters in protest at high ticket pricing. They invited other club unions to join them and the Black Scarf Movement keenly obliged, to fly the flag for Arsenal. The night before the march, SOS asked me to represent the BSM in a meeting with the Premier League and their chairman Richard Scudamore. In total 5 of us were invited to the ....

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Higuain, Jovetic, Rooney, Cesc, Fellaini, Pogba, Williams, Cesar

The transfer window does not open for another 22 days, yet it seems we are well and truly into silly season, where papers fill their column inches with made up stories for sales, radio stations spend hours dedicating time discussing fictitious transfers, and tweeters tweeting that a player COULD be joining Arsenal, although they also COULD NOT, just to get followers. Over the years, a hardened fan will learn not to get drawn into said speculation. \"Wait until someone signs\" many people say ....

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Niall Quinn - Next Arsenal Chairman

With increased speculation that Peter Hill-Wood is due to step down as Arsenal chairman, ending his 31 year association with the club, and the Hill-Wood\'s family 84 year old association with the club, there will be a lot of speculation about who will become next Arsenal chairman. Whilst other clubs could change chairman or CEO without a mention in the media, it seems Arsenal\'s popularity within the media, mainly driven by Arsenal having the greatest number, and best fans blogs in football, ....

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Arsene Wenger: \"no More Excuses\"

Eight years without a trophy, and with a reported £70-£100 million to spend, there will be no more excuses for Arsene Wenger if we fail to succeed in the 2013/14 season. Anyone who has followed me on Twitter, Facebook or any other form of social media or Arsenal forum over the last few years will know I am a Wenger loyalist. I have backed him, even through the darkest days. The main reason for this is a trust in what he was doing, and understood the constraints against ....

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The Players Who Could Leave The Arsenal This Summer

. . . . . . . Looking at the players who are out of contract in 2013 & 2014 i have composed a list of players that can all be sold this transfer window . The players who contracts end in 2013 can all leave for free. Szcesny 50k 2014 Fabianski 50k 2013 Mannone 20k 2014 Squillachi 50k 2013 Sagna 60k 2014 Diaby 50k 2014 Rosicky 80k 2014 Arshavin 75k 2013 Chamack 60k 2014 Frimmpong 20k 2013 Bentdner 50k 2014 Denilson 50k 2014   The wages are as near to the mark as ....

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Manchester United - Just How Far Behind Are Arsenal?

Manchester United are Premier League Champions 2012/13. Arsenal are 21 points behind. At no point have we been in the title race. But how far are we actually behind the English Champions? By the end of November, Manchester United were already 12 points ahead of Arsenal. Just 14 games had been played. A month later, this gap had been extended to 16 points. Manchester United had got 16 of the 21 point lead they have on us within the first half of the season. So over the season, whilst ....

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The Arsenal New Ticket Exchange Policy, Only Good For Touts And £££

. . . . . .  The club today announced a new way of lending friends and family your season ticket (see arsenal.com for details)…there is a few problems with this new system…   1) The new system works off printable coupons, not all match going fans have a printer, some don’t even have internet access (odd but true) 2) There is a charge for using this service..Kerrrchinngggg 3)  Touts no longer have to deal with cards they have to get back from people ....

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Aaron Ramsey - The General

Before the start of this season, Aaron Ramsey was on the verge of joining the likes of Gervinho, Senderos, Eboue (in his later years) and Bendtner as a player who makes us groan when we hear his name called out. Aaron Ramsey\'s natural ability has never been in doubt. The natural talent that made him Cardiff City\'s youngest ever player at just 16 years and 124 days. The natural talent that saw him move to Arsenal for £4.8 million whilst still 17. the natural talent that saw him make ....

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We Donít Want To Copy The Germanís Ö.or Do We?

  . . . . . It must be great to be a Borussia Dortmund or Bayern Munich supporter right now. Tickets are cheap; you can drink beer on a noisy and partisan terrace, you have 51% ownership of your club and your team has just battered a spoilt Spanish giant to get to the Champions League Final. A few years ago I took part in a BBC radio discussion about rip-off ticket prices in English football. One of my main point raisers was the gap between what we now pay in England compared to ....

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Koscielny, Podolski & More

Recent speculation has been linking both Laurent Koscielny and Lukas Podolski with a move away from The Arsenal. Most recently, Koscielny has been linked with a move to Pep Guardiola\'s Bayern Munich, with Guardiola reportedly being a fan of the Frenchman since his Barcelone day\'s. Lukas Podolski has been linked here there and everywhere, with Juventus and Galatasaray reportedly leading the race. A fee of around £15 million has been mooted, with most recent reports going as far as ....

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Theres No Easy Fixture In The Premier League

Before kick off in the Norwich game, the talk on the terraces was not about the game ahead, but about the next 3 games. With Arsenal playing three matches before Tottenham played next, talk was about how we would be 7 points ahead of them when it comes to their fixture at home to Manchester City. When will people learn, football is not this easy. If everyone was supposed to beat those they were supposed to beat. Lose to those they were supposed to lose to. Football would be a very boring ....

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Arsene Making Space For Cesc, Jovetic, Gotze?

Arsene Wenger has started to prepare for next season by changing his line up in the last couple of games. This change is clearly in preparation for a new attacking midfielder to join our ranks. Most likely either Cesc Fabregas, Stevan Jovetic or Mario Gotze. Since the home defeat to Bayern Munich, there has been a personnel change which has left many scratching their head and questioning Arsene Wenger. The dropping of Lukas Podolski to the bench, to be replaced by Santi Cazorla on the ....

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Uefa: Suppressing Free Speech? Dictators?

Unless you have been in a hole in the last 48 hours. Manchester United got knocked out to Real Madrid after a contentious decision involving Nani nearly taking off Arbeloa\'s head. A vile attack which, according to many, could\'ve killed the ex-Liverpool striker.Sir Alex Ferguson was so distraught that after the final whistle he was unable to bring himself to do the UEFA obligated post-match interview. whether he was busy talking to his players, ensuring their heads do not drop for this ....

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10 Summer Targets To Make Us Champions (part 2)

Yesterday, we introduced the first 5 players on the list of “10 Summer Targets To Make Us Champions.” Edinson Cavani, Stevan Jovetic, Stephan El Shaarawy, Victor Wanyama & Étienne Capoue were the first 5 names on the list. Some said they were ungettable. the point was everyone is gettable. Some said we were playing football manager, we could not afford them. We can. Some said they were obvious names. The second 5 are not so obvious (click here for the first 5)...Ignacio ....

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10 Summer Targets To Make Us Champions

With a reported £70 million available to Arsene Wenger in the summer transfer window, we at SheWore have come up with a 10 man list of players who need to be targetted to make us Champions again. All are realistically gettable, available, and must be signed to put us in a position to win the league again.Edinson CavaniIn January, when it was rumoured that we had bid £30 million for a player, Edinson Cavani was top of most peoples lists. With in Naples more dangerous than Liverpool, ....

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Is It Season Over For The Arsenal ?

    . . . . . .   I gave myself 24 hours to calm down before writing this piece, mainly to make sure I didn\'t jump on the bandwagon and slag off all and sundry in temper. Monday 4th March and we are pretty much done for the season already. It is about as depressing as it gets when your season starts with the usual optimism. I guess its relative depending on what team you support? If you support Wigan and on the last day of the season you snatch a draw that confirms you ....

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Spurs: Forever In Our Shadow

Over the years, many have been quick to claim that the power was shifting up the Seven Sisters Road. That North London (or Middlesex as the area which there ground sits was known as up until the Local government Act 1963) was white.In 2009, Robbie Keane said that Spurs were ready to overtake Arsenal. \"If you look at the squad, the bench that we have, I think that our bench is probably a little bit stronger than their bench.\"In 2013 Gareth Bale has stated \"I think we have the stronger ....

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Wengerís Economic Degree Vs My Gcse Grade G In Maths

  . . . . . . . The vast majority of the world’s most successful football managers have one thing in common which is that most of them do not have, or require, a degree in economics. Wenger’s celebrated economics degree is a distinction which is a major part of his ‘kudos’ and one that many fans seem overawed by. On various occasions I’ve heard admires of his attempt to use his education in finance as a tool to prove his greatness and cut down any ....

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