By Daniel landau
Monday 05 Aug 2013 19:49:00
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I Love The Arsenal, there's something about it, i cant describe it i cant explain to the friends i have who don’t feel the same way. Its not like a relationship, its something that you will never find again in your whole life something that is there till death do you part.  

It all started for me on a cold Wednesday night in October (I think) my first ever game, at home to Chester City in the Rumbelows cup we won the game 5-1 with Merse scoring a lovely chip at the clock end, from then on I was hooked, due to my heavy weed smoking I don’t remember much else from that day apart from eating loads of crisps and popcorn.  My dad started to take me more and more. These where the days where you would pay the guy at the turnstile a fiver and my dad would lift me over the barriers (could you imagine that happening today) That all stopped when he got a hernia from lifting me over to much.

So unfortunately for him it meant him having to buy me tickets for the 91 season, I cant recall  and I don’t even want to recall how much it cost back then probably the price of a hot dog and beer from the bowl. So in reality its my old mans fault he got me hooked. I was always brought up to learn 2 things. 1 Love The Arsenal, 2 Hate spurz.

My hatred of that lot down the road started in 1991, I went to the semi final, we wont mention what happened that day but my only real memory was crying my eyes out while trying to eat a sandwich at 2-0 down. 

That season ended  brilliantly with us winning the league beating the mancs 3-1 with Alan Smith scoring a hat trick. Sat west upper front row with my mate Jamie who I still sit with today. I used to love sitting there as we would either spit or throw our drinks down at the fans sitting below (as you do). As I got older it started to mean more and more to me. I then got my first Arsenal hero, Ian Wright. Remember the day we signed him and remember him scoring against Leicester in the league cup then a hat trick against Southampton.  For me I loved Wrighty just coz he seemed to love The Arsenal so much, today we have players who leave for a few extra quid back then players wanted to play for us not because of the money but because we were The Arsenal just saying that makes me proud. Wrighy was always my favorite player, that was until we signed Dennis. I actually remember crying my little eyes out when they where talking about Bruce Rioch selling him.  

As a kid I was very spoilt with the players that I grew up with, up until 2003 all I had ever known was Seaman, Dixon, Bould/Keown, Adams and Winterburn. For me two of those players still remain my favorite ever Arsenal players. Tony Adams, the man is Arsenal just thinking bout that goal against Everton give me a hard on. What a player what an ambassador  for the club, ye he was a bit of a loony but he was our loony, fans of today who missed him will never know what im on about but fuck me I’d do anything to have a 26 year old Tony Adams ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh. The second Martin Keown what a fucking legend, he just epitomized everything about The Arsenal, that warrior spirit, two incidents some him up, 1 the Van Nisterooy incident, watching that back now turns me on im not afraid to admit it, the passion the fight GOD I FUCKING LOOOOOOOOOVE IT and how we miss that now, the second was him playing against Southampton with so many pain killers he couldn’t feel his legs, once again I’d do anything for him to be back at the club in some capacity.  There are so many players I could mention but Id be here all day but needless to say the crop I grew up with may not of been technically gifted but they had fight they had bollocks they knew what it meant to play for The Arsenal.

As a youngster I got to see some amazing things, 93 league cup final where TA dropped Steve Morrow and broke his arm, Andy Linighans last minute winner in the replay, will always remember coming out of wembley singing Georgie Grahams magic he wears a magic hat, Alan Smiths winner against Parma ( all though I wasn’t there im still counting it) Winning 2 doubles winning the league at old trafford and the shit hole and countless other trophies. Now for most that would be enough, I would imagine the casual fan loves every single moment and lives of it for ever. Not for me, when we win even if its against the scum im buzzing for a day or two and then back to normal, but a defeat well depends on who its against any defeat against the scum all be it in my 27 years I count about 9 times if that, takes it toll on me, I cant eat I cant sleep I want to crawl into a deep hole and sit there till everyone forgets about it. My worst is Chelsea champions league 2004, for as long as im on this planet I don’t think I will have anything that will depress me as much as that (not including people dying) I was still depressed going into the Liverpool game but luckily Thierry and co cheered me up.

Since the rise of twitter you have thousands of people trying to outdo one another as to who is the best Arsenal fan, what makes a good ‘fan’ well I know that inside the minds of most of these mongs being a good fan is buying all merchandise, programmes, wearing a kit with a name and number on the back *please note that if your over the age of 18 wearing a shirt with a name and number on the back is not cool and very sad* supporting the manager players etc etc.

For me what makes a good fan, nothing at all we are all fans however you look at it, the simple truth is it doesn’t matter if you’re a good fan by buying kits and all the other bollocks they send our way, its how you feel inside, I know a very wide range of Gooners, some who ‘support’ Arsenal the ones who go out on a Saturday with there bird shopping  who check the scores on there phones to the ones who go week in week out, and the others who have been there for years but have been driven out by the greed of the clubs who went when football wasn’t so fashionable, and those are the ones I want to sit next to, those are the ones I want to talk about my Arsenal the ones who have been there done that got the t-shirt, for me The Arsenal is more then a club  it’s a way of life. 

Football has changed so much over the years some will say for the better some will say for the worst. For me it doesn’t matter what happens I will always love The Arsenal, if you don’t like football and you are reading this you will probably think I’m mad but unless you are involved you cant describe it, its just there 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year im FUCKING ARSENAL.  It’s a tribal thing I mean come on where else in the world would you have 60,000 going mental because someone stuck the ball in a square thing with a net, turning round hugging complete and utter strangers. You don’t!  



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05 Aug 2013 21:32
This gave me goosebumps, you summed it up brilliantly. I've just started to remember all those amazing moments i've experienced as a fan!
Weston Hughes
05 Aug 2013 21:02
Absolutely brilliant, opening paragraph I will take to the grave!
05 Aug 2013 20:56
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