Arsene Wenger - A Rich Kid in a Sweet Shop
By KeenosAFC
Saturday 27 Jul 2013 13:53:00
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Firstly it was Stevan Jovetic. The deal was apparently done. We had the money to buy him. He wanted to come. It was only a case of dotting the i's and crossing the t's. A player who we spent nearly a year scouting. Judging his ability. Was about to become ours for £23 million.

Then Wenger heard that Gonzalo Higuain became available. A name higher on his 'list' of wanted strikers. A few million more, but a better player. without thinking, Wenger dropped Jovetic without thinking to pursue Higuain. The deal went cold, and Stevan Jovetic ended up joining Manchester City for the same price we had previously agreed.

Now the deal for Higuain was close. How close he was we will never know. Over excited twitters. Hit hungry bloggers. And journalists with column inches to fill. All of these added weight to the story. With everyone reprinting each other stories, retweeting each other's tweets and reblogging each others blogs made the story even more true. And we were definitely interested in him. The comments from Higuain and his family confirm this, even if Arsenal and Arsene remained silent. Then Luis Suarez became available.

Like jovetic to Higuain, Suarez was higher up on the list then Higuain. And history repeated itself. Wenger went cold on Higuain. Leaving Napoli to sign him up, whilst interest in Suarez grew.

Whilst it is agreeable that Jovetic is inferior to Higuain, who himself is inferior to Suarez, you have to think should we of just clinched one deal, and then if another comes off, we have a deep squad. Signing someone like Jovetic would have given us a bit of mournavability. With his ability to play up top or behind the striker, he would of been a good option to get in early. If we get the better option (Higuain then Suarez) then he drops deeper with Cazorla moving outwide. We fail with the better option, Jovetic go’s up top with Cazorla in behind. But we could not make a decision, and have paid.

And now we come to Wayne Rooney. Where he fits in with Suarez is unknown. Is he above Suarez or below? It is not clear. But what if he really truly comes on the market. Do we then go cold on Suarez, let him go to Real Madrid, and then battle for Rooney. Making the Suarez the third striker we have been close to signing this summer, without yet signing one?

It seems the problem is Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have all this money to spend. The problem is they are undecided on who to spend on. And every time they do finally decide, another option appears that seems more favourable, leaving us to drop the previous option and start all over again.

Has Arsene Wenger become like a rich kid in a sweet shop? Taking so long to decide what he wants that all the 'poorer' kids come in, buy all the sweets up, leaving Wenger with a cheap Chomp.

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4 Responses to "Arsene Wenger - A Rich Kid in a Sweet Shop"
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West Coast
28 Jul 2013 10:49
No one seems to get it. Media or not, Wenger has again played everyone, with the supporters of this club left with the most frustrating summer of all because of the boasts of the huge reserves available to Wenger from the Board, and his little doggie Gazidis. He has never had any intention of sending above his own egotistical evaluations for prospective players. He plays the game masterfully. Place bids for anyone well below market ale, then wait until another team comes in, places a higher bid, and you lose the player to a rival club........again! But you publicly state that the evaluation was simply too high, and you move on with more ridiculous remarks echoing previous transfer window statements about just how difficult the market has now become. Well Arsene, if you want clavier, but are looking in a fish and chips shop, then you probably won't be successful. But this was your intention all along anyway, wasn't it.
27 Jul 2013 15:41
This is really a ridiculous position to be in. Looks like we are heading for NO signings due to the dithering of Arsenal's manager and negotiators. How many times have we been through all of this? Groundhog day yet again, and with all of the excuses and cash in the kitty it's appalling. I have always supported Wenger but now I am having serious doubts. His behavior and actions are becoming untenable. Sorry but lip service means zip these days. Put up or shut up.
27 Jul 2013 15:17
If you believe the press, you might as well believe a French journalist who said about a month ago that Higuain was 3rd on Wenger's striker wish list. Rooney was believed to be higher on the list and he had no idea who the other one was but presumably it is Suarez. This guy's word against another journalist's word. What you want to believe is up to you. Shame though to let your summer be ruined by baseless rumours in the media and slagging off the club.
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