Higuain, Jovetic, Rooney, Cesc, Fellaini, Pogba, Williams, Cesar
By KeenosAFC
Saturday 08 Jun 2013 11:28:00
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The transfer window does not open for another 22 days, yet it seems we are well and truly into silly season, where papers fill their column inches with made up stories for sales, radio stations spend hours dedicating time discussing fictitious transfers, and tweeters tweeting that a player COULD be joining Arsenal, although they also COULD NOT, just to get followers.

Over the years, a hardened fan will learn not to get drawn into said speculation. "Wait until someone signs" many people say (or tweet, these days). Yet despite this knowledge, people (including those who said to 'wait') can not get drawn into discussing the merits of said player.

"Where will they fit in?"

"Is he good enough?"

"He is too expensive"

"Someone else is better"

"He looks good on youtube"

"I do not want him"

"What will that mean for Ramsey?"

"If he signs, I will not cheers his name"


With the boredom of no football, fans (which we all know is short for fanatics) have nothing else to talk about. Not brilliant victory. No brave defeat. No Mike Riley conspiracy. It leaves fans with just transfer speculation to speak about.

Once the transfer window opens, we will restart our 'A to Z of Transfer Speculation.' Last summer, we were linked with 141 players. We signed 4. So why do people believe every article? Every newsclip? Every In The Know (ITK) tweeter? It is a mystery that will never be solved.

Without the transfer window yet open, we have already been linked with many stellar names. The cynics around will point to how this speculation increased as season tickets were due to be renewed. But no matter the conspiracy theories, we are always linked to over 100 players every summer, of which we sign a fraction.

Already we have been linked with talented strikers such as Gonzalo Higuain, Stevan Jovetic and Wayne Rooney. Some have even reported that we had, at one point, already agreed deals for the first two.  Yet still this remains no more than speculation.

Moving back to the middle of the park, it has been reported that Cesc Fabregas is 'coming home' - although having been born in Arents de Mar, Catalonia, I would rather guess that Barcelona, Catalonia is more 'home' then Islington, London. This week we have also (reportedly) activated the minimum release clause for Marouane Fellaini, whilst stepping up our interest in both Etienne Capoue & Maxime Gonalons. not to mention the £18 million we have offered for Juventus; Paul Pogba last year. Plus I understand Yann M'Vila is now on his 136th medical in the last 12 months. With all this going on, it makes me think two things. Can Arsene Wenger handle all of this? Or will he have to do a Prince Phillip and take a step back at one point? And all these midfielders on the verge of signing, what would it mean for Aaron Ramsey, The General?

And let us not forget, it has already been reported that we have signed Julio Cesar, Ashley Williams, Aleksandar Mitrovic and Yaya Sanogo - which even that well respected source Wikipedia says "he signed a pre-contract agreement to go on a free transfer to Arsenal in a 5 year contract beginning the 2013-2014 season."

Mitrovic and Sanogo. Typical of Arsenal hey? Linked with Higuain, Jovetic and Rooney, but end up with the 'Belgrade Bendtner' and a 20 year old Frenchman who has played 22 games in 4 years. Why are we not spending, we all demand? Well the transfer window is not yet open.

Fans demanding the club already to "spend some fucking money" is a bit like standing outside restaurant demanding your fillet steak and duck fat chips, before that restaurant is open.

But we are not the only ones with heaps of transfer speculation. Take Chelsea for example. Already have Fernando Torres and Demba Ba. They are on the verge of signing Edinson Cavani from Napoli, are in pole position to get Jovetic, and are interested in Wayne Rooney. Does Jose Mourinho plan to line up 235 next season? I think not. And over at Juventus it is even worse.

Juventus won Serie A by 9 points last season. They already have Mirko Vucinic, Alessandro Matri and Fabio Quagliarella. Add Fernando Llorente, who has agreed to join on a free transfer from Athletic Bilbao, you would think they were set for strikers. But no. This week they have 'signed' Tevez for £11m, are in pole position for Jovetic (Maybe a co-ownership with Chelsea & Arsenal? 3 months of the season at each) and are in line to sign Gonzalo Higuain. It is good to know it is not just the English press that makes up stories.

The transfer window has not yet open. Yes, you can agree deals for players, like Manchester City has done with Jesus Navas (last season's stats: 43 games played, 1 goal; transfer £20m - how much does this make Walcott; 43 games, 21 goals, worth?) and Rio Ferdinand's Brazilian cousin Fernandinho. But getting them early means they have overpaid for fairly average players. Bit like when Manchester United agreed deals early with Nani and Anderson for £30m combined.

With all this speculation floating about it, is hard not to discuss it. But as long as you just discuss it, that is harmless. If you start dreaming about how we could line up once we sign the half dozen players we are linked with, you will end up in a dangerous situation where you will only end up disappointed.

The old adage of 'do not believe the speculation until the player holds the shirt' is true, and should be adhered too. But even then, that does not mean he will play. in 2004, Manchester United went as far as arranging a press conference to announce the signing of Arjen Robben. Only for Chelsea to offer twice as much. In the summer of 2000, Manchester United had arranged a press conference to announce the £18.5 million transfer of Ruud Van Nistelrooy. They instead used the press conference to announce that the transfer was not yet quite complete. Days later he suffered ruptured cruciate knee ligaments and the deal was off - only to be completed a year later.

In 2002, Darlington announced the signing of Faustino Asprilla. The work permit was obtained, a 2 year contract agreed, and Asprilla was paraded in front of Darlington fans during a match against Carlisle, only for 3 days after that match for Asprilla to fly to the Middle East to join an unknown Middle Eastern club.

And who will ever forget David Unsworth signing for Aston Villa in 1998, only to join Everton 2 weeks later due to his family not settling in Birmingham,

Arsenal had a similar story last year. Nuri Sahin had passed a medical. The loan fee with Real Madrid was agreed. The wages percentage was agreed. Sahin had trained with Arsenal. He had even had the publicity pictures taken of him 'holding the shirt.' Yet the deal did not happen.

So even if a player is signed. Even if he is pictured holding the shirt. It is still not 100% done. Maybe we should now wait to see who runs out at the Emirates on the first game after August 31st before we discuss how successful our summer transfer have been? But that would be boring.

My advice. Turn off your radio. Sign out of twitter. Go on holiday. Take a break from football. And away from the silly season. At least until the transfer window actually opens.

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7 Responses to "Higuain, Jovetic, Rooney, Cesc, Fellaini, Pogba, Williams, Cesar"
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07 Jul 2013 7:02
Now it seems how empty those talks were since it is likely that we will end up with the "lesser knowns" like Grenier,Ganolans and Sanogo(who we have signed already). It looks like we are going for 4th place finish yet again.
22 Jun 2013 21:33
22 Jun 2013 9:14
Sometimes it's better to just stop listening to experts. The bigger the story, the bigger the paper sales, the more money the journo gets. No story, no pay. Get the picture. That's why 99% of what's in the papers is a made up story, written to grab everyone's attention about the perceived truth. That's why everyone thinks our defence is poor when its actually better than Chelsea's, Spurs and Man Utds. Wait until Arsenal tell you something, then it's true. TRUST ARSENE.
08 Jun 2013 17:39
WELL SAID!! I also wanna say all these superstar signing 'STORIES' just give ammo to the Wenger out idiots!! e.g mata! if you believed the media then he was already an Arsenal player! and then the chelski cheats offered double or whatever in wages and signed a very good mercenary and then our own fans turn on Wenger saying it was his fault we didnt sign mata!! ...not once did i hear anyone WORKING for Arsenal or Mr Wenger himself come out and say we have offered a contract to mata! so why do half the fans go on to believe it when people (think that might be an insult to the human race!) like piers morgan or stewart robson or silly bbc/sky anti-arsenal pundits say it to be true?? There is no evidence we even bid for him, let alone offered a contract! Will be the same this year with jovetic/higuin...we most likely wont get them and all it was, was some slight interest as no doubt those players are very good and if available i think every top club is asking questions, scouting and interested in them! and when we fail to sign them half our fans and 100% of the media will say how it is all Wengers fault!! he should be sacked!! arsenal cant sign top talent anymore!! which is deluded and pathetic and very narrow-minded on those who think that!! Wenger has said we have agreed to sign Sanogo so im confident we have him! and you obviously dont know much about him as he will be awesome!! and you will be creaming it over him in the next couple of years!!
08 Jun 2013 15:01
Wow, someone has said it exactly like it is: empty speculations will add nothing but stress and more stress. I agree 100% with this article.
08 Jun 2013 12:48
Will follow your advice there mate. But just curious with the level of details you have about our current transfer saga. Been following the news as well mate?
08 Jun 2013 12:27
Higuain. Cesc. Cesar. Sanogo. We sign them, I am happy.
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