Arsene Wenger: "No More Excuses"
By Keenos
Tuesday 21 May 2013 19:22:00
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Eight years without a trophy, and with a reported £70-£100 million to spend, there will be no more excuses for Arsene Wenger if we fail to succeed in the 2013/14 season.

Anyone who has followed me on Twitter, Facebook or any other form of social media or Arsenal forum over the last few years will know I am a Wenger loyalist. I have backed him, even through the darkest days. The main reason for this is a trust in what he was doing, and understood the constraints against him.

Up against the financial muscle of both Chelsea and Manchester City, who over the 8 years have spent £100’s of millions more on both transfer fee's and wages, success was always going to be hard to come by. Over recent years, we have had the 4th or 5th highest wage bill in the Premier League (swapping places with Liverpool year on year). That meant that our top 4 finishes were par. Over the last 8 years in the Premier League, we have not underachieved, we have finished exactly where we needed too. However, with the previous said millions now available, there are no longer any excuses for Wenger to fall back on.

Back in the early days of the 'Billionaire Era' Wenger continually fell back on the excuse that our squad was 'young and inexperienced' and that once they age and get that experience, they will be a force to be reckoned with. And he was very close. The success of Samir Nasri, Robin Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas and Alex Song away from the club indicates that had we kept the squad together, we might of won the league. We did not.

Going into next season, the team is not young and inexperienced. Based on the current squad, the average age is 27 years old. The perfect age. With players in their peak, fitness and experience wise. With the squad no longer young and inexperienced, Wenger will not be able to use this as an excuse. This squad is ready.

Before the beginning of the 2012/13 season, we lost Robin Van Persie and Alex Song. Before the 2011/12 season, we lost Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas. Both summer transfer windows dramatically affected our squad. Any pre-season planning out the window, leaving us with lack of quality and contributed to slow starts to the season.

We are unlikely to see this again. We might lose Thomas Vermaelen, Gervinho and Bacary Sagna from our 1st team squad, but the key players in the squad (Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, Santi Cazorla & Per Mertesacker) will remain. The players we lose will be expendable. Replaceable. And the players likely to be replacing them will be top level players, making the squad stronger. Wenger loses the excuse of having to reinvent the squad. Having to bed in new players into our first team. Keeping the squad together means the new signings can be gelled at a slower rate. It means we expect a faster start. It means Wenger can not blame  losing players on our poor early season form.

Finally, and most importantly, Wenger can no longer blame our lack of success on other sides financial clout. One of the key reason we have not won the league in the last 8 years is due to spending less on transfer fees and wages than our competitors, whoever the financial structure of Arsenal is now changing.

The new deal with Puma is the most lucrative kit deal in English football. The previous deal with Nike was worth £7.8 million a season. The new deal with Puma is worth £30 million a season. A difference of £22.2 million more.

We have also signed a new deal with Emirates, worth £150 million over 5 years. This works out at £30 million a year, up from the £5.5 million agreed in 2004. A difference of £24.5 million.

So without including the new TV deal (as this will increase every clubs income), which will give every club an extra £14 million a year, Arsenal will generate £46.7 million a year more than we did a year ago.

This will enable us to become more competitive in the transfer market, as well as bridge the gap in wages between us and the top 3 (in 2012 we paid £19 million less the Manchester United; £30 million less than Chelsea; £59 million less the Manchester City).

The effect Financial Fair Play is going to have on both Chelsea and Manchester City will bring us closer to them financially. The new deals will now allow us to compete with Manchester United. We will now be able to pay the £200k per week wages to the 2/3 players that is required to build a title winning squad.

Wenger no longer has an excuse not to spend. The money is there. Once the money is spent, wenger can no longer point to how much less we spend as a reason for the lack of success. We are now in a position that we can spend big, whilst keeping out self-sustainability model. No need for Usmanov's billions, as we have enough of our own.

This year might be Arsene Wenger's last at Arsenal. He is 64 in October and his contract runs out at the end of next season. He is likely to sign a new contract. And with his excuses for lack of success now eradicated, another season of failure might lead him to not actually getting offered a new contract.

Arsene Wenger, your excuses have gone. 2013/14 is the season to put up or get out.

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4 Responses to "Arsene Wenger: "No More Excuses""
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07 Jul 2013 7:04
The teams that wanted to challenge for trophies have already bought the best in the markets.... we are not one of them sadly.
21 May 2013 23:05
You start off saying you 'understood the constraints against him', then completely contradict that statement by stating what you see as his excuses for the situation. Spin it as you wish, but are you an excuse for a writer, an excuse for a Arsenal supporter or both?.
21 May 2013 22:18
You're title is saying that 'no more excuses' is a wenger comment, gee's!!! C'mon!!
21 May 2013 19:51
There will still be 3 financial juggernauts that we have to go up against that can and will outspend us. We should be able to buy, better, more expensive players but make no mistake that MANU, $hitty & Chel$ki will be dropping wads of ca$h at the best players in the world this Summer in an aim to improve their squad and win things. We've just leveled the playing field somewhat. Arsenal will be more competitive and if we win something it's be wonderful but don't think for one moment that just because we now have MORE $$$ available that we will necessarily win something. Arsene's managerial genius will still be tested to the limit but I do expect us to do better than we have in the recent past. We should at least be able to mount a sustainable challenge for the league.
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