The players who could leave The Arsenal this summer
By Glen
Saturday 11 May 2013 07:01:00
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Looking at the players who are out of contract in 2013 & 2014 i have composed a list of players that can all be sold this transfer window . The players who contracts end in 2013 can all leave for free. 

Szcesny 50k 2014

Fabianski 50k 2013

Mannone 20k 2014

Squillachi 50k 2013

Sagna 60k 2014

Diaby 50k 2014

Rosicky 80k 2014

Arshavin 75k 2013

Chamack 60k 2014

Frimmpong 20k 2013

Bentdner 50k 2014

Denilson 50k 2014


The wages are as near to the mark as possible . Allowing the players all to leave for free would be a joke . The wages combined on these players cost us just shy of 30m per year 

To sell these players we could recapture around 45/50m thats not including letting 3 players go on a free this season. 

Wenger already has a war chest of supposedly £100+ million i fully expect a mass clear out and HOPE for it. To allow these players to leave for free will be bad business. 

Next season has to be the one that changes the future of Arsenal. For me he needs to buy top players about 4/5 then add squad players to that. 

I personally don't trust Wenger to be this brave but will endeavour to show my support and hope that next season we end the trophy drought and become a sort after club .

Anyway lets get hold of the points we need to end the season above the scummy neighbours. Roll on Tuesday and our opportunity to put one foot in the CL door. 

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7 Responses to "The players who could leave The Arsenal this summer"
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24 May 2013 12:45
One thing is - the numbers are hardly close to the mark. They are, for the most part, based un underinformed media speculation. Some make huge sense (75k for arshavin who was brought in as a rising new star), others don't (by all reasonable accounts, Chamakh is on 45-50k, not 60k - unless he somehow got a raise before this season, but if you knew that, you wouldn't have to speculate anymore). Another thing: I don't think it's reasonable to compile lists of players we don't really like and sell them off as some sort of guideline for the future. This is utter rubbish on that account. Squillaci and Arshavin are out by end of June because they are out of contract and we won't keep them here, so I don't think there's any use of making it such a publicity stunt to include them in every list of this kind. Szczesny, Fabianski and Sagna are necessary for the current team; if you want them all to go, who do you want to bring in their place? The money saved on their sales may be lost on trying to locate proper replacements. Bendtner, Denilson, Mannone, and also probably Frimpong have no real future at Arsenal, and I think it's likely they'll be dropped. Rosicky is still quite useful, and unless Eisfeld is fully prepared to take over, I wouldn't mind keeping him in. I also second the idea of sending Diaby out on loan. Let him spend a good season in France or Spain, perhaps he'll somehow make it until the end of the season and then we can either sell him for a bit more or try to bring him in again. As for transfers in - I'm pretty sure we're operating on a similar budget as over the past few years: 50 to 60 million. this is unaffected by sales. We'll buy 2-3 players of considerable quality - perhaps not players like Higuain, but rather like Aubameyang, with some experience and a bag of new tricks. Where we need to strengthen the most is on the bench, not the pitch: we need quality backup for Giroud/Podolski, a left-footed winger/striker. Then, we should also consider bringing in a defensive-minded midfielder (by the way, what's a DF? defensive forward??), someone like Gonalons, Strootman, Gundogan... Other than that, all new acquisitions should go towards prospective departures - if Sagna is really on his way out (and perhaps he should be), we'll obviously need a RB. If we're actually dropping Fabianski, we'll need to get one of those legendary 30+ keepers who are out of contract now (Mucha, Landreau...). And that's about it. The idea of this transfer window is to get rid of as many useless players as possible and add only a few necessary names.
peter lloyd
11 May 2013 20:42
Your Comment what is the big deal about getting into the CL its not like they stand a chance of winning it. they never get past the round of 16 so why all the fuss if tight ARSEn was to buy a few decent players ( witch he will not) then maybe it would be a different story
11 May 2013 16:34
GunnerGuy says: May 11, 2013 at 4:30 pm If any deal was agreed it would be on Dont be fooled or delude yourself, If its true Wenger will let you know via And you probably wont like this but truth is we might see two new players come in. Two player of quality but not world class, that what Wenger will do regardless of the rumoured 70 Million kitty. If you look at out current squad we have too many players to suggest that Wenger is even close to buying. The fact everyone knows this and still speculates is embarrassing. We wont get a striker as we have Giroud and knowing Wenger and his faith in him, that is not changing. At the end of the day we need a top flight: defender, Defensive Midfielder and Striker. Knowing Wenger – He is happy with Vermauelen, Mertasacker and Koscielny. He is happy with Pod, Walcott & Giroud, He is most thrilled with the midfield, although we lack a DF. Outcome as per the last 4 – 5 years, Arsenal get a midfielder or nothing and we start the next season. A wild shot with Cesc being unhappy Wenger might go for him or a quality midfielder(thats not world class). If the Cesc option arises, all Arsenal fans will say good on Wenger and we forgive him but even if by some miracle Cesc does return it solves nothing, Wenger gets away with murder and we get nothing but 4th place again. If Wenger brings in an other idfielder besides Cesc, thats where it ends. There is no real change, and everyone hoping for it will not get it. This is Wenger, and while i think he is the best i feel his time as gunners Manager needs to end or he needs a sabbatical for a bit. Wenger and Arsenal are not hungry for it thats why we can fight for fourth. Sir Alex and Manu will never accept it yet we gunners do. And im sorry for saying this because i love Arsenal and my heart hurt for our current sufferings but i have come to the conclusion the with Wenger there we are mediocre and fallen into the category of Liverpool. People know the club, we mediocre and no top rated player wants to be here. And it hurts me because i know we the best. We just need change. In reply for waiting for other clubs to change managers and have instability for us to win means we are pathetic. If we cant win them at their best we definitely don’t deserve the honor of them at their worst. We have more class than that, we just need a new Manager and the players to be the leader and fight to be the best and carry a mindset of winning not aiming for 4th, Manu, City, Chelsea never aim for fouth fact, but we do, what does that say about Arsenal, well that we a Liverpool and they dont have to walk alone anymore we are there with them.
11 May 2013 9:34
What a huge mistake Wenger's flat wage structure has been. Yes, Wenger's - The Chief Exec.confirmed at the Supporters' Trust that it had been to suit the Manager. We will get virtually nothing for those with contracts ending in 2013. I spose Fabianski, Arshavin, Squillaci,Frimpong may previously have been worth £25m - £30m (?) As for those ending 2014 ... it depends if they accept a move or sit out their over paid contracts !!
11 May 2013 8:22
What a shabby article,you have sold all three goalkeepers, the same ones who were playing last year when we finished third in the league,the same keepers who have us close to CL qualification again,quite how high your standards are is unthinkable but naive you certainly are,players are humans, not commodities, to think there is some,non mistake making 'behemoth keeper out there just waiting to sign for Two and Sixpence a week is simply idiocy gone mad !!
11 May 2013 7:47
The problem is no one is willing to take most of them over rated monkeys because they are on big wages! We need to restructure our wage bill.. There's no way in the world the likes of Djourou, squillaci and a few other clowns we have in the squad should be earning 50k a week.. No one would pay anything near that for them
11 May 2013 7:31
Agree with most my full explanation of who should stay or go can be found here Think Diaby should be sent out on loan for a season to get fit then make a decision at the end of the season. Rosicky has shown to be the experience we need I would like to see him stay.
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