Spurs: Forever In Our Shadow
By Keenos
Saturday 02 Mar 2013 10:40:00
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Over the years, many have been quick to claim that the power was shifting up the Seven Sisters Road. That North London (or Middlesex as the area which there ground sits was known as up until the Local government Act 1963) was white.

In 2009, Robbie Keane said that Spurs were ready to overtake Arsenal. "If you look at the squad, the bench that we have, I think that our bench is probably a little bit stronger than their bench."

In 2013 Gareth Bale has stated "I think we have the stronger squad."

They are opinions, but the facts still show that North London is red. Whilst for the 2nd season in a row, Spurs have won the 'Above Arsenal by March" trophy, and whilst Spurs might be as close to use than ever before (although they have been closer - Lasagne?), the shadow over Haringey is as dark as ever.

Even if Spurs finish above us this season (expect DVDs a plenty) it still would not show a change in power. Our worst squad in recent history. There best squad in recent history. And the difference? Nothing. North London will still be red. Do not believe me? Look at the following:

2013 Season

FA Cup: Spurs knocked out in the 4th round; Arsenal the fifth
League Cup: Spurs knocked out  in the 4th round; Arsenal in the QF
Champions League: Spurs failed to qualify; Arsenal are in the second round
Premier League: Spurs currently 4 points ahead

So even if Spurs finish above us, out of the 3 domestic competitions, Arsenal have bettered Spurs in 2 of the 3.

And what about recent history:

  • Spurs have not won the league in 52 years; Arsenal for 9 years
  • Spurs have not won the FA Cup in 22 years; Arsenal for 8 years
  • Spurs have not finished above Arsenal in 16 years; in that time Arsenal have won the league on 3 occasions
  • Spurs have 2 league titles, Arsenal have 13
  • Spurs have 7 FA Cups, Arsenal 10
  • The last time Spurs did better than Arsenal in all 3 domestic competition's was 1981/82
  • Spurs have played in the Champions League once; Arsenal 16 times
  • Spurs lost 4-3 to Inter Milan in the San Siro; Arsenal beat Inter Milan 5-1
  • In 2004, Arsenal went unbeaten; a year before, Spurs become the first side to play the least games possible in a season
  • In the least 10 PL games between Arsenal & spurs, Spurs have won 3, drawn 2 and lost 5
  • Spurs have won 2 league titles; Former Spurs captain Sol Campbell has also won 2, both for Arsenal


In the last 15 years, Arsenal have:

  • Won the league title 3 times
  • Won the 'double' twice
  • Won 4 FA Cups
  • Been unbeaten for an entire season
  • Been to the Champions League Final
  • Never finished below 4th
  • Played in the Champions League every season
  • Built a 60,000 seater stadium
  • gone 49 games unbeaten

In the last 15 years, Spurs have:

  • Won two League Cups
  • Finished 4th twice
  • Beaten Arsenal 4 times in the League
  • Had 10 different managers
  • Had David Pleat in charge 3 times
  • Begged Boris Johnson for money to build a stadium
  • Tried to move to Stratford
  • Lived in Arsenal's shadow

So next time a Spurs fan or player tries to claim that the power has shifted, and North London is now white, remind them of the shadow and how dark it is!

On a final point, a joke:

What you call a Spurs fan who's seen his team with the league? An OAP
What you call an Arsenal fan who hasn't his team win the league? A child


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10 Responses to "Spurs: Forever In Our Shadow"
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04 Mar 2013 19:24
why on earth would anyone follow a middlesex club ?? its Very likely those who can trace there grandparents and further back to Islington would be Millwall if Arsenal were never formed
02 Mar 2013 20:32
Name required im not saying you should join us all im saying is if you didn't leave Woolwich you would be Spurs, also another fact for you Arsenal is the only club in the league who doesn't have the right to play in it! COYS.
02 Mar 2013 19:19
yiddsy what a bleeding slapdown.you make me proud to be a spurs fan. the ears of this bloke keenos will be ringing for a long time well done. come on you spurs.
Name (required)
02 Mar 2013 19:01
sorry who is this ziddsy guy or whatever?u believe wenger was the one who did what ur previous managers couldnt afford to do for ur small club yet u tongue-lashing him.in gud and in bad....u av always been a spud.......so do u expect us to come to ur side cos u got a bale that would soon be leaving?the only player other clubs are looking at in ur team.i pray he doesnt leave so u cann maintain ur position as always finishing ahead of fulham or QPR.but when he leaves,ur all gona smell urselves by urselves.
02 Mar 2013 16:44
Typical boring deluded middlesex response zzzzz
02 Mar 2013 15:09
To Yidsy! You thick shit, even if Arsenal stayed in Woolwich they would be a London club longer than you Middlesex marsh men. Now do one......
02 Mar 2013 14:08
@Yidsy or whatever your name is. Are you trying to tell us that over 50 trophies Arsenal have won has been through Wenger, are you saying you lots are the superior before Wenger, are you saying you lots are originally from north london, did you mean arsenal are just interest making franchise from woolwich, are you saying taking off a phrase from a name makes you forget your origin? Your cunts down the road don't seem to amaze me. Whatever Wenger transform Arsenal too is been paid for and that's the work of the manager, it's sad you have never had anyone like him all through your history. Do you remember you lots starts as Hotspur FC and later added the tottenham to it? It goes through the same process from taking off Woolwich and leaving Arsenal because we are now in North London and are the most successful club their even if your club was founded outside north london. We know about your club and the cockerel that represents it, only a COCK will use a cockerel as logo so we know what you really are YIDS. #ForeverInOurShadows #NorthLondonIsRed
02 Mar 2013 12:18
Forever in your shadow? What shadow is that? The one casted down by your insecurities and necessity to validate your existence by crawling out of your swamp to beg for attention? You could win the title for 20 successive years and it still wouldn't make a blind bit of difference to anything. You're still a soulless, franchised entity of sh*t. You don't have an identity.No, hold on, my mistake. You do have traditions and you do have an identity. It belongs to the man who turned up at your blank canvas of a club and proceeded to paint a self-portrait that covered every nuance of his mind creating clone hybrids from supporters to players. Arsenal is Arsene Wenger, Arsene Wenger is Arsenal. A fitting replacement for Nick Hornby and prior to that the ex-Tottenham player whose head sat pretty in your marble halls. You're not a football club, not really, you're just an extension of Wenger's ego. Which is illustrated by the characteristics and the non-existent personalities of the supporters; unimaginative, self-satisfying megalomaniacs in ghastly red who only care when they're winning, completely devoid of wearing ones heart on sleeve without prejudice and without shame. Your hearts sit in your inside pocket then get stapled on at appropriate moments when you like to show off, removed and taken out of sight when you don't want anyone to know what team you 'support'.You're like nomadic ants, nesting under stones and logs and in cracks in rocks, all identical and unspectacular, all following each other without diversity and without soul. More specifically, you are the species of small ant, Temnothorax albipennis, which abandons established nests at the first sign of any threats. Running away to settle somewhere new, with one single queen laying the eggs with a workforce of non-breeding females leaving the nest to forage and collect building materials. You are ants. Living under rocks. A collective that do as they're told and told what to think.What did you have before your queen? A clock and Liam Brady.Not forgetting porn dealers, drunks, coke-heads, a bent manager, bland boring nondescript football, results counting more than entertainment. Does the past 10 or so years erase the previous 100 or so? Even your double side from the 70s is more famous for winning at White Hart Lane than it is for its brand of football and impact on the English game. Don't pretend you don't know because you do. Deep deep down, you can see it. You know of your birthplace you know where you came from. You know you've gone out of existence and changed your name, more than once. You know you're a franchise, a business created from the death of another and squatting in north London purely for financial gain on a foundation of bribes, lies and fabrications. It's Gillespie Road. It's transparent. We can all see through the paint work. It was all done purely to take advantage of the masses of support available in that part of London. That part of London being the north part, although let's not pretend or forget your owner didn't first attempt to merge you with Fulham, at the time, a far bigger club with a far nicer stadium.Think about that for a second. First choice, merger with Fulham. I can't be the only person laughing out loud. What's wrong with you? What's wrong with Woolwich? Are you ashamed of your own home? Why would you be so ashamed? What kind of **** is ashamed of their own personal history, their own home where they were born? Perhaps I'm being a little harsh, it's not your fault you're all broken. You're all dirty and broken.Deep deep down, you're all so conflicted and confused which is why you struggle so much with the more emotive side of football. Because you know had that south London club not run away and aborted its dead foetus outside of SE18 you'd all be Spurs fans now.You. Yes you.
02 Mar 2013 12:15
Apart from Spurs having won the FA Cup eight times (not seven), I can't argue with this article as a summary of Arsenal's supremacy under Wenger, but please don't re-write the history of the two clubs over fifty-odd years before his arrival, during which Spurs were frequently top dogs (and not just in 1961). Even your uber-fan Nick Hornby said a few years ago that Wenger was the sole reason for Arsenal's indisputable dominance since the mid-'90s, and how you'll do without him is an interesting question. Anyway, Spurs being Spurs, I'm not at all confident that we won't blow it yet again this season, but at least we make it more interesting these days!
02 Mar 2013 11:17
Nice article. Basically, one season doesn't make one team dominant over another
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