Possible Wenger Replacements?
By Keenos
Monday 03 Dec 2012 19:30:00
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It is very easy to sit and shout "Wenger Out." What is not so easy is to come up with a list of realistic managers who are available, would fit the Arsenal model and would be interested in joining us.

I recently asked the twitter world "Were Wenger to go tomorrow (or end of the season) who would make your 3 man shortlist to replace him?" - Out of all the answers (plus a few more I stuck in who I rate) below is an analysis. My dirty dozen list of potential Arsene Wenger replacements. And most importantly, answering the questions on their availability, there fit to the Arsenal model, and ultimately their chances of coming;

Name: David Moyes
Availability: Immediate
He is unlikely to turn down a chance to step up to the next level
Other interest: Manchester United
Is replacing Alex Ferguson the reason he has turned down so many other jobs in the last 10 years?
Arsenal fit: Good
Proven Premier League manager with experience dealing with a restrained budget
Issues: Is he really an 'Arsenal Class' manager? He has outspent Wenger in the last 7 years by £75 million yet never once finished above Wenger. He overachieves on the Wage v League Position comparison, but so does Wenger. Would he be a step up? Is he any better than Wenger? Is he just a poor mans Wenger?
Chance of coming: Medium

Name: Deigo Simeone
Availability: End of season
Only been at Atletico Madrid since January
Other interest: None
Not the big name the likes of Real Madrid, Manchester City or Chelsea would go for
Arsenal fit: Unknown
Lack of experience managing in Europe + never having managed a club for any length of time means he has not really shown the European world 'his' style of management
Issues: Was he just continuing Quique Flores' good work at Atletico? Would he leave a side whom he played over 100 times for so soon after joining? Would the man who got David Beckham sent off in 1998 want to manage in England? Can he build a club?
Chance of coming: Low

Name: Frank De Boer (thanks @DanielBrignull suggestion)
Availability: End of season
Turned down Liverpool in summer saying "I've only just started my work with Ajax." Bar being out of the Champions League, not much has changed in 6 months
Other interest: Liverpool, Barcelona
Turned down a chance to interview for their job in the summer. If Tito Vilanova does not win the Champions League, we all know they like a Dutch manager
Arsenal fit: Good
Rebuilt Ajax after 7 years without a title. Is right age. Would see Arsenal as a step up. A certain Dennis Bergkamp as number 2
Issues: Has a huge coaching set up at Ajax. Would he look to bring them all? How much would 'buying' them all cost? Bit of an 'unknown' for many. Ajax are HIS club
Chance of coming: High

Name: Guus Hiddink
Availability: Not available
Due to retire at end of next season
Other interest: None
Arsenal fit: Very poor
Too old.
Issues: Announced he is retiring in May 2013
Chance of coming: Zero

Name: Joachim Löw
Availability: 2014
Unlikely to leave Germany until after Rio 2014, which Germany will qualify for
Other interest: Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund
A German national manager would have the pick of any available job in the Bundesliga
Arsenal fit: Average
Germany play good free flowing football. But it is one thing doing it for a country, another doing it at club level
Issues: Very average club record. Sacked 3 times in 3 years managing in Turkey. Not available till 2014
Chance of coming: Löw

Name: Jose Mourinho
Availability: End of season or 2016
He won't quit Madrid now, has a contract till 2016
Other interest: Manchester City, Manchester United
With another Champions League failure, Mancini will surely be off at the end of the season, no matter if he wins the league. Especially if Mourinho becomes free. And he has been on record numerous times saying he would like to manage Manchester United
Arsenal fit: Poor
He is a winner. But also spends money. Every club he has been to has had the biggest budget in that league. Unless Usmanov sweeps in at the end of the season, he is not an Arsenal manager
Issues: Not an Arsenal fit. Likes money. Not just in his pocket but to spend. We can not provide what he wants. Also he is under contract till 2016. Will be very expensive for Madrid to sack him, and equally as expensive for us to 'buy' him
Chance of coming: Low (Unless Usmanov suddenly takes over)

Name: Josep Guardiola
Availability: End of season
Reportedly turned down a £10 million a year offer to manager Chelsea. Adamant that he will not return to football until 2013
Other interest: Chelsea
There is a reason Rafa Benitez has only signed an interim contract. Has a deal for Guardiola at the end of the season already been done?
Arsenal fit: Perfect
Plays the style of football we currently play.
Issues: Chelsea. £10 million a year. And still a question mark over whether he is a great manager, or just had great players
Chance of coming: Low

Name: Jurgen Klopp
Availability: End of Season
With Dortmund still in the Champions League, I can not see him moving until end of season
Other interest: Real Madrid, FC Bayern Munich
If Jose Mourinho leaves Real Madrid at the end of the season, Klopp will surely be their number one target. He is German. Anytime a top player/manager from Germany is available, Munich will be sniffing around
Arsenal fit: Fantastic
At Dortmund, he has had to work with a low budget, develop youngsters, find gems, and still compete against the giant that is Bayern Munich. What he has done in 4 years at Dortmund is very similar to Wengers first seasons at Arsenal.
Issues: With our current problems, will he see Arsenal as career progression?
Chance of coming: High
He should be NUMBER ONE on the shortlist

Name: Marcelo Bielsa
Availability: End of season
Other interest: Real Madrid
Will likely be favourite (alongside Klopp) as a replacement for Jose Mourinho (were he to leave)
Arsenal fit: Poor
Does things his way. His way is far removed from Wengers. Some might see this a good thing. But it will result in a big shift on tactical mentality. Although he is rated highly, and I am sure Wenger would high recommend him
Issues: Only managed in Argentina, Chile & Spain. At 57, he would be a short term option
Chance of coming: Medium

Name: Marco van Basten
Availability: End of season (but probably later)
Only recently joined Heerenveen
Other interest: None
Arsenal fit: Average
Age & footballing mentality is spot on to what we look for in a manager
Issues: Struggled with egos at Holland (who hasn't), spent a lot at Ajax, only to finish 3rd, before walking away, In his first season at Heerenveen where he has only won 3 from 15 games. Probably not a good manager
Chance of coming: Medium

Name: Ralf Rangnick
Availability: Immediate
Currently unemployed
Other interest: None
Arsenal fit: Poor
Spent a lot of money getting 1899 Hoffenheim, and again at Schalke, leaving the latter in a poor financial situation. "The German Harry Redknapp"
Issues: Left Schalke due to exhaustion. Not clear if he would return, and in what state
Chance of coming: Zero - Can't see him coming out of 'retirement'

Name: Quique Flores
Availability: Unknown
Only recently joined Al Ahli Club. No reports of being homesick
Other interest: Real Madrid
Former Real Madrid player. Although managing Atletico might rule him out
Arsenal fit: Average
Good record at Atletico where they were considered 'best of the rest.' Won handful of trophies & laid the groundwork for future success of Simeone. Plays stylish football
Issues: On big wages at Al Ahli. Has a habit of quitting, which our board won't like. Unlikely to leave Al Ahli soon
Chance of coming: Low

I am sure there are many other candidates out there who I have not mentioned above. Going through this, 3 candidates jumped out as realistic replacements for Arsene Wenger. Jurgen Klopp, Frank De Boer & Marcelo Bielsa. None of them are likely to be available until the end of the season.

Until that time, back the team.




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12 Responses to "Possible Wenger Replacements?"
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04 Dec 2012 18:08
If this was one year ago Pep Guardiola would have jumped at the chance. He has said many times he only wants to be at a club where he has 100% control, clearly Chelsea is not. He said he likes London, and is learning English. Only problem now is that Chelsea are changing their style and bending over backwards to do what he wants. I think if we offered him the project and a bit of money, he wouldn't mind the arsenal job. You missed out Ancelotti, he will be sacked pretty soon and is a good manager, who is still pretty young.
04 Dec 2012 17:57
Nice analysis....totally agree that Jürgen Klopp should be the 1st priority if Wenger calls it a day...Klopp is passionate and has a uncanny way of motivating players....
04 Dec 2012 13:54
Acter reading short summary about Klopp, l think he is a good fit with Arsenal. Especially if.he would demand high work ethic from his players. We need that now so badly. But my original favorite is Moyes. He is engliah, and he would instill that englishness in our way of playing.
03 Dec 2012 21:59
Would love dortmund's coach as a perfect replacement
03 Dec 2012 21:03
Gus Poyet Realistic. Good football. Gets the best out of players.
03 Dec 2012 20:12
The bit about Pep presiding over the same football we currently play is laughable.Not. Juegen Klopp is the Perfect man to replace Arsene. He's got a young talented team, with work ethic to the roof. he has built a winning culture at a club that had to burrow money from Bayern to avoid bankruptcy 4yrs ago. 7yrs of over 100m wagebill and dearest ticket prices around and all we have is a losing culture
arsene who?
03 Dec 2012 20:06
dragan stojkovic, arsene and him used to work together at grampus 8 in japan.
arsene who?
03 Dec 2012 20:05
dragan stojkovic, look him up, wenger did mention him once, if my memory serves me right! previous partners at grampus8 in japan.
03 Dec 2012 19:59
The bit about Pep presiding over the same football we currently play is laughable.Not. Juegen Klopp is the Perfect man to replace Arsene. He's got a young talented team, with work ethic to the roof. he has built a winning culture at a club that had to burrow money from Bayern to avoid bankruptcy 4yrs ago. 7yrs of over 100m wagebill and dearest ticket prices around and all we have is a losing culture
03 Dec 2012 19:54
What about Michael Laudrup?
bob d
03 Dec 2012 19:49
if you were to look at present premiur managers i like martinez at wigan!!could be the next best manager in the league,come on saveing wigan every season on a shoestring has to be worth a look!!
03 Dec 2012 19:47
Dragan Stojković?
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