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Newport County 1 Blackpool 3

  Few Blackpool managers in recent years have complained that the season was ending too early. However, Blackpool are the form team in League Two without a defeat in eight games and with 4 wins from the last five. Had we now been mid-season, the chance of automatic promotion would have been a possibility. As it is, with 8 games to go, the possibility of catching 3rd place Portsmouth is as unlikely as a Donald Trump apology. However, the Seasiders are back to within a point of the Play ....

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Newport County V Blackpool Preview

  If there is one side that many football fans who like a flutter will dislike at the moment it\'s Newport County. Not only did they enjoy a coupon busting win at Crewe on Saturday, they followed it up with an unlikely win at Morecambe on Tuesday. If you were a betting man/woman then you\'d probably give this weekend\'s game between Newport and Blackpool a wide berth. Rodney Parade may have a renewed optimism on Saturday, following those two away wins, after relegation seemed nailed on. ....

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Blackpool 1 Stevenage 0

  A few seasons ago \'Rockin\' all over the world\' greeted every Blackpool victory at Bloomfield Road, these days \'Ghost Town\' would seem more appropriate with the Oystons sticking on \'We gotta get out of this place\' on the way home). \'When Glad all over\' is played after a goal, it must be a reminder to those who still attend just how far the club has fallen. At one time it was greeted with a rapturous chorus of words and actions, nowadays it must feel awkward to even clap along. ....

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Blackpool V Stevenage Preview

  \"They always say time changes things, but actually you have to change them yourself\". Owen Oyston\'s appearance at the BST meeting seems only a few months ago but practically a whole season has come and gone since then as Blackpool prepare to play their final Tuesday night game. For many, their refusal to go in to Bloomfield Road has been their way of changing things this season, and whilst time and the boycott has changed little, it does feel as though there has been progress. Home ....

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Wycombe 0 Blackpool 0

  When it comes to the \'end of season video\' how many of the incidents will be in the last 5 minutes. Whether it be a rare late goal for the Seasiders, an all too common goal \'at the death\' for the opposition or a missed penalty then we\'ve seen it all in the last 7 months. In fact, if games finished on the 85th minute this season then there is every chance Blackpool would be in the automatic promotion places. However, at the end of the campaign, it could well be \'what if ..\' but ....

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Wycombe V Blackpool Preview

  Barcelona showed this week that football really is the beautiful game. Sadly the Oystons showed it\'s also an ugly game as they aired their dirty washing in public again and further sullied the reputation of Blackpool FC. There are little comparisons between Barcelona and Blackpool other than the beach, but whether you\'re at the Nou Camp or Bloomfield Road, all you want as a football fan is your dreams to be answered. Whilst Roberto\'s winner recorded Champions League history and left ....

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Plymouth 0 Blackpool 3

  When Richard Walker scored a spectacular winner against Plymouth in 2001, you could apparently hear the noise of the cheers from Bloomfield Road all the way to Blackpool Tower. It\'s sad that a 3-0 win away at second placed Plymouth on Tuesday night will have prompted little more than a murmur which wouldn\'t even be heard over the noise of the Irish sea. The Seasiders recorded only their second back to back win of the season and moved up to 10th place in League Two and whilst it brings ....

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Plymouth V Blackpool Preview

  Ask any manager what their aim is at the start of a season and they\'ll tell you it\'s to reach 50 points. If Blackpool reach that target on Tuesday night it will come with some extra satisfaction for Gary Bowyer. His side are currently supping a pint in the Last Chance Saloon and whilst we\'re not quite at chucking out time, we\'re getting pretty close to it. If there is ever any intent to reach the Play Offs, then this side, which has been given more chances than most, need to win ....

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Blackpool 3 Morecambe 1

  Nematodes in the pitch, parasites off the pitch and mushrooms in the stands - Blackpool sounds like a strange biological experiment at the moment. However, it is a club starved of oxygen and one which the owners will soon realise can\'t operate on fresh air. As one BST member put it \"I\'ve never seen so many people on comps. Been on BST duty and spent the time directing people who had no idea where to go\". Whilst the official attendance was 3,453 - once you\'ve taken out season ticket ....

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Blackpool V Morecambe Preview

  So how many times have you spoken to a \'football fan\' who has come out with the classic line \'so which division are Blackpool in these days?\'. Not surprisingly, these people know little about life at Bloomfield Road post-Premier League era, the struggles between the owner and fans or the fact that we\'re now below Morecambe in the table! No disrespect to the Shrimps, who are going through a strange period themselves, but, if you want a reality check on where the Oyston family have ....

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Blackpool 2 Barnet 2

  Tuesday night was never about the result against Barnet - results for the last three months were proof that this side were never in contention for promotion - instead it was another night where the fans could give the owners a bloody nose. Whoever is in charge of taking the gate money to the bank on Wednesday morning needn\'t bother calling Group4 or Securicor, as it\'ll be surprising if receipts went in to four figures. A pitiful crowd and a pitiful result. If reality hasn\'t ....

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Blackpool V Barnet Preview

  So what would incentivise someone to go to Bloomfield Road on Tuesday night? Against a backdrop where the club\'s owner is on the ropes and could face a knockout blow in the summer, a team with only one win in the last 10 games and an attendance that could be lower than a Chesney Hawkes fan club meeting. With the Barnet contingency expected to be no more than a coach load, along with it being a school night and winds of 20mph in 5 degree temperatures with heavy showers forecast, a quick ....

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Exeter 2 Blackpool 2

  Blackpool\'s best chance of a future isn\'t with Gary Bowyer, the players or the fans. Their best chance is one called Cliifford. The legal team representing Valeri Belokon - Clifford Chance - remain the one realistic hope that this whole sorry mess can come to an end soon. There\'ll be very few Blackpool fans who take any comfort from the side sitting 15th in League Two but, whilst in this unpalatable limbo, it does mean the Oystons won\'t be thrown a financial lifeline in the hope ....

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Exeter V Blackpool Preview

  In the grand scheme of things a result for Blackpool at Exeter will hardly go noticed. Seasiders fans have had the one victory they wanted this season as in the courts this week the Oyston family were taken to the cleaners (ironic having once used the expression \'significant money laundering risk\' against the Latvian\'s bank!). If this was a boxing match, the O\'s have received a bloody nose but haven\'t yet been dealt the knock out punch. However, they are on the ropes and will find ....

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Blackpool 2 Crewe 2

  Let\'s not kid ourselves them when Bloomfield Road was packed, rocking and the fans were behind the team that we didn\'t get results like today. It\'s football and it happens. However, for a side that should be challenging the top 3 to find itself in 14th place you need to start looking at where the problem is and for Blackpool it\'s undoubtedly their home form. No win since November and surely no coincidence that they are playing in front of, what is effectively, an empty stadium. It ....

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Blackpool V Crewe Preview

  There always feels a significance when the season is 30 games old. Practically two thirds of the way through this campaign and there is an indication of the runners and riders for promotion and relegation. Blackpool find themselves in that pack in the middle who are unlikely to get amongst the leaders, but similiarly they\'re not going to get caught by those at the back. At this stage of the season it would take an almighty effort to finish anywhere other than mid-table and unless Gary ....

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Portsmouth 2 Blackpool 0

  The only way you will ever push for promotion is to string together wins. Be it two, three, four or a longer run of victories, that is what is needed to get out of a division. So whilst before the game at Fratton Park Blackpool had gone on a decent unbeaten run, the fact that they\'d only won one match and drawn the rest spoke volumes. That unbeaten run soon came to a halt on Tuesday night after which the stats didn\'t look quite as good as before it. Just 7 points from a possible 18 ....

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Portsmouth V Blackpool Preview

  So Carlisle? Where the team finally turned up or an actual turning point? One swallow doesn\'t make a summer and one win at Brunton Park doesn\'t make Blackpool a good side. However, the return of Potts and Vassell, an ever improving Jordan Flores and Nathan Delfouenso, the much hated system finally paying dividends and another decent result against a top three side resulted in a welcome win. So can Blackpool repeat what they did at one end of the country at the other end? A win would ....

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Carlisle United 1 Blackpool 4

  So were there more Blackpool fans at Brunton Park on Saturday afternoon than at Bloomfield Road on Tuesday night? Whilst there is some disagreement over whether #NAPM should apply to away games, you do wonder what affect some positive support has on those wearing tangerine shirts. How many points better off would Blackpool be this season if there\'d been thousands of fans at Bloomfield Road cheering the team on, questioning the referee and giving the away keeper some abuse? Make no ....

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Carlisle United V Blackpool Preview

  After the turn of the year, any manager will tell you that it\'s all about form and results in the league. Currently Blackpool have neither. Of the 5 league games in 2017, the Seasiders have picked up just 4 points from a possible 15. The worse thing about those statistics is that 4 of those games were at home. It did seem despite the lack of fans, atmosphere (and increasingly grass) as if Bloomfield Road still held the key to success for Gary Bowyer this season but points have been ....

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Blackpool 0 Crawley Town 0

It\'s ironic that a dull, non-eventful, instantly forgettable game should actually have such a major significance. A result that probably killed off Blackpool\'s Play Off hopes (two poor home draws against below average sides should say it all) and an attendance that sent the biggest message yet to the owners that enough is enough. Whilst there was always the hope for the Oyston family that a promotion push would see crowds rise, so the reverse is true of the dull, mundane, mid-table football ....

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Blackpool V Crawley Town Preview

  The good news for Gary Bowyer is that only three other League Two sides play on Tuesday night along with the Seasiders, the bad news is that even a win would only take them up to 11th place and even then they\'d still be 5 points off the Play Off places. With two away trips to come at Carlisle and Portsmouth (3rd and 7th respectively) and the Blackpool manager needs to get his side back to winning ways soon or any chance of a place in the end of season lottery will elude him. 4 points ....

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Blackpool 1 Colchester 1

  Whilst Gary Bowyer may have steadied the ship, he can\'t claim to have sailed it full steam ahead. Whilst our thoughts are with Jim McAllister, who left the pitch with a suspected broken leg, it was a refllection of Gary Bowyer\'s cautious approach to games that with only injury time left, and Colchester down to 9 men, that he replaced McAllister with another right back (the Scot had been playing in this position for 90 minutes and actually did a decent job). Why he didn\'t throw ....

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Blackpool V Colchester United Preview

  There have been some classic Transfer Deadline Days at Bloomfield Road with the burning Midnight oil, the jammed fax machine, the players who did u-turns on the M55 and Sergei Kornilenko. There have been those where we\'ve lost our best players and even some where we\'ve improved the squad. Whether this season\'s dealings by Gary Bowyer were genius or foolhardy only time will tell but losing your Captain at the death may seem like an own goal. Effectively it was four out and six in for ....

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Blackburn 2 Blackpool 0

  Sometimes match reports are easier than others. For Saturday\'s FA Cup game at Ewood Park \'Blooper Goal and Super Goal\' just about sums it up. Add in a couple of tennis balls on the pitch, 1600 Blackpool fans who didn\'t have much to cheer about, two stupid yellow cards and a sending off for Mellor and a game that was a damp squib from start to finish. There in a nutshell is a match where the hype wasn\'t lived up to as Blackpool bowed out of the FA Cup. Maybe it wasn\'t the couple of ....

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