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Notts County V Blackpool Preview

  It\'s hard to believe that it\'s 16 years since Steve McMahon got Blackpool promoted at the first time of asking from the old Division Four. Of course he did it the hard way, relying on other results on the final day at Darlington, a nervous semi final against Hartlepool and a clanger after only 29 seconds at Cardiff. It all came good in the end with Karl Oyston saying \'it could have been the end of the club\' had the side not been promoted. Maybe if fans could turn back the clock ....

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Blackpool 3 Cheltenham Town 0

  Ahead of Saturday\'s matches, League Two was so close that it was four from ten for the play off places. By the end of the day\'s play, that became more like four from seven. It\'s that stage of the season where results can be season definers as well as season enders and whilst Stevenage and Carlisle both stumbled, the Seasiders overcame another obstacle en route to the play offs. A 3-0 win against Cheltenham not only consolidated their place in the top 7 but the manner of the victory ....

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Blackpool V Cheltenham Preview

  In a week where Theresa May called a snap poll to gauge the public\'s opinion of her, the poll at Bloomfield Road has been a much longer, drawn out affair. If leaders had approval ratings then Karl Oyston would be somewhere behind King Jong Un (although in fairness to Karl, he doesn\'t make anyone go to Blackpool and grin and dance inanely whilst surrounded by guards with loaded guns). The two leaders are quite similar in some ways though. All smiles on the outside and a figure of ....

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Doncaster 0 Blackpool 1

  Gary Bowyer complained earlier in the season that luck and decisions weren\'t on his side. Well, if you were the Blackpool manager you\'d definitely go and stick a couple of quid on tomorrow\'s Euromillions Lottery. If there is one thing his side hasn\'t been short of recently it\'s the rub of the green. Of course, they haven\'t necessarily taken advantage of that and at Doncaster it was a case of \'if at first you don\'t succeed, try, try, try (etc) again. Jordan Flores may have been ....

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Doncaster V Blackpool Preview

  When Blackpool went down from the Premier League, few thought that they would go back up at the first time of asking (and ironically did come within a few minutes of that happening). When the Seasiders were relegated to League One, many expected a serious challenge for a promotion place (and ironically they went down again - thanks Muggers). When \'Pool came down to League Two, the general disbelief at what had happened lead to some thinking they\'d go straight back up and others ....

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Blackpool 0 Accrington Stanley 0

  Wanted: Anyone who can take a penalty. Apply: Bloomfield Road, Blackpool (short term contracts available but no hot showers). In many ways the penalty takers at Blackpool are just like the owners. Had many chances to get the crowd behind them but missed on every occasion. Most sides would be grateful for 7 pnealties in a season but at Blackpool we get the decisions but not the goals. Kyle Vassell was the man to miss from the spot against Accrington Stanley and the player has become a ....

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Blackpool V Accrington Stanley Preview

  For years, poor old Accrington Stanley got stuck with the tag \'ooo are they? after the success of a milk commercial. In years to come people might say \'Blackpool Football Club\' .. \'who were they\' as the decline of one of the games oldest clubs continues. Both on and off the pitch, the last couple of weeks have been telling. The team has failed to build on a decent run which saw them move in to the Play Offs whilst Blackpool fans have given the strongest sign yet to the Oyston ....

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Blackpool 1 Grimsby Town 3

  It has felt at times this season that Gary Bowyer has found a winning side more through default than any planning. As soon as he has a fully fit squad available, he seems to struggle. Not even free entry to the emergency services could help this disaster as Blackpool\'s frailties all season returned. Basic defensive mistakes and poorly conceded goals are often the hallmark of League Two sides and maybe that\'s why Blackpool deserve to remain there. On a day when Doncaster, Plymouth and ....

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Blackpool V Grimsby Preview

In a week where Karl Oyston has been in denial about his unpopularity and attempted to use party politics to score some cheap points, it\'s astonishing he accused Councillor Williams of diverting attention from what Gary Bowyer and his players are trying to achieve. If ever anyone was guilty of that then Oyston should look no further than the mirror. Here is a man whose actions have forced hundreds of fans to sit at home and support the team from their armchair and no amount of cheap tickets ....

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Luton Town 1 Blackpool 0

  In a week where there was much debate about if Blackpool fans should go to Wembley and whether the Oyston family would benefit from a promotion, it was maybe predictable that the Seasiders would lose at Luton and fall out of the Play Off places. Whilst there is no doubt that Bowyer\'s side have improved in the second half of the season, there is still that soft underbelly which has cost them so many points. If you were to add up all the goals that \'Pool have conceded after 85 minutes ....

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Blackpool V Luton Town Preview

  Saturday marks April Fools Day which seems appropriate after Karl Oyston\'s comments this week and the club\'s finances laid bare. What is it they say about a fool and his money are easily parted? The Oyston family lost a penny, picked up a fiver but then screwed it up and threw it in the bin as it wasn\'t enough. Whilst the finances and not the football seem to be the focus of most fans\' attention, on the pitch you have to admire how Gary Bowyer and his players have continued their ....

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Blackpool 2 Hartlepool United 1

  In a season where Gary Bowyer would argue that his side hasn\'t had much go for them, he couldn\'t deny that Lady Luck was shining on Blackpool today. Whilst the Seasiders may be at their highest league position since the opening day, it wasn\'t a performance that will consolidate a Play Off place or push them over the line. However, what the Seasiders do have is momentum with a third straight win for the first time this season and Gary Bowyer will undoubtedly be the March Manager of ....

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Blackpool V Hartlepool United Preview

  If things were different, then the majority of Blackpool fans would say they\'d sooner be at Bloomfield Road on a Saturday afternoon than anywhere else. However, during our enforced hiatus, the one positive about spending time away from the Seasiders is the opportunity to watch Sky\'s Soccer Saturday (in fact many would argue it\'s more entertaining and at least you don\'t have to queue to use the toilet). The combination of Jeff Stelling, ex-pros and Chris Kamara makes for an ....

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Newport County 1 Blackpool 3

  Few Blackpool managers in recent years have complained that the season was ending too early. However, Blackpool are the form team in League Two without a defeat in eight games and with 4 wins from the last five. Had we now been mid-season, the chance of automatic promotion would have been a possibility. As it is, with 8 games to go, the possibility of catching 3rd place Portsmouth is as unlikely as a Donald Trump apology. However, the Seasiders are back to within a point of the Play ....

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Newport County V Blackpool Preview

  If there is one side that many football fans who like a flutter will dislike at the moment it\'s Newport County. Not only did they enjoy a coupon busting win at Crewe on Saturday, they followed it up with an unlikely win at Morecambe on Tuesday. If you were a betting man/woman then you\'d probably give this weekend\'s game between Newport and Blackpool a wide berth. Rodney Parade may have a renewed optimism on Saturday, following those two away wins, after relegation seemed nailed on. ....

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Blackpool 1 Stevenage 0

  A few seasons ago \'Rockin\' all over the world\' greeted every Blackpool victory at Bloomfield Road, these days \'Ghost Town\' would seem more appropriate with the Oystons sticking on \'We gotta get out of this place\' on the way home). \'When Glad all over\' is played after a goal, it must be a reminder to those who still attend just how far the club has fallen. At one time it was greeted with a rapturous chorus of words and actions, nowadays it must feel awkward to even clap along. ....

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Blackpool V Stevenage Preview

  \"They always say time changes things, but actually you have to change them yourself\". Owen Oyston\'s appearance at the BST meeting seems only a few months ago but practically a whole season has come and gone since then as Blackpool prepare to play their final Tuesday night game. For many, their refusal to go in to Bloomfield Road has been their way of changing things this season, and whilst time and the boycott has changed little, it does feel as though there has been progress. Home ....

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Wycombe 0 Blackpool 0

  When it comes to the \'end of season video\' how many of the incidents will be in the last 5 minutes. Whether it be a rare late goal for the Seasiders, an all too common goal \'at the death\' for the opposition or a missed penalty then we\'ve seen it all in the last 7 months. In fact, if games finished on the 85th minute this season then there is every chance Blackpool would be in the automatic promotion places. However, at the end of the campaign, it could well be \'what if ..\' but ....

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Wycombe V Blackpool Preview

  Barcelona showed this week that football really is the beautiful game. Sadly the Oystons showed it\'s also an ugly game as they aired their dirty washing in public again and further sullied the reputation of Blackpool FC. There are little comparisons between Barcelona and Blackpool other than the beach, but whether you\'re at the Nou Camp or Bloomfield Road, all you want as a football fan is your dreams to be answered. Whilst Roberto\'s winner recorded Champions League history and left ....

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Plymouth 0 Blackpool 3

  When Richard Walker scored a spectacular winner against Plymouth in 2001, you could apparently hear the noise of the cheers from Bloomfield Road all the way to Blackpool Tower. It\'s sad that a 3-0 win away at second placed Plymouth on Tuesday night will have prompted little more than a murmur which wouldn\'t even be heard over the noise of the Irish sea. The Seasiders recorded only their second back to back win of the season and moved up to 10th place in League Two and whilst it brings ....

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Plymouth V Blackpool Preview

  Ask any manager what their aim is at the start of a season and they\'ll tell you it\'s to reach 50 points. If Blackpool reach that target on Tuesday night it will come with some extra satisfaction for Gary Bowyer. His side are currently supping a pint in the Last Chance Saloon and whilst we\'re not quite at chucking out time, we\'re getting pretty close to it. If there is ever any intent to reach the Play Offs, then this side, which has been given more chances than most, need to win ....

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Blackpool 3 Morecambe 1

  Nematodes in the pitch, parasites off the pitch and mushrooms in the stands - Blackpool sounds like a strange biological experiment at the moment. However, it is a club starved of oxygen and one which the owners will soon realise can\'t operate on fresh air. As one BST member put it \"I\'ve never seen so many people on comps. Been on BST duty and spent the time directing people who had no idea where to go\". Whilst the official attendance was 3,453 - once you\'ve taken out season ticket ....

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Blackpool V Morecambe Preview

  So how many times have you spoken to a \'football fan\' who has come out with the classic line \'so which division are Blackpool in these days?\'. Not surprisingly, these people know little about life at Bloomfield Road post-Premier League era, the struggles between the owner and fans or the fact that we\'re now below Morecambe in the table! No disrespect to the Shrimps, who are going through a strange period themselves, but, if you want a reality check on where the Oyston family have ....

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Blackpool 2 Barnet 2

  Tuesday night was never about the result against Barnet - results for the last three months were proof that this side were never in contention for promotion - instead it was another night where the fans could give the owners a bloody nose. Whoever is in charge of taking the gate money to the bank on Wednesday morning needn\'t bother calling Group4 or Securicor, as it\'ll be surprising if receipts went in to four figures. A pitiful crowd and a pitiful result. If reality hasn\'t ....

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Blackpool V Barnet Preview

  So what would incentivise someone to go to Bloomfield Road on Tuesday night? Against a backdrop where the club\'s owner is on the ropes and could face a knockout blow in the summer, a team with only one win in the last 10 games and an attendance that could be lower than a Chesney Hawkes fan club meeting. With the Barnet contingency expected to be no more than a coach load, along with it being a school night and winds of 20mph in 5 degree temperatures with heavy showers forecast, a quick ....

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